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Legends 12.2

If last week’s episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow didn’t make a fan and believer of you, then this is obviously not the show for you.  That’s ok, because there are plenty of those who are already on board with the CW’s latest superhero serial.  It’s done well enough that the network has officially ordered a second season.  Of course, that could be because it would be messier to cancel it at this point, when so many well-loved characters from The Flash and Arrow are bound up in the show.  But either way, it’ll be interesting to see where the series will go in its second round.

Last week, we journeyed to the Old West and met Jonah Hex, a fan favorite in the DCverse.  This week, the Legends are on the run from the latest weapon of the Time Masters, a ruthless bounty hunter known as The Pilgrim.  She is out to kill the Legends before they joined forces, at various points in the timeline.  Can they save their younger selves in time?  Read on to find out, but only if you’re ok with SPOILERS.  You’ve been warned.  (more…)


Like a certain other drama series that had an island setting part of the time, Arrow was set-up divided between present day happenings and events on an island in the Pacific Ocean where our hero learned valuable lessons about life and death. While those flashbacks were sometimes annoying by breaking up the main thrust of action in the present day story, they did have their own life, and they were necessary to the story revealing how Oliver Queen went from rich playboy to superhero vengeance-seeker. But in it’s fourth season now, Arrow seems to be really struggling with the flashback format, and the producers seem to know it. (more…)

Legends 11.7

This is the episode many of the comicbook fans have been waiting for, the introduction of Jonah Hex to the Arrowverse.  As each episode of the CW’s new show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow gets a little better than the last, hopefully the fan base becomes a bit a larger.  It would be a shame to lose this show before we see what it can do.  If this episode is anything to judge by, it seems it can do quite a bit.  This week sees the Legends in the Old West circa 1871, in a town called Salvation, which is being overrun by a group of bandits called the Stillwater Gang.  What secrets and mysteries will light be shed on this time?  Can the Legends unite with Jonah Hex and save the day?  Will they be able to formulate a plan to stop Vandal Savage before the time bounty hunters find them?  Read on to find out.  But, beware of spoilers! (more…)

Legends 10.3

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, like most new shows, had a shaky start.  While the pilot was a little on the laughable side, most fans were willing to give it a few more episodes to develop its tone and themes and characters.  When that hadn’t happened by the third or fourth episode, several jumped ship.  That makes sense, since Arrow has been a bit weaker this season, why put your trust in any new ship on the Arrowverse fleet?  But it seems those fans deserted too soon, because Legends has finally found its footing and keeps getting better and better.  This episode, “Progeny” is arguably the best yet.  So if you haven’t been watching, whether because you gave up, or were just waiting for confirmation of quality before even starting, now is the time to start.  Go get caught up!  It actually is worth it.

In this episode, we get a look at the various progeny (hence the title) of some of the Legends, and even big bad Savage himself, in a way.  The effect of parenting, or the lack thereof, on one’s children is discussed, as well as how far a mother or father would go to save their child.  Can’t really say more without giving it all away, but if you’re in the spoilery mood, read on!  (more…)


After 18 episodes of teasing and speculation, tonight’s Arrow revealed finally the occupant of the grave we saw in the flash-forward in episode one. How soon does flash-forward become the present? But no matter how you feel about the character that met their creator tonight, you certainly can’t say that it wasn’t bold and impactful, nor was it any of the likely suspects that have been pondered about all year. It will be curious to see where the story will go from here, but one thing’s assuredly obvious, and that is the Arrow writers arranged the deck in such a way that everyone left at the end of the hour will be scared by its events. (more…)

Legends 15

Have you gotten hooked on the latest vehicle in the CW’s Arrowverse?  It got off to a rocky start, sure, but is definitely starting to make up for the cringes and uncomfortable that accompanied the first few episodes.  Now, after a short two week hiatus, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is back for its ninth episode.  The last episode saw the gang getting separated into two groups as some were left behind in Harmony Falls, Oregon circa 1958 when the others were set upon by the time bounty hunter Kronos.  Lots of twists and turns face both sects of the team in this chapter, with some major revelations and realizations in store for everyone involved.  It’s never a dull moment amid the times hip Waverider, or its jump ship, for that matter.

Interested?  Read on for more!  But beware of spoilers. (more…)


After a three week break, the Legends of Tomorrow return this Thursday with more time travel adventures as Rip Hunter and the gang work to undo the centuries-spanning evil of Vandal Savage. When we left the Legends, some of them were stuck in the not-so-idyllic 1950s while the others disappeared back into the time stream on the Waverider, and what happened to Heatwave was never really explained… But now, in the back half of the season, things seem to be really heating up (so to speak). This new trailer for the show reveals old faces, younger faces of beloved characters, and the beat up face of the man called Jonah Hex. (more…)

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ – S4E16 – “Broken Hearts”


After a brief hiatus, Arrow was returned with a lesson that maybe if your show’s on a roll you shouldn’t yank it off the air for a month. Many of the winter episodes of Arrow showed a life and narrative flare that the series hasn’t seen since its season two heyday, in fact almost everything up to the silly and contrived reason for Oliver and Felicity’s break-up was pretty good. (Even the flashbacks!) But with the prospect of the unearned, and frankly torturous, prospect of watching the “Olicity” soap opera in full effect this week, all I can say is “Thank God for Cupid!” (more…)


You may have heard about Greg Berlanti‘s “modern and subversive” version of the Archie Comics characters that he’s working on for the CW. It’s called Riverdale, and coming from the man behind Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl, it represents a bold departure from comic book shows based on people in costumes and super-powers. Still, Berlanti and his team have been fairly faithful in their adaptations, so will that extend to their work on Riverdale? You know what we’re getting at. Nerdom needs to know that when Riverdale makes its way to our TV screens that Archie Andrews is going to, as he always has, a ginger. (more…)


Well, to everyone’s surprise, it seems this show is continuing its forward momentum.  Although the first few episodes were shaky even by pilot standards, the last few have shown a steadily increasing quality.  This one, “Night of the Hawk” is no exception.  DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is the third series in the CW’s Arrowverse, a collection of television series that center around DC characters the Flash and the Green Arrow.  While the other two shows each have only one title character, Legends has nine.  Or had nine, the number has been decreasing slightly to a more manageable one.  Because, let’s face it, nine main characters is way too many to care about.

In this episode, the remaining team members travel to Harmony Falls, Oregon circa 1958.  They invade the sleepy town in search of Vandal Savage, and awaken things both in the town and inside themselves.  Read on for more, but BEWARE OF SPOILERS!  You’ve been warned. (more…)