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On the show this time: Raptor Strike Force Bravo (Jurassic World), The Rock vs. Skyscrapers, depressing Disney cartoons, Jason shouts at SDCC attendees, and one more sexy primate.

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Third ‘Star Trek’ Film Officially Gets a Title

star trek enterprise

Even though the Star Trek franchise has already gone so far as to announce that they have the fourth film in the series officially approved, fans have still been waiting around to find out what the third film will be called. The rumors hit about a week ago that there was an official title to be had and now we here at Nerd Bastards can confirm that the rumor was indeed true. The third Star Trek movie has now been named. (more…)


After a slew of production delays, Star Trek 3 (tentatively titled Star Trek Beyond) has officially started filming, but Paramount Pictures is looking even farther ahead than that. They’ve reportedly signed Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto to reprise their leading roles as Kirk and Spock, respectively, for the 4th installment of the sci-fi franchise. These deals aren’t a guarantee for a fourth movie, though; Paramount will see how Star Trek 3 fares in theaters first before any concrete plans come into play. (more…)


According to a fan’s website, he has been invited to pitch his TV series idea for a new small-screen iteration of Star Trek directly to the folks at Paramount Pictures.  Michael Gummelt has been working for years and years on a new Trek storyline for television, and has an insanely-detailed website devoted to it, which may be enough for some Hollywood execs to say “eh, why not, let’s give the guy a chance.”  (more…)


Even though the first two movies of the rebooted Star Trek series have contained the words “Where no one has gone before,” they have very carefully avoided going to places where we’ve never been at any point across 10 movies, 700 hours of television and hundreds of comics, novels and games. Yes, Star Trek has instead boldly gone where we’ve already been several times: Earth, Vulcan, the Klingon homeworld. But if you’re going to call your movie Star Trek Beyond, as is rumored to be the title of this third* Star Trek film, then you better go beyond where we’ve been in the series before. And it seems that Beyond director Justin Lin is promising just that. (more…)


You certainly can’t blame CBS for being a little skittish in going back to the Star Trek TV-series well.  The company owns the rights to any potential Trek television franchise, and the rating numbers speak for themselves: a steady decline in viewership – and by extension, perceived interest – since the hey-days of Star Trek: The Next Generation coupled with the popularity of the “rebooted” film series probably leaves the powers-that-be wondering if fans would show enough interest in an ongoing televised series to make it worth the company’s financial investment.

That certainly doesn’t stop the ideas from flowing and the pitches from being made, of course.  One of the most vocal and tenacious propositions, in fact, has been coming from one of Trek’s very own stars: Worf himself, actor Michael Dorn.  For at least three years now, Dorn has been championing the idea of his character, a full-fledged starship Captain that somehow just keeps finding himself at the Tactical station on the bridge of the Enterprise, back to commanding his own vessel in a series he has dubbed Captain Worf (more…)


When China based NetDragon Websoft Inc decided to build a new office complex in the Fujian Province, Lui Dejian, the Chairman and Executive Director of NetDragon and life long Trek fan decided to go all out and demonstrate his love of Star Trek in the buildings design. The main building, as you can see in the picture above is a homage to the Starship Enterprise. Dejian loved Star Trek so much that before construction began he sought and received permission from CBS for the official rights for the design. (more…)


In late breaking news tonight, nearly a week after the passing of Leonard Nimoy, another tall figure in Star Trek history has passed away. Writer and producer Harve Bennett died today at his Oregon home, ending what had been a long and prolific career primarily as a TV producer and executive. By and large though, nerds everywhere will remember him as the man that got the Star Trek franchise back on track in 1982 when he made a number of shrewd moves that lead to the production of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Bennett is being remember tonight as the unsung hero of Trek, someone that made sure that the series lived long and prospered during some lean years. (more…)