Star Trek

This past November, it was reported that CBS was developing a new Star Trek series to be streamed on their exclusive service CBS All Access. At the same time, it was also announced that the pilot episode would premiere on CBS. Now news has surfaced to reiterate that Star Trek is still happening, it’s still being designed just for CBS All Access, and now fans know that the broadcasting channel will have nothing to do with the show. Why is this important? It’s because streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have become a strong presence and have developed shows award winning and nominated shows like House of Cards and Casual. And now fans can soon expect a Star Trek series on an exclusive streaming service with the potential to be one of these great shows.



In a move which might cause huge ripples in the fan film community, CBS and Paramount have filed suit in a California Federal Court against the producers of the crowd-funded fan project Axanar. The suit alleges that Axanar violates the Star Trek Intellectual Property of CBS and Paramount. The real question fans want answered about this whole thing is: Why go after Axanar after allowing all those other fan films and web-series the latitude to create their Star Trek visions over the years? Lets try to figure it out. (more…)


If you found yourself wondering where the Star Trek had gone in the latest Star Trek Beyond trailer, you weren’t alone in that feeling. Many fans, including the director himself, Justin Lin wondered why the first trailer was cut that way. Simon Pegg, and Lin assured fans with statements after the trailer made its way across the Internet that there was a lot more Star Trek in Star Trek Beyond than that one trailer showed. Those of you that don’t want to wait and want some old school Star Trek now should click-through and check out Star Trek Continues. (more…)


The Star Trek Beyond trailer was all set to debut at Star Wars: The Force Awakens across the world, but someone in Germany, or at least someone who got their hands on the German language version of the trailer, leaked it onto the Internet. Paramount decided to just post the official English version instead of trying to track down all those sites posting the leak and sending C&D letters so we got an early look at the new film. That was when, for many Star Trek fans, the wheels fell off the trek. (more…)

In one of the most heated debates ever (even hotter Creationism or if God exists), our friendly neighborhood scientist, Bill Nye, has chosen a side in the topic of Star Wars Vs. Star Trek. Many of you are going to continue to love him, and others will begin to dislike him, but in this situation, Nye has chosen Star Trek over Star Wars. It quite obvious that Bill Nye is a man of science. So when it came down to choosing sides, it was simple for him because of one element – The Force.



Feeling envious because the rich and powerful might see Star Wars: The Force Awakens before you do? Don’t feel so bad – George Lucas hasn’t seen it either. In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Lucas admitted that Disney hasn’t screened the movie for him. In fact, the Star Wars fanbase is one up on him, since he hasn’t even seen a “single frame” of the movie, which would include the never-ending parade of teasers, trailers, and “now with one second of new footage!” TV commercials hitting the Internet. (more…)


It’s been over 10 years since Star Trek has graced our TV screens; Enterprise ended its run unceremoniously in 2005. Most people were fine with that, but in the intervening years, especially after J.J. Abrams‘ rebooted Star Trek movies became a smash success, Trekkies everywhere started to wonder how long it would be before CBS would see the logic (heh) in making a renewed effort to launch a small screen Trek. There’s been no shortage of interest, many writers have had in their back pocket ideas to make it happened, and have even shared a few, but now it looks like something official is being built in TV space dock under the supervision of Alex Kurtzman. (more…)


Best known for her role as Kes on Star Trek: Voyager, Jennifer Lien remains in the Harriman, Tennessee jail since her arrest on September 3rd on two misdemeanor counts of Indecent Exposure from an incident with a neighbor. Unable, or refusing to pay her $2500 bail, Lien has sat in jail for the past two weeks and awaits her December 7th court date. How did this all come about? (more…)

Amazon Picks Up ‘Galaxy Quest’ The TV Series

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It was a kind of joke (but not really) for years as Trekkies fans of all stripes identified the 1999 sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest as the best Star Trek films in years. A nice complement that also has the virtue of being true thanks in no small part to a great cast and sharp editing and visual effects work. For Trek fans, it was an Easter egg-filled delight of all the Star Trek tropes, not mention a kind of parody of all the behind the scenes drama of cast discord with the show’s conceited and marginally talented star (ahem). But might the Galaxy Quest concept be durable and adaptable for television? Well, Amazon certainly thinks so. (more…)