PBS Explains SteamPunk to the Teeming Masses

You’ve seen them at conventions, you’ve enjoyed their Cosplay efforts, you’ve even put up with the few “snooty” Steampunk roleplayers that refuse to drop character to tell you the time or the location of the closest bathroom. PBS is diving headfirst into the world of Steampunk Cosplay in their web-series Off Book.

Off Book intends to “expand the definition of art.” If you have ever wondered where Steampunk foundations come from, what rules exist, and the lengths Steampunk ideas take it’s devoted followers. If you thought Steampunk was just hot gluing gears to your vintage clothing and pinning on a glowing thing-a-ma-jig before heading off to the nearest convention, this video might just change your mind.



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This week’s edition: Creepy weird Batman and Superman statues, Terminator meets Toy Story, Steampunk Mac, Wonder Woman bathing suit, Super heroes need a shrink, Riddick 3 concept art, Two The Dark Knight Rises trailer parodies, Batman movie trifecta poster, 10 Deleted Scenes That Would’ve Ruined The Film, Achievement Unlocked, 10 Deleted Scenes That Would’ve Ruined The Film, Achievement Unlocked, Adam WarRock’s Browncoat’s Mixtape, Mordor – happiest place on Middle Earth, Iron Man arc reactor t-shirt, Spock in 13,824 LEGOs, 8-bit sand castle, R2-D2 lunchbox, What’s it like to date, Vader?, Harry Potter album covers, guillotine slinghot, the iron pedi-cab, Sam Eagle is Captain America, Lucas Lee is Captain America, Samus plays the Metroid theme on violin, Shatner leads Comic-Con in “KHAAAAAAAN!”


So, this is a real statue in Rome. Maybe this is commemorating when Clark revealed his secret identity to Batman. And Batman’s all like, “I already knew, bro, I’m Batman.” Either way, this is awesome, I wonder what other odd super hero statues are hidden around Europe. Is there a Batman and Robin, Jason Todd, pieta? (GeekTyrant)


Star Wars Steampunk


Steampunk is one of those things that you actually need to SEE to appreciate.

Me, I never really understood the concept of re-tooling something to what it could have looked like in the 19th century when steam was used,but that is what steampunk is, along with a bit of science fiction thrown in for good measure.

Then I played the game Bioshock, and since then I appreciate it.

But this, these designs of Star Wars characters re-imagined into steampunk characters by Bjorn Hurri located below the jump are simply amazing. Even when his art is still a work in progress, as some are below, they still leap off the page.

Which is your favorite? Mine would have to be Leia (who looks smoking hot) and the Stormtrooper (who just looks badass!).


Predator Lamp Table Will Rock Your Rec Room

predator-lamp-tableThe life of a nerd is never an easy one, especially when it comes to decorating. Whether it’s the superhero-supervillain standoff you have staged on your desk at work or the scale replica bat’leth above your toilet, you want to make sure your choice of decor reflects your interests.

With that in mind, you know what would make that boring corner of your living room pop? Why, a kickass steampunk Predator lamp table, natch. This handcrafted example of awesomeness stands almost 30 inches high and has nonmarking rubber feet to keep it from slipping on hardwood floors. While not as menacing as the life-size Predator statue, this is a bit more practical, especially if you have a significant other to convince.

You can pick one of these up from the folks at ProMech Racing for about $280. It would be cool if they made an Alien lamp table to go with it. Even though the tables would stay still, it would still be more entertaining than Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem.

(via Walyou)

The Steampunk Predator


I am an altered art… artist. Sounds like Chris Farley’s line from Beverly Hills Ninja “Actually, I am the great white, black arts..Blackest, Master….” So I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show these pics models of athens_springer’s Predator with his skull trophy of the hardest meat in the galaxy, one of the OG’s of monster mayhem, The Alien. In this case an Alien who last the battle. After the jump, you can see that this is actually a true to life sized Predator made out of metal scraps, metal plates, bicycle chains and the rest of the works that make steampunk, steampunk. (more…)


I just had an awesome experience that I want to share with my fellow NerdBastards who are into SteamPunk as I am. was something I stumbled upon looking for some accessories for my already strange garb…And I found a goldmine, a (pun intended) Treasure Trove! With an awesome selection and wide variety of items to pour over, they have shwag for Ren Faires, Viking Jewelry and Accessories (Which I’m also into), and finally STEAMPUNK!!!! (more…)



Gothic. alchemy, fairies, sprites and fantasy. These are the things that we eat breath and bleed at NerdBastards. I found a TON of linked websites that have Steampunk gear, gorgeous artwork, and ore ordering a message to send to your loved ones when you die. Wanna send a bouquet of dead roses to that special someone? There are websites here that are absolutely UNREAL. Vampire? Check Nerd protection gear? Check. Wiccan spell components? Check Out ALL these crazy links after the spike. (more…)

A Hidden Nerd Hideaway


Have you ever just wanted to escape and get away to a room with wall to wall bookshelves and a ray gun?  Have you ever imagined yourself as a new age Sherlock Holmes sitting in front of a bellowing fire enjoying a glass of scotch?  This steampunk inspired room could be your ultimate sanctuary.  Did I mention that the entrance to the room is hidden behind a bookcase?  This ultimate nerd paradise belong’s to Holly Black, co-author of “The Spiderwick Chronicles”, the story and more pictures are available at The Steampunk Home.