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Stan Lee

Let’s face it: we all owe a great deal to comic book icon Stan Lee. Without his contributions to comics in general, we wouldn’t know such great characters as Spider-Man, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, The X-Men, and countless others. The last 10+ years of superhero films wouldn’t exist without his contributions. Even after he stepped down from an active role at Marvel, Lee continued to be a part of geek culture. Everything from lectures across the country on his impact to the industry, to his charity work, to his numerous cameos, and of course him always being on the comic convention circuit. Over the years, Lee’s always made himself available at many comic conventions, including the big ones: San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con. As he has grown older, he has tried to remain active at conventions, even though he eventually started winding down in his appearances. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. (more…)


The final episode. Harry must somehow escape from Whitecross jail to save his wife and daughter and confront Golding who is desperate to take possession of the magic bracelet. But with it linked to Harry, the only way he can possibly accomplish this would seem to be to make the ultimate sacrifice. But exactly how much will the bangle help Harry along the way? Will he make it in time? Will we care? (more…)


“What are you doing with a man’s head in your freezer Harry?”. An excellent question if ever there was one Suri. The head belongs to the hulking Russian Yuri Becker and soon his body is found, thanks again to an anonymous tip-off, giving DS Winter no choice but to charge Harry with murder. And like the late Kevin Grey and his brother Richard before him, Harry gets shipped off to the dodgy Whitecross Prison and an unknown fate. Will Golding finally reveal himself and get the bracelet? (more…)


Harry and Suri are called to a murder scene and Harry is shocked to discover that the victim is his brother’s girlfriend, Babs. Worse still, she’s been killed by a gunshot fired from an antique Napoleonic pistol and the antique-dealing Rich is missing. Orwell is put on the case with Suri and Harry is told to keep well out of the investigation. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. (more…)


Investigating the death of a fleeing man on Chelsea Bridge, and what appears at first to be the scamming of rich, foreign students, Harry and Suri find it all traces back to the mysterious Golding. As Anna also uncovers a connection to the elusive man, and despite warnings from Eve about just how much luck can be derived from the bangle, Harry deliberately puts himself in the line of fire. (more…)


A mutilated body found in the depths of a building rigged for demolition leads Harry and DS Suri Chohan to a conspiracy that reaches the highest echelons of power and Harry learns more about his bracelet and how much power it can really wield. Suri puts herself in mortal danger, Anna continues her investigations at the clinic and Lily Anne threatens Harry’s family. But do we really care anymore? (more…)


Harry and DS Chohan investigate the slaying of an underground gambling den owner and the magic bracelet allows our intrepid hero to be saved from certain death by a drop of water, breeze through some green lights and save a man’s tongue from being cut off. To say that Stan Lee’s Lucky Man goes a bit bonkers this week would be an understatement. (more…)

TV RECAP: ‘Stan Lee’s Lucky Man’ – Episode 4


Stan Lee’s Lucky Man gave us another diverting episode this week in which Harry and DS Chohan chase down a kidnap victim who just happened to be investigating the previous owner of the lucky bracelet. The ploy of telling a self-contained story of the week that also has connections to the bigger story is largely successful. But now we’re with Harry and on board for the ride, why make him do such stupid things? (more…)

TV RECAP: ‘Stan Lee’s Lucky Man’ – Episode 2


Or rather Stan Lee’s Predictable Man, who at episode’s end last week was facing certain death yet somehow, remarkably (spoilers!) survives into the next episode. The continuing adventures of Harry Clayton and his Magic Bracelet lead us through ever shinier London streets, the reciting of bad stripper poetry and more clichés than you could shake a stick – or lucky bangle – at. (more…)


You can probably count the number of British superheroes on the fingers of one hand. You can certainly count the number of British superhero television shows on one stump. Seemingly not content with dominating multiplexes around the globe with Avengers, Guardians and whatnot and flooding various networks and streaming services with their high-quality brethren, sprightly 93 year old Stan Lee has now turned his attention to little old Blighty with Lucky Man. Or rather Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, to give it it’s full title.  (more…)