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TV RECAP: ‘Stan Lee’s Lucky Man’ – Episode 4


Stan Lee’s Lucky Man gave us another diverting episode this week in which Harry and DS Chohan chase down a kidnap victim who just happened to be investigating the previous owner of the lucky bracelet. The ploy of telling a self-contained story of the week that also has connections to the bigger story is largely successful. But now we’re with Harry and on board for the ride, why make him do such stupid things? (more…)

TV RECAP: ‘Stan Lee’s Lucky Man’ – Episode 2


Or rather Stan Lee’s Predictable Man, who at episode’s end last week was facing certain death yet somehow, remarkably (spoilers!) survives into the next episode. The continuing adventures of Harry Clayton and his Magic Bracelet lead us through ever shinier London streets, the reciting of bad stripper poetry and more clichés than you could shake a stick – or lucky bangle – at. (more…)


You can probably count the number of British superheroes on the fingers of one hand. You can certainly count the number of British superhero television shows on one stump. Seemingly not content with dominating multiplexes around the globe with Avengers, Guardians and whatnot and flooding various networks and streaming services with their high-quality brethren, sprightly 93 year old Stan Lee has now turned his attention to little old Blighty with Lucky Man. Or rather Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, to give it it’s full title.  (more…)

Get Your Merc On: ‘Deadpool’ Tickets On Sale NOW!


Mexican cuisine fetishist. Anti-Hero for hire. Insane person. Deadpool is hitting the silver screen on his February 12th debut and if the trailers upon trailers and the R Rating it’s gotten from the MPAA are anything to go by, it’s going to be one doozy of a movie, especially for the grown-up, discerning nerds among us. It promises  to be full of “strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity”, as well as cameos by X-Men members Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

Of course the good news keep piling up, as according to a recent tweet by Ryan Reynolds, the man portraying Deadpool…


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Sometimes in the world of pop and geek culture things can get stale and over dramatic. Every now and then, taking a break from the main stream can be a good thing. And in that break you may just find something new that you can grow to like. So let us introduce to you Stan Lee’s World of Heroes network. Today, their YouTube channel premiered No Hero Now, a music video from Black Mast Studios from the upcoming artist Vy Nguyen ft. Jason Chu.



It’s hard to imagine, although it has occasionally happened, seeing a Marvel movie where Stan Lee doesn’t cameo. About 50 Marvel movies so far, and only a handful haven’t featured a sneaky appearance by the man who created most of the Marvel Universe, in fact it’s part of the fun of seeing a Marvel movie, wondering where Stan the Man might turn up next. From X-Men to the Hulk, Spider-Man to the Avengers, Lee has worked with them all, which begs the question, does Lee have a favorite among the actors that have brought his characters to life to far? It turns out he does, and the hero in question is painted red, white and blue in costume. (more…)

Fellow Comic Book Legends Defend Stan Lee


As you may be aware, an ex-assistant of Stan Lee has recently launched a lawsuit against Lee, his wife Joan Lee, their daughter Joan Celia Lee, and two of their companies, “alleging multiple labor code violations, wrongful firing and intentional infliction of emotional distress.” A more detailed report of the charges paints a pretty harsh picture of Lee, but it seems he has a lot of comic book pros in his corner.



Everyone knows Stan Lee as the all-father of comic books, having co-created (along with Jack Kirby) the most famous super heroes in history. He’s also wildly recognized as a stand-up guy, always happy and full of sun shine – an ever constant example of positivity and enthusiasm. But, is he really? If you take into account the harsh accusations from Lee’s former assistant, it would be revealed that Lee is anything but a saint. (more…)

There was a time when Radio, NOT TV, was the truest form of entertainment. Take a good script, a few colorful voice actors, insert a few real-world sounds and POW!… you’ve got a vivid story full of excitement, drama and intrigue playing out in your minds eye. Nothing you see on TV or the theater can match power of your own imagination.

Don’t believe me? Well then, curl your knees up to your chest, shut your eyes, and check out this this fantastic (no pun intended) retro radio show that features a young Bill Murray reading the role of Human Torch alongside Stan Lee in a 1975 radio version of the Fantastic Four comics.

NOTE: This post was originally published June 1st 2012. With the Fantastic Four reboot hitting theaters this week, we thought we’d pull this gem from the NB vault.