Star Wars 7


Okay, so it’s probably not the new Star Wars trailer you’d like to see (Rogue One anyone?), but a sneak peak trailer for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been leaked, and if you’re still in love with the seventh Star Wars movie, then you’re definitely going to love this. Copying some of the scenes portrayed in the movie’s trailers, the game looks like it will give fans the change to play as Finn, Rey, Poe Dameron and all your favorites from The Force Awakens, plus it will apparently fill in some of the blanks from the time period between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Interested yet? (more…)


You may not have heard, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been a monster success. This past weekend, it added just over $10 million to the bank for a third place finish at the box office, which is far from the $247 million it opened with, but good enough that the film could make another significant step closer to a massive milestone. It’s already got several box office records in the books, but now, Star Wars is about to enter a plateau only previously enjoyed by James Cameron. Twice. For it’s worldwide box office take, The Force Awakens is on the verge of being a multi-billionaire. (more…)

So Who Did Kevin Smith Play in ‘The Force Awakens’?


Did you know that Kevin Smith is a Star Wars fan? It’s true, watch his movies. From the first of a litany of Star Wars jokes and conversation in Clerks, you knew that you were in the presence of a mega-fan. It should come as no surprise then that Smith would lend himself to a new Star Wars project. Like so many others, we had a role in the recently released Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and like so many other Star Wars information, the exact details of Smith’s role have remained a secret…. Until now. What part did Smith play? Let’s just say he was a faceless cog in the machine. (more…)


Jedi dropout. Leader of the Knights of Ren. Teenager with a lightsaber. Whether you love him or hate him, Kylo Ren is definitely one of the most unconventional space opera villains, what with his crappy, short-fuse attitude and his lacking when it comes down to meticulous planning. Saturday Night Live obviously saw the comedy goldmine that is Episode VII‘s archnemesis and decided to poke fun at him, by doing a comedy sketch based on the reality TV series Undercover Boss.




The long, national nightmare is over! That may be overstating things, but for all the people kind of disappointed that the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and its marvellous new heroine wasn’t greeted with requisite representation in toys, there’s good news. Following up on the social media “Where’s Rey?” campaign, the powers that be at Lucasfilm have announced that the next wave of Star Wars toys will be all about Rey, or at the very least be more about Rey than the previous line of toys released so far. So get ready for all the Rey goodies we were apparently denied for the good of spoilers. (more…)

Colin TREVORROW - SFF 2012

It’s a tough gig being a top Hollywood director at times. For example, a recent petition, which has currently garnered over 20,000 online signatures, calls for future Star Wars: Episode IX helmer Colin Trevorrow to be replaced by none other than George Lucas himself. Despite the avowed hatred his prequels still generate, it seems some fans like the idea of the bearded one calling shots on the last of the nine-film series. Trevorrow had kept a dignified silence on the whole thing… until now. (more…)

The Man Behind The Z6 Baton: TR-8R’s Identity, Revealed!


NerdBastards previously speculated on the secret history behind the Internet’s favorite storm-trooper. We read through the relevant fiction, we had debates that devolved into improptu broom-handle saber fights and we ranked The Force Awakens memes in our spare time between editorial whip-cracks at the office. Now, after weeks of time wasted on pointless, dead-end arguments, LucasFilm has decided to cave in and give the fans TR-8R’s true identity!

(Also, this is canonical. So no backsies.)


Chewbacca is as much as part of Star Wars as any other character and The Force Awakens wouldn’t have been complete without our favourite walking carpet back aboard the Millennium Falcon. Chewie has been played solely by Peter Mayhew since the series began in 1977 but at 71, and in somewhat poor health, the producers of Episode VII decided to look for someone more athletic to help deliver the role. Make no mistake, this was no re-casting, rather an extremely sensitive addition that allowed Chewie to continue to be in action scenes, and fight alongside his lifelong buddy Han Solo (Harrison Ford). (more…)


2016 is going to be a good year for nerds. With Suicide Squad coming on Cartoon Network, Game of Thrones Season 6 just around the corner and with the Shannara Chronicles series well under way, nerd-centered television just keeps getting better. The good news keep piling up, however, with the latest news from the Starz network, who are sure to save you repeat silver screen viewings and alleviate your BluRay Release malaise.



While out promoting his latest Quentin Tarantino-directed flick, The Hateful Eight, Samuel L. Jackson was asked whether he’d seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens and what he thought of the movie (he has seen it, for the record). Not one to often mince his words, Jackson tried his best to be diplomatic. At first anyhow. Then he said what he thinks, just as you’d expect and want him to. (more…)