It’s not unusual for comic books to explore the real life issues affecting everyday life. Iron Man Tony Stark became an alcoholic, Captain America became patriotically disenfranchised after Vietnam and Watergate, the Green Arrow’s sidekick Speedy had a drug addiction, and an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man dealt poetically with the sorrow of 9/11, and that’s just to name a few. Following in this tradition, the latest version of Venom, Spider-Man’s friend Flash Thompson, is about shown in a very personal struggle that a lot of armed forces vets will be able to identify with, and Marvel Comics is working with the Wounded Warriors Project (WWP) to make it as real as possible. (more…)

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Cereal is an important part of childhood. Together with certain television shows, music, and movies, cereal helps to form a very specific backdrop to your formative years. This backdrop is unique to you, but connects you to nearly every other person of your generation, no matter the other details of your lives. Yes, cereal binds us, connects us, shows us that we are all one. But it also has an almost magical ability to transport. When you’re eating cereal with your favorite characters on the box, you hold palaver with them for a time. These characters become real as you share a meal with them. Some cereals not only understood the light-hearted whimsy of our youth, but also understand that now we have grown-up responsibilities and obligations. We’ve seen things, man. We have bills to pay. We wear underwear without cartoons characters on them sometimes, probably. These cereals know that and have increased in value accordingly, so that they can continue to be there for us as we sell them for money. Our modern Giving Tree was ground up and pressed into cardboard to make cereal boxes. And the tree was happy. It was happy because it knew that cash rules everything around us and it’s going to help us get the money. Dolla, dolla bill, y’all!



Captain America’s woes know no end. First, he gets superpowers only to end up getting frozen at the end of the war, woke up years later to an even more confusing time, does what he thinks is right only to get branded as a traitor and hunted down by a misguided federal agency and on top of all that he’ll also have to duke it out with some of his Avengers buddies. The guy can’t catch a break. While most of us just have to be content with the few trailers put out for Captain America: Civil WarJames Gunn (the man behind the runaway Marvel movie hit Guardians of the Galaxy) was invited to attend an early screening of the latest Russo Brothers movie. (more…)


We’re at a point in the life of the Marvel Cinematic Universe where there’s such a number and diversity of characters across many backgrounds, that anyone can show up any time in any movie or show. Falcon popped up in Ant-Man, Lady Sif teamed twice with the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Spider-Man will make an appearance in Captain America: Civil War. Speaking of Spider-Man, there’s been a lot of excitement about his induction into the MCU, with speculation focused on a) his role in Civil War and b) what to expect from this 2017 solo movie. But now there’s a c) What if Spidey is going to appear in Doctor Strange? (more…)


While the title might have you scratching your head wondering how an actor in a movie could not know what his character is doing in that movie, it happens. In fact it’s happening more often than you think. Such is the case of Tom Holland and his role as Spider-Man in the upcoming Russo brother’s Captain America: Civil War. Let’s let Holland explain it to you. (more…)


Despite Marvel’s best efforts, it has been confirmed that Spider-Man makes an appearance in Captain America: Civil War. During a recent visit to the set, Entertainment Weekly saw the newest incarnation, Tom Holland, in the full red and blue costume. While producer Kevin Feige attempted to pass the sighting off as a possible cosplayer and Chris Evans wouldn’t confirm it, Robert Downey, Jr. had no such compulsion to remain quiet. Not only was he spotted walking around with Holland on the set, he mentioned the character by name in a later interview. (more…)


Back at the beginning of the century, it was a tight race to see who would direct the big screen debut of the Amazing Spider-Man, and the winner was Sam Raimi, a man who till that point who had mostly been known for his small budget horror films. Raimi acquitted himself well, and made two very enjoyable Spider-Man movies and then tripped over the tangled web of expectations from the audience, the studio and himself for part three. Raimi hasn’t returned to the superhero realm since, but don’t think that he hasn’t thought about. That’s right Marvel, Raimi’s door is open if want to knock, go in and surprise him. (more…)


Science enthusiasts and Peter Parker fans alike will get a kick out of this news- and so would Peter Parker himself!  has reported that two new spider species have been discovered in Iran, and the archaeologists took inspiration from the big screen incarnations of Spider-Man when naming the species.  Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield now have the honor of adding to their respective namesakes the Filistata maguirei and Pritha garfieldi!  Yuri M. Marusik and Alireza Zamani are the two archaeologists that published the papers which christened the new species. The spiders were found in the Geno Biosphere Reserve of southern Iran, and in the Alborz Mountains of northern Iran. Both species come from the same family, Filistatidae, which boast a common name of Crevice Weavers, as that’s where they like to build their homes. As the paper notes, the spiders “are venomous, but do not pose a risk to humans,”which is probably what Spider-Man would want.  Read on to get a look at these suckers! (more…)


Before two Amazing Spider-Man movies got fans’ dander up about sub par, over-stuffed, meandering entries into the Wall-Crawler’s cinema canon, there was Spider-Man 3. Following hot on the heels of Spider-Man 2, which was beloved by fans and critics alike, Spider-Man 3, despite its financial success, was an utter misfire. Pick your poison: too many characters, Nu Goblin, Spider-Strut, emo-Peter Parker, the movie’s rendition of Venom… Oh yeah. While many people appreciated Thomas Haden Church’s rendition of Sandman, no one was high-fiving Topher Grace for the way he played Eddie Brock/Venom. Still, Grace recently defended the film on the basis of you don’t know what it takes to make a movie like Spider-Man. (more…)


It’s a big week for Marvel Studios. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returned for its third season last night, and Avengers: Age of Ultron hits store shelves on DVD and Blu-ray this Friday. That means it’s time again for another round of “Kevin Feige talks about Marvel movies.” You can almost call it, the State of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At an event at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles last night, the head of Marvel Studios and Avengers producer Jeremy Latchem, talked about the future of the franchise, and other burning questions in regards to Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and that fancy gauntlet that everyone wants the stones for. (more…)