First Look At Syfy’s Superman Prequel, ‘Krypton’

Syfy Krypton

For a little over a year we’ve known that Syfy has had a pilot in development that would chronicle Superman’s origins. Not the rocketed-as-a-baby-to-Kansas-car-lifting-space-orphan one, everyone knows that one (hot tip for the next film reboot!) No, we are talking the wonder filled world of Krypton. A world that has only been glimpsed in all its lens flare filled Marlon Brando/Russell Crowe scenery chewing glory for live action fans. And other than the above logo and a few casting announcements, we haven’t seen much.

Well, now you can see more. Feast your eyes on the TV show’s first trailer! (more…)


In an act of cosmic coincidence, the Thursday night portion of Fan Expo Canada took place one night before the airing of the season finale of Killjoys. The Syfy space opera about bounty hunters in a grim and desolate solar system known as the Quad got a surprise today in that it was renewed, along with Friday night partner Dark Matter, for a third season. So with that in mind, fans gathered for a special advanced screening of Friday night’s finale, which followed up on last week’s highly consequential death of a major character. What would the reaction be? How would the crew cope? And what direction would the show do in now that it’s future is secure for another season? (more…)


Jim Mickle‘s Stake Land quickly became an underground hit and a new and interesting look at vampires and what might happen if a vampire outbreak destroyed society as we know it. Blending the vampire and apocalypse genres into one film that delighted horror fans. It looks like Glass Eye Pix has been secretly shooting a sequel, The Stakelander, along with Dark Sky Films and Syfy that just completed production. Seriously, no one knew this was coming and until the announcement of completion, a sequel to Stake Land was a hope forgotten. (more…)


Superman is a powerful character. Enhanced by earth’s yellow sun, Superman is imbued with super strength, super breath, heat vision, x-ray vision, the ability to fly, and more. He protects the people of earth, fighting battles and having adventures that mere mortals cannot. In the midst of all his astonishing power and heroic feats, you’ve probably thought once or twice, “Hey, I wonder what Superman’s grandpa was up to a few decades ago?” Well, you may have to wonder no longer! The people at SyFy along with creator David S. Goyer sensed your ponderings and are prepared to answer just that question, as SyFy has ordered a pilot for Goyer’s television show Krypton.



Westerns and the Supernatural seem to make a great mix, stories of gunsmiths and gun-slingers, coming face-to-face with the things that go bump in the night and have taken root in a violent new continent, lawmen going up against evils from the Old World and all that hoodoo and voodoo, that those genres do. All that adds up and makes us tentatively intrigued to see what SyFy‘s newest Western/Supernatural series, Wynnona Earphas in store for us…


‘The Expanse’ Getting Second Season On SyFy


In a huge show of confidence for a new show, Syfy has just announced it is to renew The Expanse for a second season just four episodes into its initial run. Not only that, but the episode count is to be extended from 10 to 13. Critically acclaimed and already with a strong and vocal fan base, the second season of the ambitious series adapted from the James S.A. Corey series of novels is expected in early 2017. (more…)


Who would have guessed that the final evolution of the human race would have been such a downer? For those aware of the plot of Arthur C. Clarke‘s classic novel, the outcome of Childhood’s End came as no surprise, but what was surprising was that the adaptation followed through with the bittersweet finale and allowed the miniseries to end as naturally, and as beautifully, as possible. Childhood’s End hasn’t been consistent in its delivery, but watching tonight’s final third it seemed as though it was just consistent enough to deliver an emotional pay-off. Who knew that watching the end of the world could be so rewarding. (more…)


Tonight, I watched a TV program where an otherworldly entity came down to Earth, told us a bunch of things we wanted to hear, make grand promises about the future of mankind without talking a single minute about their real agenda. But enough about the Republican Debate on CNN! As the GOP presidential candidates slugged it out on the nation’s leading purveyor of news-ish programming, we continue on with the second of three parts with Childhood’s End. Tonight the agenda of the Overlords comes into some focus, but if you’ve never read the Arthur C. Clarke book you were probably left scratching your head. (more…)


Following through on its re-dedication to science fiction, Syfy took things to a whole new level by deciding to adapt Childhood’s End. It’s a bit like being a terrible pitcher that’s had no practice all season and being named the starter of the seventh game of the World Series: expectations are high, no one thinks you can meet them, and there’s a good chance that something beloved by millions is going to be ruined. And that’s why it’s a tremendous surprise that the first part of the three night miniseries Childhood’s End manages to be decently enthralling effort. It’s not Masterpiece Theater, but it’s a positive effort all around. (more…)