Sony’s ‘Sinister Six’ Has its Director

- 04-07-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

sinister six

Being as how they don’t really have much to work with other than Spider-Man properties, the folks over at Sony have been searching for any possibility to keep their super hero franchise expanding. They certainly plan on playing out the Amazing Spider-Man films until the world turns to ash, but they also announced plans to focus on some of Spidey’s villains. Venom and the Sinister Six were two of the names dropped as future movie subjects, and now it looks like the Sinister Six movie has a director all lined up. And that director is none-other-than Drew Goddard. (more…)

On Again – Off Again – On Again: ‘Powers’ Finds a Home on the Sony PlayStation

- 03-20-14Comics, TV, Videogames Posted by Mark Poynter


Sony announced a development deal yesterday for Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming‘s long suffering television adaptation, Powers. The show will be available to view on the Sony PlayStation. Let’s look at the series rocky road of development. (more…)

Sony Introduces Morpheus VR Headset, Pushes Us All One Step Closer to Living In a Cronenbergian Reality

- 03-19-14Cool Stuff, Tech, Videogames Posted by Jacob Knight


“You’ll forgive me if I don’t stay around to watch. I just can’t cope with the freaky stuff.”

Those were Barry Convex’s last words to Max Renn before leaving him alone with a giant, pulsing headset wrapped around his skull; a device that would send Renn further down the rabbit hole of distorted reality that is David Cronenberg’s Videodrome. During their 2014 Game Developers Conference presentation, PlayStation head Shuhei Yoshida presented a Virtual Reality prototype for “Project Morpheus”, a head-mounted display featuring a white visor with a black wrap-around piece along the eye-line that will transform anyone who wears it into James Woods.


Max Brooks’ ‘The Harlem Hellfighters’ Getting the Movie Treatment

- 03-10-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

harlem hellfighters

After the mess that the movie industry made of Max BrooksWorld War Z, you’d think that he might opt out from allowing them to touch any more of his creative endeavors. Alas, this is not the case. It appears as if one more of Brooks’ stories will be going up on the chopping block. This time around the property is a graphic novel by the name of The Harlem Hellfighters and the studio to take it on shall be Sony. (more…)

New Director Short List For ‘Masters Of The Universe’ Revealed – And We’re Not Happy About It

- 02-26-14Film Posted by Luke Gallagher


Sony does not have the power to make a a good He-Man movie. They do, however, have fabulous secret powers at ruining one beloved franchise after another (Ghost Rider, Amazing Spider-Man). And with all do respect to the following directors, Sony’s latest reported choices in talent to helm a new live-action He-Man movie is… well, it just makes you wanna  tell them to shove the power sword up a place that makes Fisto and Ram-Man smile. (more…)

Sony Unveils New Game Streaming Service: Playstation Now

- 01-07-14Videogames Posted by Philip Mauch


In what is yet another nail in the coffin of physical media, Sony announced today at their CES keynote they’re debuting a new game streaming service, Playstation Now. A streaming service, you say? Like Netflix for video games? Yes, basically. (more…)

“Shared Universes” Poised to Take Over Hollywood

- 01-07-14Film Posted by Sarah Moran


If you’re old enough, you may recall a time when movies were made, released, enjoyed, and that was it. Yes youngins’, believe it or not there was a time where not every film spurred a sequel or jump-started a franchise. For better or worse those days are gone, and as The Hollywood Reporter predicts, this year will be the year of the “shared universe.” No longer satisfied with million dollar earning franchises, Hollywood is looking to link even more films together, turning millions into billions at the box office.  (more…)

Breaking News: ‘Spider-Man’ Expanded Universe Officially On the Way

- 12-13-13Film Posted by JT Stevens

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 10.11.38 AM

It seems like every comic book character is getting sucked into an inter-connected universe lately — from the developing Arrow/Flash verse on the CW, to the proprietary Marvel Movie Universe, the burgeoning DC Movie Universe, and the nascent X-Men universe — and now you can add Spider-Man to the list. (more…)

Andrew Garfield Not Returning for ‘Amazing Spider-Man 4′?

- 12-10-13Comics, Film Posted by Sarah Moran


Some, myself included, don’t consider The Amazing Spider-Man franchise all that necessary, especially when you consider there’s only five years between Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 and Sony‘s reboot. As for the new Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield, he was a welcomed addition to the franchise, but even he won’t be around forever. Just recently Garfield made some comments about being contracted through the third Amazing Spider-Man flick, but for nothing beyond that. (more…)

New ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Trailer Hits Internet – Commence Nerd-Rage Countdown

- 12-05-13Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Sony‘s latest run at making a decent Spider-man movie has released its latest trailer for director Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to the Internet today. Prepare yourself for a ton of nerd rage about the whole Rhino suit. Not sure what I’m talking about? (more…)