Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The sad and untimely passing of Carrie Fisher was gut punch to fans, especially since they were finally seeing the new adventures of her most famous character, Princess Leia, in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Grief is hard, but trying to figure out what to do about your movie trilogy now that one of its stars has died is harder. More cynical, yes, but also hard. In a recent press conference, Disney CEO Bob Iger was asked about Fisher and how her real like curtain call will effect her Star Wars character, and he affirmed that when it comes to Leia’s story line in The Last Jedi, they’re not going to touch it. (more…)

Before today there were multiple ways to read the meaning of The Last Jedi title. It could have been referring to Luke Skywalker, as he is currently the only Jedi that we know of. It could be referring to Rey, as she seems to be on the path to be trained as a Jedi. If Luke died, she would be the last one as well. Or it could mean both of them, as the plural of Jedi is…Jedi. Well, as of a few hours ago, the official International titles for the film have been revealed, and with them, the confirmation that “Jedi” in the title is actually meant to be plural.  (more…)

Remember a year and a half ago before The Force Awakens came out when Star Wars merchandise suddenly popped up and started appearing everywhere? Well that was actually a marketing trick by Disney to get people excited about the new movie and to sell more toys called Star Wars Force Friday. Disney has just announced that they are going to be doing the same thing this year with Force Friday II in preparation for The Last Jedi release.This year the event will take place on September 1st.

In honor of this announcement, Disney has released a teaser image of this marketing campaign featuring our three new Star Wars heroes, Rey, Poe, and Finn  (more…)

A Star Wars saga movie isn’t complete until composer John Williams has put his distinctive stamp on it. The legendary composer just turned 85, but he’s still a hard working music man, and even when he’s not holding the baton himself in front of a symphony making a Star Wars soundtrack, his influence still looms large over anyone that dares to orchestrate the musical side of a Star Wars adventure. So it should come as no surprise that Williams will be back, working on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but it does come as something of a surprise that Williams’ work has already begun. (more…)

We now know the official title for Star Wars VIII thanks to the Star Wars Facebook page which just posted the new title, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Does this mean that Luke (Mark Hammill) is the last Jedi or will Rey (Daisy Ridley) be the last Jedi after her training? Does this mean Luke could face an untimely end, perhaps at the hands of his nephew Kylo Ren (Adam Driver)? Check out the Title design after the jump. (more…)