The Dark Knight Rises

Let’s get this out of the way: there are going to be a ton of Dark Knight Rises spoilers in this article.

In my view, there was no questioning the skill with which Christopher Nolan ended his Batman trilogy, the only questions surrounded John Blake and whether his discovery of the Batcave signified a true ending or a new beginning.

Following the film, speculation swelled — were we headed for a straight-up reboot or a continuation of the Nolan films and would Joseph Gordon-Levitt return, and if so, would he play Robin, Nightwing, or the Bat-Man?

Well, according to HitFix Film Editor Drew McWeeny’s sources, Warner Bros. has made their decision: they want JGL back, they want him in the cowl, and they want him in The Justice League movie. More than that though, they also — potentially — want him in something else alongside another cast member from the Nolan films. A Man of Steel cameo perhaps? McWeeny was careful to tamp down speculation on a Batman/Superman appearance in Zack Snyder’s upcoming film, but I suppose anything is possible, especially since Nolan is serving as a producer on that project.

As for JGL’s previous statements about fully becoming Batman, he did tell HitFix during the press tour for Lincoln that the right script and a director that he connected with would force him to consider… well, in his words “anything”, but the insinuation was that he was not ready to close the book on playing Batman just yet.

So what about we delicate fanboys and fangirls? The question has to be asked: can we live with someone other than Bruce Wayne serving as Batman? Sure, Dick Grayson wore the cowl just before the switch to the New 52, but Blake’s origin story seems nothing like Grayson’s. If anything, it seems more like Jean Paul Valley’s, though Blake doesn’t seem to be psychotic.

No, what we have with Blake is a character that is independent of the comics with some loose similarities to some characters that are not, and while the purist in me hates the idea of a non-Bruce Wayne Batman leading the Justice League, I am intrigued to see how a Batman without Wayne’s resources and experience would fair on moral compass and street smarts alone. Frankly, I really wanted to see that as a stand-alone Batman film, but I’ll take what I can get and this beats the hell out of yet another reboot in my opinion. Here’s hoping McWeeny is right.

I’m sure you’ve got it marked down in your iCal already, but if you didn’t know, The Dark Knight Rises comes out on home video on December 4th. And in case you need any inspiration to pre-order it, or just otherwise need a reason to buy the disc when it comes out in less than two months, we have a new trailer for the Blu-ray release, which is embedded below (via Coming Soon): (more…)

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Another Internet rumor crashed and burned today as the news that there will NOT be an extended cut added to the release of Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises. The gist of the rumor being that an extended director’s cut featuring an extra 30 minutes including Bane’s origin story.

Oliver Lyttelton over at The Playlist is reporting that those close to Nolan confirmed that no extended version exists or is planned to exist. Lyttelton included a Nolan quote that should have squelched the rumor quickly:

Really, anyone listening to Nolan, who’s never included many deleted scenes on his home video releases, would have known that the chances were very slim — Nolan told MTV shortly after the release of “The Dark Knight Rises” that “”I tend to try and weed things out on paper because it’s crazy expensive to shoot things that aren’t going to be in the film. It also takes up a lot of time and energy. Pretty much with all my films, there are very few deleted scenes, which always disappoints the DVD crowd.”

Seriously, just look at Nolan’s past statements or prior work and consider that his including an extended cut would drastically go against his prior track record. As much as I would love to see any extra scenes or clips, Nolan is such a perfectionist that I imagine he would rather destroy anything not used in the film than have it spliced into some extended version.

At nearly three hours long, nobody’s calling Christopher Nolan‘s theatrical cut of The Dark Knight Rises lean, but does the filmmaker have a director’s cut of his final Batman film in his back pocket? Possibly, says one source.

The news comes from Nuke The Fridge, who say that as much as 30 minutes of footage might be added to the new cut of the film for its Blu-ray release later this fall. Aforementioned scenes depicting Bane’s origins and more Ra’s al Ghul flashbacks are amongst the rumored additions. Here’s the full quote from NTF:

The thing that you should have seen during that sequence is [Bane] being injured in his youth. So one of the fundamental things about his costume is that he has this scar from the back injury. Even if he hasn’t got the bulletproof vest on, he still has to wear the waist belt and the braces. In that scene in the prison, where he’s learning to fight the same way Batman learned to fight, he’s wearing an early version of his waist belt. It’s showing support, but it’s not the finished one he eventually wears. He’s also wearing an early version of his gas mask, all glued together … If you look at the film, unless they’ve cut it—and I’m sure they haven’t—there’s a whole early section for Tom Hardy where he’s fighting and being taunted by people. He’s got chains on him, and he’s standing on a wooden thing while people are attacking him. And in that scene, he’s wearing a much more ragged, primitive version of the mask.

It’s an interesting possibility seeing as how Nolan hasn’t indulged in the practice of director’s cut video releases before, and his old school adherence to letting the finished theatrical cut be the only cut of the film. He didn’t do it for The Dark Knight and he didn’t do it for Inception, but maybe there just wasn’t enough there to be worth going back into the editing room to put back in.

Naturally, it should be pointed out that this is merely a rumor. Even Nuke The Fridge, to whom this news counts as an “exclusive” seems oddly pessimistic about their own scoop, saying, “Until I see the Blu-ray I’m treating this as a rumor.”

More news as it develops.

Source: /Film

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Christopher Nolan has made money hand over butt for Warner Bros thanks to his vision for his Batman trilogy, but has his Batman movies made the most money it terms of bang for Warner’s buck? That’s a question that blogger and professional movie geek Brian Collins explored recently.

Of course we realize that adjusting for inflation, the real box office champ of all time isn’t Avatar, but Gone With the Wind. In 2012 dollars, the romantic epic has made $1.620 billion at the domestic box office, while Avatar, by comparison, is in 14th place overall with its $779 million haul adjusted for inflation. The Dark Knight, the most profitable Batman movie of all time, currently sits at #29, while the latest film The Dark Knight Rises, sits at #92 with its $412 million take so far. Tim Burton’s 1989 hit Batman, currently sits somewhere in between at #50, which, adjusted for inflation, made $504.8 million. But there is another factor to take into account: the price of a ticket.

Using Box Office Mojo, Collins calculated that Batman sold something to the effect of 62,954,600 tickets at an average ticket price of $3.97 (those were the days). The Dark Knight Rises, by comparison,  has so far sold 50,635,700 tickets at an average price of $8.02. So while Rises has made almost twice the money that Batman has, Burton’s Caped Crusader sold 12 million more tickets. On a similar note, Rises predecessor The Dark Knight sold 74 million tickets; by comparison The Avengers, which sold nearly $100 million more in ticket sales, only sold about 2 million more seats than The Dark Knight.

So there you have it Bastards. Yet another lesson in how numbers lie. Unintentionally, of course.

Source: Blastr


Well the watchful and parody filled folks over at HISHE have finally taken a swipe at The Dark Knight Rises and yes, before you ask, they do point out the half dozen or so plot holes that were big enough to drive a Tumbler through. After the jump you’ll see 5 ways TDKR could have (should have?) ended.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t worry about possible spoilers. Yes, the video contains references that could be considered spoilers, but clearly you don’t care enough. There, I said it. (more…)

If you are one of the seven people that have not yet seen The Dark Knight Rises you should know a couple things first. One, this WILL spoil the ending for you, and two, we can never hang out.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a guest last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about his role as Officer John Blake in the movie and if there is any chance the character would live on in any sequels.

Jimmy blurts out the spoiler in the first 5 seconds of the clip, just so you know. Boy, I wonder what it could be?

Check out the video after the jump.