Two New ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ Clips Feature Dr. Conners

- 05-31-12Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter

For those of you wondering how The Amazing Spiderman movie is going to handle the transformation of Dr. Curt Conners into the infamous Lizard, you could take a look at the two videos below.

Don’t get your hopes up though, aside from some twitching and other symptoms you won’t see much. This NerdBastard is kinda glad that the marketing geniuses have not shown too much of the movie’s villain. It seems like the new thing is to show almost the whole movie in clips, trailers, and featurettes well before the movie hits the theater screens.

These are the latest in the viral promotion campaign buildup to the film’s July 3rd release. It’s still this NerdBastards’ opinion that the push back of G.I.Joe: Retaliation will do more for the box office of The Amazing Spiderman than any of these “viral” videos.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ 6-Minute Preview Leaks Online

- 05-26-12Comics, Film Posted by Sarah Moran

Sure, you could go spend $10+ dollars on Men in Black III, or you could just hit play below to see the six minute preview of The Amazing Spider-Man that screens before it. That’s why you were going to MIB III anyway, right? You didn’t think that movie actually looked good, did you? For shame.

Anyway, what does look good is Amazing Spider-Man. Check out the preview below before it’s taken down!

I already wanted to like this movie, now I think I actually will. I love Martin Sheen‘s Uncle Ben. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone seem to have some genuine chemistry and I think they’re cute, budding romance won’t be nauseating to watch. Spider-Man looks awesome. The web-shooting, how he flings himself through New York’s skyline, the wise cracks, it all looks good. I think we’re going to be pleasantly surprised by this one, folks. And I know, I was someone whining, “But why do we need another Spider-Man movie.” Now I’m glad the people who make these movies don’t always listen to fans’ bitching.

Source: CBM

NerdBastards Shamelessly Conducts An Internet Nerdy Panty Raid

- 05-21-12Comics, Cool Stuff, Cosplay Posted by Mark Poynter

Everybody wears underwear . . . at least this NerdBastard hopes so, commando is only for special occasions.

You could be in an accident for Pete’s sake.

Nerds have always shown our love by wearing and even tattooing our bodies with our favorite things. So it should be no surprise to anyone that the people who wore Batman Underoos and Spiderman pajamas growing up would want to wear their favorite superheroes, television shows, and video game underwear.

This NerdBastard is aware that no one clicked on this posting to read my words on the wonderful world of Nerdy underwear, you’re all here to ogle the undies. Go ahead and check out the gallery below for some of some of the nerdy undies available for both men and women.

Do you own a pair we’re featuring?

Which is your favorite?

4 Minute Preview of ‘The (Not So) Amazing Spider-Man’

- 05-15-12Comics, Film Posted by Luke Gallagher

Tonight a 4-minute preview for Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man ran during the season premiere of America’s Got Talent. I completely missed the airing. Two reasons. 1. Mrs. Nerd Bastards had me distracted with the season finale of Smash (I may have lost 100 nerd demerits but gained 150 GF points). 2. I refuse to acknowledge all reality based talents shows, even ones that  involve Howard Stern. But I digress, I just now watched the ‘super’ preview (it wasn’t just a was a SUPER preview) and I find myself of two minds on the footage shown.

Before you hear my commentary, check out the 4-minute ‘super’ preview below:

First of all, “Most anticipated movie of the year?” I thought it was Avengers? Or The Darknight Rises, or Judge Dredd, or… Anyhow, to date this is the most footage I’ve seen from the film. I’ll say this; It was like sex at my house, 3 and a half minutes of meh…followed by 30 seconds of oh my god. And believe me..the 30 seconds doesn’t make up for the 3 and a half minutes.

Maybe it’s my inability to disconnect my mind from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies (which weren’t too long ago). Or maybe it’s the shitty CGI (There are some cool shots, but they are impaired by some hideous graphics), the motocross inspired Spidery costume, Lizard looking like Batman’s “Killer Croc”, Parker being a test-tube baby (implied by Dr. Connors) and the fact that 99% of this movie appears to take place at night (isn’t Spider-Man one of the few day-time vigilantes?). Maybe it’s all of the above. Look, I don’t mean to shit on a movie I haven’t seen yet, but it just doesn’t make me tingle.

I will say, I enjoyed the scene in which Spider-man saved the kid from the burning car. That scene was brilliant, totally capturing what Spidey is all about. If the film sustains that character-centric tone; I am in.

Now it’s time for you to hold the talking stick. Please sound off in the comment section. Go!

‘Disassembled’ – Even Super Heroes Have An Off Day

- 05-14-12Comics, Funny Videos Posted by Mark Poynter

Even the best super heroes have days in which they wish they had just stayed in bed, ate candy, and watched soap operas all day. Junaid Chundrigar translated this thought into a terrific animated short that includes some of this NerdBastards favorite Marvel superheros. Below are some links and information and credits from Junaid’s Vimeo page.

I just have one question, female superheros don’t have bad days?

I decided to make this short animation after drawing some Marvel characters in a cartoony style:


Sound design by: ERIK GRIEKSPOOR
Hulk explosion: THIJS VIEGERS

Via: Geeksaresexy

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’: New Featurette On The Lizard and Marc Webb Tweets New Images

- 05-14-12Comics, Film Posted by Luke Gallagher

I have some things to say about The Amazing Spider-Man, the reboot from director Marc Webb, but I’ll hold my remarks for a moment while I share 2 new things from the film.

First, check out a featurette (above) with Rhys Ifans and director Marc Webb showing off some new footage and talking about the Dr. Connors/The Lizard. [via SuperHeroHype]

Second, Marc Webb has officially joined Twitter with the account @MarcW. What’s more, he tweeted two new images (above) from the film. Image one features Peter Parker perched atop a lamp post. The second image shows off Spidery grabbing onto the Lizard’s tale for dear life.

OK, now that we got all that out of the way, can I say my piece? Thanks.

Obviously I haven’t seen the movie yet and don’t know everything that happens, but the more and more I see from the film the less interest I have in viewing it. And that really sucks, because I really want to like it. Here’s a few things that bother me:

-I don’t dig how the centerpiece of the story is about Parker’s quest to learn about his parents. While it’s an admirable theme, it’s not one what was ever really addressed in the comics. For all intensive purposes, Aunt May and Uncle Ben are his parents. They are the foundation of who he is and what he aspires to be. Delving into Parker’s real parents invalidates May and Ben. Forget all this parent mumbo jumbo, I’d rather see Parker trying to be a super hero whilst managing typical teen angst. That’s the hero we all connect with.

-I find my nerd rage building at the implications that Parker is a super hero test tube baby (as implied by Dr. Connors in the 2nd trailer), as opposed to being bitten from a radioactive spider. Look, most fans, casual and hardcore, know how their favorite heroes got their super powers. We take umbrage with anyone who messes with details that have been engrained in our nerd consciousness. You just don’t fuck with the basics.

-I don’t like the costume. It looks like Andrew Garfield is wearing a Spider-Man themed motocross suit. No fucking thank you.

-The CGI is off putting. There’s too much of it. Or maybe just bad CGI. It looks like they were really trying to make the 3D work. It reminds me of mediocre motion thrill ride.

-Lastly, I don’t like the style of the film. It’s moody, emo-soaked angst just isn’t doing anything for me. By the way, does this entire movie take place at night? Or at the very least, all the actual Spider-Man sequences? I’ve seen only one shot in the entire trailer of Spidey in the daylight, and even then it’s only for a half second and it appears to be dawn or dusk. Spider-Man is one of the few day-time vigilantes, goddammit!

Negativity aside, I will give this movie a chance. Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield are both fans of the comics and have tried really hard to give us a Spider-Man movie we can believe in again. I really hope all my assessments and assumptions are wrong.

The Amazing Spider-Man, also starring Emma Stone, Denis Leary, Irrfan Khan, Martin Sheen and Sally Field, hits theaters on July 3.


Superhero Round-Up: New Pics From TDKR, Robert Downey Jr. Doesn’t Get ‘The Dark Knight’, New Spidey, No X-Men, PLUS The Hulk Hates You

- 05-11-12Comics, Film Posted by Jeremy R! Hudson

Now before we delve to this weeks Superhero Round-Up we should probably address the giant 600lbs gorilla in the room. The one with all the money. The Avengers, Joss Whedon’s little movie about Earths Mightiest Heroes, is on track to the predicted one billion dollar mark. The Hollywood Reporter reports the movie is already at the $800 million dollar mark worldwide, and with the only real competition this weekend being Tim Burton’s soon to flop Dark Shadows…  yeah… it’s going to make its billion by Sunday, guaranteed. If you are playing the homegame, the only other movie to hit one billion that fast was James Cameron‘s Avatar.

Will The Avengers be the biggest superhero movie ever? Well very shortly we’ll look at two other movies that hit the big screen that are going to try for the title. We have word on the next trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man plus new set pics and a couple new shots from The Dark Knight Rises. Speaking of upcoming movies, if you are are all hot for a sequel to X-Men: Last Stand, the dude who played Iceman says cool it. Also, Mark Ruffalo has a few words for all the Hulk haters but up first, It’s Robert Downey Jr. opinion on The Dark Knight!

Your Superhero Round-Up starts after the jump.


Superhero Round-Up: Shocking Changes In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’, Looks Like ‘Arrow’ Is A Sure Thing, DC’s TV Commercials And, The Superhero Supercut!

- 05-04-12Comics, Film, TV Posted by Jeremy R! Hudson

For this weeks Superhero-Round Up we bring you a handful of smaller story of note and interest. Yes, I am aware that tonight, nerds all across North America are currently have minds blown by The Avengers and yes I do have something related to Joss Whedon‘s mind blowingly awesome superhero epic (that NB has reviewed here). Don’t worry, we won’t forget you Avenger fanboys/girls.

Coming up, we have word that the Green Arrow TV series is most defiantly hitting CW sometime soon, DC launches another TV campaign to sell the New 52 to you, and…. Saddly, some bad news for Spider-Man purists. Like really bad. Like… if you hated the biological webshooters from the Sam Rami movies, you are going to want to fire bomb Marc Webb‘s house.

Up first, we’ll cover the Avengers. Your Superhero Round-Up starts after the jump.


Review: With Great Power — The Stan Lee Story

- 04-27-12Comics, Featured, reviews, TV Posted by Jason Tabrys

To see Stan Lee in person is to witness a display of dynamism and enthusiasm that is both unbelievable and delightful — after all, the man is 89 years old and he certainly owes no one a tap dance. Still though, he performs, he glad-hands, he gushes about everything and everyone around him — perpetually playing the content, shrugging, jovial old man; the legend, the architect and now mascot for Marvel Comics.

We want to like Lee, and he makes it easy. We want to learn more about him, but that is made hard because we’ve been fed his smile-inducing anecdotes and the history of his and Marvel’s rise for years and years. It isn’t his fault, the man’s been living in the public eye for nearly half a century, feeding the quest for insight on his work for just as long — trouble is, there are unexplored areas of Lee‘s career, questions that are rarely asked, and never fully answered.

It was my great hope going into With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story, that we would get a look into the mindset of Lee and get a fuller examination of his take on the more controversial elements of his career and still developing situations like the fight being waged against Marvel by the family of departed comic legend, Jack “King” Kirby, the artist and co-creator of many of Marvel Comics’ (and before it, Timely Comics’) most lasting and iconic characters. Sadly, this is not that kind of “documentary”, but rather it is a moving biography that never really feels objective or independent. (more…)

Director Marc Webb Talks ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

- 04-17-12Comics, Film Posted by Jeremy R! Hudson

We’ve seen the fully official theatrical poster for The Amazing Spider-Man and the latest international trailer, ready for some more hype for the webslingers reboot? Director Marc Webb (seriously, did he get the job based on his last name alone?) answered a few of Yahoo! Movies about what we’ll see in the movie.

Here’s a hint, you probably know it already.

The high points are up after the jump, if you want to read the whole thing, it’s over here.