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Are you a fan of Star Wars? Of course you are.  What about awesome conventions?  Of course you are.  How about beautiful weather? Disneyland? Knotts Berry Farm? The Ocean? Yes, yes, and yes, right?  Well, then, if you haven’t bought your ticket to this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.  After San Diego Comic-Con sold out in record time this year, many con-savvy fans of geek culture immediately turned to the Star Wars-centric convention as a means to alleviate their pain a bit.  If you haven’t heard of Celebration or were on the fence about whether or not you wanted to go, two names have just been added to the guest list that should have you running to the site to grab your ticket.  Star Wars spinoff directors Josh Trank and Gareth Edwards have just been confirmed to be in attendance. (more…)

Rumor: J.J. Abrams To Direct Star Wars Episode IX


Has there ever been a more anticipated movie than Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens?  Sure, the prequels generated plenty of excitement but by the time Episode II: Attack of the Clones hit screens, the issues with the story and acting had overshadowed the excitement of finally returning to a galaxy far, far away.  TFA, by comparison, is already generating more buzz than any of the prequels and the brief footage that we have all seen is more than enough to prove that the franchise is heading in the right direction.  Disney, who owns Star Wars, agrees, and it looks like they feel J.J. Abrams is the man to thank for what we hope is a superior product to the prequels.  As a matter of fact, the Mouse House loves Episode VII so much that it appears they will be handing the directing reins back to J.J. for Episode IX. (more…)

Wars 4

Fans of the Star Wars universe, i.e. everyone on the planet, have been absolutely rabid for any information relating to the new universe that Disney is building around the one of the greatest space dramas ever created.  We all know that a new trilogy is happening, with J.J. Abrams at the director wheel for the first movie, and that there are several spinoff movies planned, but other than that, the Mouse House has pretty much kept things quiet on the Star Wars front.  Well, Star Wars fans, get ready to get excited because today, we finally have some news on the revitalized franchise, including the title of the first new Wars spinoff film.  That title, by the way, is Rogue One. (more…)


Take note Star Wars fans! We are being treated to the first canonical LGBT character in the universe made so brilliantly created by George Lucas.  A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there lived an Imperial named Mors.  No green skin, no prehensile tail with spikes, just your run-of-the-mill space lesbian making her debut in the upcoming novel, Star Wars: Lords of the Sith. More info after the jump…. (more…)


Harrison Ford was soloing his vintage yellow and silver World War II 2-seater trainer today when it crashed onto a Mar Vista, California, golf course. The 72-year-old Ford was stabilized at the scene and taken to a local hospital. His injuries include cuts to the head and possible fractures. While the injuries were originally listed as critical, sources are now saying those injuries are better described as serious. TMZ tweeted out a picture of the crashed aircraft. (more…)


If you’ve ever wondered how many miticlorians there are in a Slayer, wonder no more! Disney announced today that they will be adding the voice acting talents of Sarah Michelle Gellar to the second season of their wildly successful animated TV series, Star Wars Rebels. The series takes place fourteen years after Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, five years before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hopeand twelve years after the fall of Sunnydale. Wait, no, this isn’t a fan fiction mashup! This is real! Okay, inquiring minds want to know – Jedi or Sith?!  Spoiler alert – read no further! (more…)


This time on RadioBastard: Thunder Dream, Jeremy and Jason experience Tuscan cuisine and go for a rain water ass-douches at a premium spa that they found on Groupon back when it was still a thing. They also pose for an erotic calendar that should be available in the show store just as soon as we build a show store — out of brick and mortar. #OldSchool

Do you want to know about the topics that will topple under the thrust of our mind force on this week’s episode? Groovy. (more…)

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While nerds worldwide eagerly await the initial thrust into a new series of live-action Star Wars films starting with Episode VII The Force Awakens, Disney/Lucasfilm are currently keeping fans amused with the new animated series Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD. Now that’s a fine show with a cast of likable characters and stories which turned out better than most fans ever gave credit it for. Fanboys who haven’t been won over by Rebels are still chewing sour grapes given that Star Wars: The Clone Wars got scrapped in favor of Rebels. Star Wars: The Clone Wars being a show, which, is arguably the best thing to have happened to Star Wars since Carrie Fischer donned that metal bikini.

Some of the best stories to come out of Star Wars: The Clone Wars dealt with Stormtroopers and their adventures during the Clone Wars. Those weren’t your father’s stormtroopers though, they were specialized troopers and very specific skill sets. You certainly didn’t want to get an angry call from one of those guys.

Our friends and Sideshow were kind enough to send Nerd Bastards one of their latest additions to the Storm Trooper infantry – the Bomb Squad Clone Trooper. If I said this review was explosive, I wouldn’t really be lying now would I? So let’s check out this orange armored centurion of the Republic and have a blast! (more…)


The Internet, and a bunch of long time Star Wars fans, blew a gasket when the Crossguard Lightsaber made its debut in J.J. Abrams Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer. Grown men wept and threw incredible three-year old style tantrums. I myself stamped my feet for a few minutes and held my breath. After I woke up from passing out mid-tantrum, I reconsidered the whole thing and decided to just go with it. It seems Hasbro has decided to just go with it as well and will be releasing a new line, Star Wars Bladebuilders, of lightsaber accessories that will allow folks to customize their lightsaber experience. (more…)


I was looking through some files earlier today and found this bit of news listed under “Awesome.” When the old guard from the first ‘Star Wars’ trilogy was enlisted to return for ‘Episode 7: The Force Awakens,’ nobody mentioned Billy Dee Williams. Principal shooting began; Harrison Ford lost a fight with a door; Mark Hamill rocked a dope Jedi beard; some people saw a black Storm Trooper and called the cops; and talk of a SW theme park drew buzz. 2014 was the year of Star Wars chatter, but there was little to no talk of why BDW hadn’t joined the cast. It makes me wonder why this issue wasn’t addressed earlier. But we’ve the scoop on his hopeful return in Episode 8. (more…)