So last week’s return of Supernatural was filled with surprises. First Sam took a walk down memory lane with Lucifer in hopes that he could convince Sam to allow possession. Dean spent a good deal of time on the side of the road, dealing with Smiting poisoning, yes that is apparently a thing, and then helping Crowley wrangle Rowena, literally. Once Crowley and Dean had Rowena in a witch collar, she was pretty much under their control. Fans thought that she completed the spell that would cast Lucifer back into his cage, saving Sam, Dean and Castiel from a cage match of epic proportions. Fans, however, found out that Castiel had actually allowed Lucifer to possess him in hopes of destroying the Darkness. Then they witnessed Lucifer kill Rowena and have Crowley cowering at his feet.

If you haven’t yet watched tonight’s episode, STOP reading now, unless you want to destroy any possible mystery to the night’s hunt. However, if you have watched the episode, by all means continue to read and discuss. LAST CHANCE, SPOILERS AHEAD! (more…)


Supernatural returned after winter hiatus and it wasn’t long before Sam and Dean found themselves in a world of hurt all over again. Before the hiatus, fans were left with a sense of doom as the Darkness, claimed a bond with Dean, had a make out session with him, and then dealt with a smiting by the Angels of Heaven. Sam, along with the help of both Castiel and Crowley, designs a plan to do away with Amara, aka the Darkness.

Of course that plan goes to hell in a handbasket, literally, when Rowena is invited to play. While Dean is dealing with all things Darkness, Sam, Crowley and Rowena find a way to open the cage so that Sam can have a conversation with Lucifer. And then it all hits the fan. Angels try to smite Amara, Rowena double-crosses Sam and Lucifer manages to pull him into the cage for a little one on one time.

Be warned, if you haven’t seen the midseason premiere, stop reading. There are spoilers ahead so if you don’t want the episode ruined, turn away now. However, if you want to have seen the episode and you are looking to discuss all that went down, please by all means, continue. (more…)


The final piece of Upfronts Weeks is revealed later today when the CW formally announces its schedule for the 2015/16 TV season, but as these things go, the schedule was unofficially released this morning. The good news is that the CW is in the enviable position of having so many successful shows that all but two of their series were renewed for the coming year. The bad news though is that the CW has only 10 hours of programming per week. So what does that mean? Surprisingly very little. With the exception of one big alteration, the new schedule for the CW looks remarkably like the old schedule for the CW. But what of all those new shows? Can you say midseason? (more…)


If you’ve been watching closely, you’ve read a few articles on DC’s ‘Constantine’ coming to the small screen. Whether you’re just a fan of the film or you’ve checked out the comics, you know that this is a cool idea. If you’ve gone to the trouble of actually reading the posts (I’m talking to you, Facebook) then you know about some vital particulars. Things like the series dumping a meaningless character for a good one from the books. Also cool surprises like the Doctor Fate cameo will lure in many casual fans. As we close in on the premiere, we’re still at no loss for series news, because we’ve got info on a potential catalyst to Constantine’s chain-smoking habit. Here’s a hint: with news of DC’s Dark League taking shape, every supernatural player in their catalog is fair game! (more…)


The final network to announce its fall schedule, The CW, made their move this morning by announcing as few moves as possible. Chances are, if you like The CW’s schedule how it is right now, you will be 60 per cent pleased with how it will look in the fall. Small moves happen on Monday and Tuesday as the netlet benches two returning shows and two new series till midseason and premiering two shows in the fall, including its highly anticipated new superhero show. (more…)


For many, the Francis Lawrence-helmed take on Constantine, everyone’s favorite English exorcist and master of the dark arts, was a massive disappointment (despite the fact that it was a pretty solid big budget fantasy noir with an incredible, androgynous turn from Tilda Swinton as Gabriel the Arc Angel). The film jettisoned the English origins of the character, tailoring it to Keanu Reeves’ movie star persona while shoehorning in a side-character played by Shia LeBeouf (which never bodes well for studio adaptations of geek properties).

Now comes NBC, whose upcoming TV take on the character looks like it’s going to atone for the sins Lawrence committed in the eyes of fans. Today we get out first look at their small-screen take on the DC/Vertigo supernatural detective and it looks like they may have a huge winner on their hands.