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‘The Flash’ Teases Jay Garrick Again with a Helmet Shot

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One of the coolest moments in the The Flash season finale, and there were a lot of them, was the moment that the helmet of Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick was suddenly spit out of a wormhole. You could say that it opened up a whole new world to the The Flash. Huh? Okay, now that that’s out my system, let’s talk about Jay Garrick. He will be played Masters of Sex’s Teddy Sears when the second season launches in a few weeks time, and is one of numerous speedsters that will be introduced on the show from Flash lore this year. But in cast you forgot that the elder Flash is coming, the CW‘s got a reminder for you. (more…)


Hold on to something tight because things will be speeding up for fans of The Flash on The CW.  We know of two speedsters so far in the form of the Flash and Eobard Thawne. Season two will also see  Flashes Wally West and Jay Garrick. Now get ready for a fifth. Fans of the comic book series should be familiar with this character. Repeat after me, “3×2(9yz)4a.” (more…)

The Dark Archer. Deathstroke. Ra’s al Ghul. No, the real test for the man who plays TV’s Green Arrow will be when he steps into the wrestling ring this Sunday in his much ballyhoo’d showdown on WWE SummerSlamArrow star Stephen Amell will be face-off against Twitter war rival Stardust this weekend, in a match that will see Amell team with Adrian Neville against Stardust and King Barrett. But ever the social media guru, Amell shared his prep work with Facebook fans , including the famous green outfit that he’ll be wrestling in… (more…)

‘Arrow’ Adds Two More: Rutina Wesley and Parker Young

It seems that Arrow is adding so many people for its fourth season on a semi-regular basis, we’re going to start wondering whether there’s going to be enough room for the regular cast. If the third season of Arrow struggled with finding a way to tell a compelling story about Ra’s al Ghul and Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) struggle with his dual identity, it seems that season four will compensate by throwing so many new characters at us, we’ll be too busy trying to keep up with all the new faces to critique the actually plotting. Kidding aside, we now have two new faces to keep up with on Arrow this season, one mysterious and one obvious. (more…)


“Let’s take a break,” said none of the cast and crew of The Flash ever. No one would blame them if they wanted to: it’s first season is the most-watched CW show of all time, received near universal praise, and, in this nerd’s humble opinion, was the most good ol’ fashioned fun seen on a TV show in long time. The Flash team deserves to stop and smell their successful roses. Instead, the show is following the lead of its namesake, accelerating towards season two with a slew of casting announcements and a new costume for our hero.



Starting with Arrow and The Flash, the CW is building quite the formidable television universe for DC comics. And they’re not done yet; this universe is set to expand with DC’S Legends of Tomorrow, a spin-off series with potential to be DC’s largest television series in scale as of yet. New and old characters will be featured, with some of the new faces belonging to Rip Hunter (Arthur Davill), Jay Jackson (Franz Drameh) and Kendra Saunders, otherwise known as Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee). The latest name to be added to the roster is Falk Hentschel, as Variety magazine has reported, who has been cast as Carter Hall, or, Hawkman. (more…)

‘The Flash’ Gets a Costume Adjustment for Season 2

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Clothes make the man, so they say, and a number of TV super men are getting a fashion fix for the upcoming TV season. Chief among them is The Flash, the Fastest Man Alive is getting a new look for the fall, one that aligns a bit more to his comic book origins, if you care about that sort of thing. Of course, when we last left the Flash he had some much bigger concerns than clothing, like a giant black hole forming above Central City following the defeat of the main villain, and the death of an important supporting character, but seeing as how this is a superhero drama we’re talking about, the state of costume comes a close second place. (more…)

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If you’ve been keeping track of the DC television universe, then it’s likely that you haven’t been disappointed by either Flash or Arrow. A combination of good writing, excellent casting and a commitment to keeping it comic book-y enough for the fanboys has made both of these shows successful enough to warrant continued seasons. When October rolls around, they’ll be coming back and it seems as if The Flash will be facing off against yet even more villains during the next run – Lewis Snart and Atom Smasher. (more…)

John Constantine

If you’re still hoping for NBC‘s Constantine to be picked up by someone else for a second season, I think it’s time that you make peace with the idea that its not coming back as an ongoing series. I know, it’s the one blemish on another wise sterling year for comic book TV, but sadly, the time for Constantine as a series has come and gone. However, that’s not to say that this is the last of Constantine as a character, even in the form of actor Matt Ryan. A producer on Arrow recently opened up the possibility that the master of the dark arts might make his way to Starling City and the Arrow Cave (wherever that may be when season four begins). (more…)


This past weekend at San Diego Comic Con, there was loads of insight into the new seasons of Arrow and The Flashcasting announcements, new costumes, sizzle reels, the works – but the treatment for one show was somewhat lighter by comparison. Sadly, there was no new footage from Legends of Tomorrow, perhaps because the show hasn’t started shooting yet, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity for more promotion. So let’s call this a remix. A very creative re-edit of the history of the DC Comics TV-Universe so far with a bit of that old comic book style thrown in. Green Arrow, the Flash, Atom, Firestorm and the rest of the gang are here to get you caught up on what happens Tomorrow. (more…)