For me, I remember Final Fantasy VI (some of you may remember it as Final Fantasy III when it was first release in US) for two things. First being that Kefka, who was nothing but an evil bastard that just wanted nothing but pure destruction and laugh about it. The second thing about FFVI is the memorable opera scene. While it may have been long, it was just awesome to see how a game from the SNES era was able to do something so elegant and powerful.

Eliot Hagen of Elder-Geek has given the Dream Oath opera a HD lift to the graphics and replace the sound with an actual opera bit from a Final Fantasy sound track. Out of love for the scene and some great editing skills, Hagen has created an awesome 10 minute video that is sure to make any FFVI fan smile. I ask you, please take the time to watch this video because it damn well deserves all the views it can get.

Source: GeekOSystem

Why Buy Yakuza 3 Over Final Fantasy XIII


Today is the big release for Final Fantasy XIII, the big RPG franchise that many gamers has been waiting for. As for me, although I do have love for the Final Fantasy franchise, as Final Fantasy IV (or Final Fantasy 2 when it first released in the US), I will not be picking that game up today. Instead, I have decided to buy Sega’s release of Yakuza 3, a game that many thought wouldn’t come to the states. Most of you might be asking what the hell Yakuza 3 is, and to simply answer, it’s an Action Adeventure, where the fighting is similiar to Final Fight and what a 3D Streets of Rage would be, with a some what open world that lets gamer travel around cities of Japan and do stuff before their mission and progress of story, which some will say more than what you can do in Final Fantasy XIII.

In case you haven’t heard, Final Fantasy XIII has you focus more on the story, and by doing so, you have a linear path in the game and have no towns to visit or any NPC (Non-Playable Characters) to talk to. If you want the freedom you usually get in an RPG, you have to wait and beat the story mode, which could take 40-60 hours to beat. Where in Yakuza 3, before you go on with the story, you get to walk around the streets of Tokyo, fight some street punk and also curb stomping them, go into a convenient store and check out magazines, go karaoke with a hot chick, or go to the arcades and play some games. This can all be done when getting in between checkpoints of the game, and to me, it sounds like Yakuza 3 is already more open then FFXIII is with all the exploration you can do in Yakuza 3.

Either way, Final Fantasy XIII will sale because of its name and maybe I’m just hoping that this will give some attention to Yakuza 3 because it would be cool to have more games like this from Japan to come out. Unfortunately, seems like Sega doesn’t really care much as there hasn’t been any advertisement and the fact they decided to send it out the same day as FFXIII doesn’t help. As many gamers out there will be just be going in a “straight line” in FFXIII, I will be swinging a bike in circle and and smashing people’s face in with Yakuza 3 (expect a review in the near future).

Update: The review can be found here.

News From Nintendo Media Summit In One Post

2415979622_9bbfc32ee6Nintendo held a huge new conference today, known as the Nintendo Media Summit, and once again, your Sony Trophy Whore gamer is here to give you guys the convenience to read it all in one post. Check after the jump to see what new Wii and DS/DSi stuff is coming for the gamers in the next couple months. (more…)

7 Memorable Boobs From The PS1 Era

playstation-logoSeptember of 1995 was when we in the US got Sony’s first entrant to the video game console world. The Playstation brought us many great games and memories that still last to this day. It also brought us that 3D can work in games if done right. It also brought us polygons, and the polygons that are going to be talked about are polygon boobs. After 15 years, this list will have some of the memorable boobs from the great PS1 era along with the game those boobs are from. Now, lets take a step towards memory lane… (more…)

X10 News Galore

xbox_360_logoSo Microsoft had an event today that would surly make the 360 fan boys e-penis hard and I’m sure your all wondering why the hell would a dumb Sony gamer would write about a Microsoft event. Well, that’s because I’m excited as well since 2010 seems like another good year for video games and it seems that the only ones really crying will be our wallets. Here are highlights from the event:


With just a couple months left to go until this bad larry is released, Square-Enix released a 7 minute long trailer for Final Fantasy XIII at the Tokyo Game Show. I’m not exactly sure if I’m watching a game or movie trailer, but it looks like it has a long and convoluted plot filled with love, heart-break, more silver-haired baddies (Again?), some hot librarian broad, and a lot of blonde people (again?! Stop that shit). I will say that the gameplay, which looks like there will be a lot of “mounted” special attacks (I saw two in that trailer, including a transformer!), looks great. Seems like this game heralds in a return to the older style Final Fantasy battle systems, even though I liked FFXII’s set up, which is definitely something a lot of fans suggested. All I can say is that I want to play this game. A lot. Preferably nude, with a lot of Pasta Bowls from Domino’s and a few 40’s of Private Stock. Thanks to Kotaku for enlightening me on this gorgeous piece of animation…