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‘Sin City 2’ Begins Shooting This Summer

Some of the best news to hit the movie industry this year has just been announced – that Sin City 2 is officially set to go.  They’ve been talking about this one ever since the first Sin City was released way back in 2005, and it looks like they’re finally ready.  Dimension Films has sent out the official press release (see below) which makes it, well, official now.

The first film, based on Frank Miller’s iconic series of graphic novels, was an amazing piece of dark fiction that told a set of interrelated tales that took place in a city populated by some of the darkest characters one would ever hope not to meet.  It became so well-known because of its unique visual style and the way it was put together that it has since become a cult classic.

The title for the new film is Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and it will bring back both Miller and Robert Rodriguez as writers and directors.  No bad rip-off, money-making scam here – this is the real deal with the original crew.  The press release even mentions a bit about including many of the old actors, which means we may have the chance to get some more Marv.

Just a quick run-through of the press release reveals a number of names that generate excitement.  With so much talent onboard, fans of the original are looking at a serious pile of awesome coming their way in the near future.

And here, for your perusal, is a copy of the press release:



Robert Rodriguez’s Quick Draw Productions and Alexander Rodnyansky’s AR Films partner with Dimension Films on historic sequel

AUSTIN, TX (12 April 2012) — Filmmakers Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller, along with producer Alexander Rodnyansky, have announced that production will commence on the highly anticipated sequel to 2005’s Sin City, entitled Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. The film will be produced by AR Films and Quick Draw Productions, financed through AR Films U.S and released domestically by Dimension Films.

“The first question I am always asked is “When will you make anotherSinCity? ,” said Rodriquez. “I have wanted to re-team with Frank Miller and return to the world he created since the day we wrapped the original, but have felt a duty to the fans to wait until we had something truly exceptional that would meet and exceed what have become epic expectations. A Dame To Kill For will certainly be worth the wait.”

SinCitycreator, screenwriter and co-director Frank Miller said, “The firstSinCityknocked out audiences who had never seen anything like it before. Robert Rodriguez and I are going to shake things up and deliver a ferocious film experience that is going to go even further than the first.“

The script and details of the film’s story have been kept tightly under wraps. Casting will begin next week, with many of the original cast expected to return. The film, a Quick Draw Production, will be produced by Rodriguez and producing partners Aaron Kaufman and Iliana Nikolic; and by Alexander Rodnyansky and Sergei Bespalov and Stephen L’Hereux. Miller, The Weinstein Company’s Harvey and Bob Weinstein and Miramax’s Adam Fields will act as executive producers.SinCity: A Dame to Kill For was developed by Frank Miller based upon his graphic novel, with a screenplay by Frank Miller and Academy Award winner William Monahan (The Departed). The film is expected to begin production this summer at Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios inAustin,Texas.

Alexander Rodnyansky said, “We are delighted to continue our relationship with Robert Rodriguez and Quick Draw Productions. It is a rare opportunity to produce and finance a film with the high profile and enormous fan base of theSinCityfranchise. AR FIlms will be managing worldwide sales ofSinCity: A Dame to Kill For, as well as Robert’s Machete Kills at the Cannes Film Festival in May.”

Theoriginal SinCitywas brought to the screen by Rodriguez and Miller and released by Dimension in 2005, and proved to be a landmark step forward in filmmaking, breaking ground with immersive green screen to create its iconic stylish look. The first film, released on April 1, 2005, grossed over $160 million (US) worldwide and is a consistently strong home video and television performer.

“Audiences have been clamoring for Sin City 2 with Robert and Frank for a long time and trust me, it will be worth the wait,” said Bob Weinstein, co-chairman of The Weinstein Company. “This will be my 11th collaboration with Robert in 16 years and he’s become a great friend. I look forward to continuing our long lasting relationship and partnering on more projects in the future.”


Seriously, does it get any better than this?


Thanks over at slashfilm for letting us in on the awesome.

Robert Rodriguez, despite his busy schedule, took time out to grace the stage of SXSW in Austin, Texas and announce that he will start filming for Sin City 2 along with other new projects in the works. After 7 years of rumors and speculation, we get word from on high that Sin City 2 is a go. Rodriguez ended his news on Sin City by assuring fans that filming for Sin City 2 would start shooting this year, around the summer, after he’s finished filming Machete Kills which starts in April.

Casting for both Machete Kills and Sin City 2 have not been set in stone, but Rodriguez assures SXSW goers that the stars in discussion for both films “will be of the same caliber and eclecticism as the first films, which featured Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Robert De Niro, Lindsay Lohan, Josh Hartnett, Don Johnson, and Steven Seagal.” The other news coming from Rodriguez, is the creation his new company Quickdraw Animation, which will be separate from his film company Troublemaker Productions and will focus on creating CG animated featured films.

The first films Quickdraw Animation will be developing Heavy Metal and a family film, which have scripts and are both at the storyboard and pre-production phase. Rodriguez went on to divulge that he has found a way to “streamline the animation process that will greatly shrink the amount of time it takes to produce one…he will keep a core group of 6-8 animators in his Austin-based Troublemaker Studios to mastermind all the story and visual elements before using sister companies to finish the animation.”

While the local Texan in me is glad for the possibility of new jobs being created for all the struggling artists out there, I’m not completely sold on the Animation company being capable of cutting down the time it will take to make a a feature-length animated film. If you look at Animation company’s like Pixar, and Universal Studios take longer than a two or three years to produce a high caliber animated film, but I guess Rodriguez is betting on the “Everything is bigger in Texas” motto to quantify projects being done faster and better.


Toys will always be cool, no matter what your mother say’s about them. We collect these pieces of plastic because we love the things they represent, even if they costs you a small fortune.

Professional photographer and fellow toy fan, Edward McGowan took the time to develop and shoot a collection of photo art representing the movies the very toys come from. For what it’s worth these photos are very awesome. One man’s toys are another man’s Battle of Hoth.

Check out the wicked pissah shots below:


Robert Rodriguez entered H Hall stage at San Diego Comic-Con, and came ready to blow people’s minds. Even though people are already aware of his involvement with bringing Heavy Metal to theaters, he made some other exciting announcements on other film projects that are sure to make fans of his chuckle, and a good bit excited!

Rodriguez made sure to immediately thank his fans for all the support on his most recent film, Machete. He said that because of their support and great DVD sales, a sequel and plausible third film, have been green lit for production. The sequel for Machete will be titled Machete Kills, which was released at the end of the first film. If that film does as well as the first in the box-office, then he would really like to make a third film titled Machete Kills Again….“In Space”. Yeah you heard right, and yes he did say that. Of course, it is unsure as to whether he stated this jokingly or if he’s serious, but for now it isn’t too much to worry about.

Rodriguez then began to talk about Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For, and said that if it happens it’ll more than likely start this year. It’ll feature three stories, one of which is the title, A Dame to Kill For, while the other two will be two new tales by Frank Miller.  The only thing he revealed about these two new stories is that one of them will be titled The Long Bad Night, and if he gets to shoot the movie he’ll be doing it in 3D.

Finally Rodriguez’s new company Quick Draw, plans to team up with legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta for an eventual brand new film based on Fire and Ice, his early Eighties painting that was made into an animated film with Raplh Bakshi. No timeline has been given, but he is excited about trying to great this sci-fi film that will plunge audiences into the artist’s paintings, literally.

So with the following film projects in the works:

  • Machete Kills
  • Machete Kills Again….In Space (Ummm! Weird)
  • Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For
  • Frank Frazetta’s Fire & Ice

Which do you think , other than Heavy Metal, will be in theaters first?


Comic Book University


Our friends over at CollegeHumor got a bunch of illustration, done by Caldwell Tanner, of comic book characters hanging out in college. This will be your chance to see characters like Thor being drunk of his ass, Superman being the crying bitch that he is, and Aquaman pretty much being a joke (oh wait, that always happens). Check after the jump to get some chuckles and see a variety of characters in college situations that fits with the character and see if you can name them all as well (ya know, just to prove how much of a nerd you are).

Source: CollegeHumor (more…)

r_rodriguez copy

In 2005 Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller brought Sin City to the screen. In the years since then Rodriguez has promised to deliver a sequel to the adapted comic. It’s something he has been intending on doing for a while, but being rumored and teased for so long it’s become a bit a joke on whether it’s actually going to happen.

If you haven’t been cock teased enough, Rodriguez has given yet another update on the status of Sin City 2. Rodriguez told website Digital Spy that he still hopes to direct the follow-up to the popular comic and confirmed that a script had been in the works, but said that script needs to be re-written. When will this re-write happen? He doesn’t know. “It’s just finding the right time slot to do it,” he told the site. With the director planning on making another Spy Kids movie this coming September it might not be a while until we see a follow up to Frank Miller’s hit comic book series.

At this point do you even still want a sequel? Personally, I’d rather see him put his eye for action and bloody violence to the Deadpool (Spinoff of Fox’s x-Men Origins: Wolverine) movie  he was reportedly offered the director chair for.

Top 5 Movies I Want A Sequel Or Prequel To

So in no particular order, I was thinking to myself (which I do quite often) and fantasizing about a bunch of flicks I want to see prequels to. Or sequels or new versions of them in any denomination. Here it is, Wicky wicky.

Predator- This one ugly motherfucker never got his due past 2 films! AVP does NOT COUNT! Aliens got 4 movies of their own plus the two AVP’s which were as bad as either of the Fantastic 4 films… Arnold? Worthy adversary. Danny Glover?….O…K. Maybe Pred3 we’ll get a new action star of the proper caliber these virtuous warriors deserve.

300- Now, I’ve heard that we may get a prequel or something, ANYTHING! 300 continues to be one of the most innovative and original films to date, not to mention beautifully shot. I’d love to see the development of Leonidas and his men during skirmishes and tribal fights. That would be a good day.

Kill Bill- One and two simply weren’t enough for the bride to exact her revenge, it may be a tad more difficult since David Carradine…..died. Bill is dead so this can’t be done, but I’d love to see it. Maybe the sociopathic Uma working her way up the rungs of professional killing…It could’ve been done…Kung Fu?  Would have never asphyxiated himself in a woman’s dress and panties…but you went out with style sir, and I think it was bad ass.

Sin City- I hear this one is coming too, but when? A prequel or a sequel, either way, I’m there! Also, Alba HAS to drop her laundry this time. She’s ready, I’m ready, the American people are ready. I want more Marv, more Bruce Willis, even a little more development on Josh Hartnett!

Incredible Hulk- We have word of Wolverine and Iron Man already. Ed Norton put some much needed gravitas into Bruce Banner and those scenes where his eyes would go green? Goosebumps. Plus Liv Tylor was beautifully poignant and the romance was sad yet remarkably funny and soft. The movie made decent bank and was well reviewed. I think with all Marvel’s projects lined up, Disney should not put this onto the back burner….

Anybody waiting for something too? Hit me with it!!