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I’ve got to admit right up front that I haven’t really paid much attention to Star Wars Battlefront, I was more caught up in all the Fallout 4 hype and getting my PC ready to handle all of Fallout 4‘s needs. I’m glad I did that because after watching this launch trailer, I’ll also be ready to Star Wars Battlefront. I’ll be eating baloney sandwiches for lunch for a month after these two games get through emptying my wallet next month. Check out how EA managed to grab all my lunch money in the video below. (more…)

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It seems J.J. Abrams must be a follower of the well-known warning of “too much of a good thing.”   After the latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer received 112 million views in 24 hours, director/co-writer Abrams revealed to Extras that we won’t be getting any more footage sneak peeks until the film drops on December 18th!  As much of a bummer as this is, you have to admit it’s pretty genius.  How many times have you gone into a movie feeling like, after all the promos and trailers, you’d basically already seen it once before? Well, if the collective monumental anticipation of the entire nerd community is what Abrams was aiming for, he’s certainly hit his mark! (more…)


Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Chewbacca gets arrested in the Ukraine. Yes, that’s the same country that recently converted a statue of Lenin into Darth Vader and frequently has someone ruling for office as the Dark Sith Lord. (There were at least 16 in the last parliamentary elections.) Those Ukrainians love their Star Wars. In a twist of Star Wars lore, Chewbacca was detained while on the way to vote for Darth Vader in a local mayoral election when he refused to present proper identification. Then what happened? (more…)


While doing some press for his new web series Con Man, Alan Tudyk made a few comments about his time working on the set of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. While his role on the movie is a closely guarded secret that no one has been able to pry out of Tudyk yet, his comments do offer an interesting perspective on how these latest Star Wars movies are being made. (more…)


Hold on to your helmets Star Wars fans, you’re in for a bit of interesting hear-say!  According to some early reports, on Monday, October 19th you’ll be able to watch the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and pre-order your tickets for December 18th.  If true, this trailer will be the first glimpse of new film footage since a 15 second Instagram video in August.  What’s more, it’s also rumored to be the last trailer, debuting online on October 19th before hitting theaters November 6th with Spectre. (more…)


In movie editing, like internet writing, mistakes are inevitable. You look at a scene so many times, and there are so many elements you’re trying to manage in your head, that you just can’t keep up with them all. Sometimes it’s a continuity error, sometimes it’s a shot you re-used, and sometimes one actor yells an another actor’s real name instead of her character’s. Star Wars fans with good ears have surely caught that at the end of the climactic Death Star fight where Luke returns to Yavin 4, sees Princess Leia, and jubilantly yells “Carrie!” Well, Mark Hamill says don’t believe your ears on that one. (more…)

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While just about every other Star Wars fan was rushing about trying to get the latest action figures and toys that came out earlier this month on Force Friday, there were also a number of new Star Wars books hitting store shelves and digital downloads. These books all fall under the umbrella of Journey to The Force Awakens, a series of at least twenty book that will cover what happened after the destruction of the Death Star in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi and J.J. Abrams new Star Wars film Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. Two of these books, Smuggler’s Run: A Han Solo Adventure and The Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure have been given the added fun of being animated and you can check them out below. (more…)