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With the success of the first “Non-Saga” Star Wars film, Rogue One, Lucasfilm is starting to look towards their next spin-off, the untitled Han Solo film. The upcoming film will focus on a younger Han Solo before he teamed up with Luke, Leia, and the gang to save the galaxy.  When he was just a smuggler dealing with the underworld of the Star Wars universe. Directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, written by Lawrence and Jon Kasdan, and will star Alden Ehrenreich as the younger Han Solo and Donald Glover as a younger Lando Calrissian. The film is set to start filming soon for a planned May 2018 release date. However, it looks like that date may be changing.



The world was rocked this Christmas when Carrie Fisher tragically passed away after going into cardiac arrest while on a flight from London to Los Angeles. What made it all the more shocking was how vibrant, energetic and full of life she seemed on various UK television programmes, on which she had appeared while promoting her new book, The Princess Diarist. Since then, fans have held a light sabre vigil for her in Downtown Disney. Her brother Todd Fisher has began arrangements for a joint funeral for Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, who died following a stroke not long afterwards. (more…)


As the nerd community worldwide  mourns the loss of iconic Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia turned General Organa in Star Wars 7. The community at large has commemorated her spirit and uniqueness in a way that can only be described as magical. But after the passing of this icon this past Tuesday, the world was in shock at the passing of her mother Debbie Reynolds, acclaimed actress, just a day later.  In hour hour of needed levity, a behind-the-scenes photo from the set of Star Wars: Episode VIII is released. See more after the jump.


Will ‘Boba Fett’ Be the Next ‘Star Wars Story’?


For a guy who said like 17 words in the original trilogy, it’s hard to think of a Star Wars character more popular than Boba Fett. The bounty hunter that took the frozen in carbonite Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt at the end of The Empire Strikes Back has long been a point of fascination for fans, and many stories have been told about him in the expanded Star Wars universe, so many assumed that with the advent of the anthology Star Wars movie, a Boba Fett adventure would be in order. As it turns out, if one website is to be believed, a Boba Fett movie will begin in short order. (more…)


Developing story today involving a major health scare for actress Carrie Fisher. TMZ learned that the actress, famed for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise, suffered a major heart attack while on an airplane this morning.

Sources say Carrie was on a flight from London to LAX when she went into cardiac arrest. People on board were administering CPR.  (more…)


As promised by Disney, we are about to get a whole lot more of Star Wars ever since they purchased Lucasfilm from The Bearded One. Last year, the first film of a new trilogy, The Force Awakens grossed more than a billion dollars. This weekend, the first “Non-Saga” Star Wars movie, Rogue One hit theaters. Set not in the current trilogy’s timeline, but instead in the original trilogy, just a little before Luke Skywalker and the Rebels blew up the first Death Star. Rogue One focuses on a group of Rebels as they try to steal the plans to the Death Star that helped make everything that happened in A New Hope come to fruition. Some were a little weary of the film, especially after rumors of reshoots surfaced (which usually means the studio didn’t have faith in the final product). So how was the movie?




It’s been 9 years since the team behind How it Should Have Ended first tackled the Millennium Falcon-sized plot holes from Star Wars Episode IV. Much like some sort of bearded genius who can’t help but tinker with his own perfect creations against the will of an increasingly agitated public, The HISHE channel have now dusted off and updated their ropey-looking early work in recognition of the revival of the Star Wars Saga. Now it’s back, with extra scenes and an updated look to match the rest of the channel’s content style. It’s just in time to remind us that even if our new Star Wars heroes make the odd blunder, they aren’t any different from their 1977 counterparts. (more…)


A cynic might see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, a spin-off/prequel to the original Star Wars trilogy, as just exercise in brand extension (i.e., cash grab), Disney’s latest effort to exploit or capitalize on the vast, worldwide popularity of the Star Wars franchise they purchased from George Lucas. A non-cynic eager to revisit the myth-drenched Star Wars universe on film again, especially after the unmitigated box-office success of J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens just last year, will find much to like, maybe even love, in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. As carefully, deliberated crafted as Star Wars: The Force Awakens (both as well-made commercial product and resonant commercial art), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story delivers practically everything Star Wars fans have come to expect from the long-running franchise, the heroism, likely and not, the archetypical characters thrust into seemingly impossible, galaxy-saving missions, against seemingly superior foes (David vs. Goliath on a galactic scale), and the pleasures found in relatively simple, archetypical stories pitting good vs. evil.



Rogue One: A Star Wars Story won’t make it’s public debut until this Thursday, but reactions from the premiere are rolling in on Twitter, and it’s been almost entirely praise. One person compared the feeling they got watching Rogue One to their first time seeing Star Wars in 1977. And another marked it as their third favorite Star Wars film. But is it all too good to be true? As one person put it, “Drop the ‘why’ and embrace the ‘wow.'”



Back in the day NAZI’s used to engage in the extermination of what they deemed “inferior races” and attempt to grind the free world under the heels of their jackboots . In 2016 they seem mainly concerned with complaining about science fiction characters. This is a bit of an improvement, we suppose, but their incessant adolescent whining is hardly befitting of a “master race”.  Even Hitler didn’t pause during the Nuremburg rally to have a moan about how Captain America kept punching him in the jaw. The gormless goosesteppers are back at it again, this time insisting on a Rogue One boycott.