Lionsgate Launches Live ‘Hunger Games’ Stage Show

- 11-07-14Books, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Lionsgate is taking its biggest movie franchise The Hunger Games to the theater boards in a live action stage show that will in all likelihood involve some innovative production techniques. The show will launch in 2016 in a brand new purpose-built theater next door to Wembley Stadium in London. Image Nation and Triangler Entertainment are in charge of bringing The Hunger Games to the stage.


New ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1′ Production Stills & ‘Return to District 12′ Trailer

- 10-16-14Books, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Things are starting to pick up in the Hunger Games Marketing Games. This time around we’ve got some new production stills and a trailer featuring Katniss’ return to District 12. Included in the trailer is the new single by Lorde, Yellow Flicker Beat. (more…)

*Updated: New ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1′ Trailer Now Online!

- 09-15-14Books, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Things are heating up as we approach the November 21st premiere date for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. Over the weekend a new teaser hit the Internet and the second trailer is scheduled to pop later today around noon. How far into Suzanne Collins third book will director Francis Lawrence take us in Part 1?


The RadioBastard Podcast Journeys With A Turkey’s Dream In Space

- 09-04-14Featured, Nerd Culture Posted by Jeremy R! Hudson


You came back! This time on RadioBastard things get a bit weird, Jeremy and Jason face-off against AJ and Paul (aka Apple Jax and Saul) from the Gobbledygeek Podcast in a test of wits and endurance as they all banter about the prospect of joylessness in the DC Movie Universe, Jimmy Olsen’s legs, the latest Doctor Strange rumors, a Hunger Games theme park and more!
This time on the show: (more…)

‘Mockingjay’ Posters Offer Look at District 13, But With Less Parkour

- 08-07-14Books, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Congratulations to the three of you who got that joke in the headline. But now that it’s out of the way, it’s time to get serious about the third film in The Hunger Games franchise, Mockingjay Part 1. Six new character posters have been released to promote the film, featuring a look, but not a vast look, at the formally mythical 13th District of Panem. There’s a definite aesthetic to design of these posters, and even not so careful observers will see that there are a couple of characters missing from this collection. What do I mean, and who’s missing from this latest round of posterization? Check out the gallery below. (more…)

SDCC14: ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1′ Teaser – Katniss Is All In

- 07-28-14Film Posted by Mark Poynter


We’re finally getting closer to a full trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. Although physically battered and emotionally exhausted by her latest trip into The Hunger Games Arena, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) is back in action and ready or not, has to be the face of the rebellion against District One. Hopefully the first full trailer will hit the Internet sometime early next week. Until then, you’ll have to scratch that Hunger Games itch with this teaser. (more…)

‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1′: New Teaser Trailer & District Propaganda Posters

- 06-25-14Film Posted by Mark Poynter

president snow

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part One production has cranked up the old media machine and released a series of District propaganda posters that were quickly followed by a few choice words from Panem’s President Snow (Donald Sutherland) with District 12 Tribute Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) standing quietly beside. Find out what Snow had to say below. (more…)

‘Mockingjay’ Won’t Get Delayed Due to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death

- 02-03-14Film Posted by Sarah Moran


The shocking death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman not only rocked the internet and cast a cloud over more than a few Super Bowl parties, it also called into question a couple of the actor’s unfinished projects. The most prominent being The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and Part 2. (more…)

Lionsgate Made a Billion Dollars (Again) – Could This Lead Way To More Films With Female Heroes?

- 12-23-13Film Posted by Luke Gallagher

Lionsgate copy

I don’t usually talk box office numbers because, well, math is hard. The only reason I’m bringing up Lionsgate’s films second billion dollar year is to acknowledge how a good chunk of those earnings were accounted by franchises with female leads, and how it stands to reason that we might start seeing a floodgate of female hero movies.


‘Mockingjay’ Gets T-Bagged, Adds Robert Knepper to Cast

- 12-11-13Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Now that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is a certified hit, all eyes turn to the trilogy-turned-quadrilogy’s final two chapters, Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2. Julianne Moore, Natalie Dormer, and Lily Rabe have already signed up joined the fun, along with returning cast members like Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth, but now one more name has been added to the call sheet, and it’s everybody’s favorite prison psycho Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell, or Robert Knepper as the actor likes to be called. And in an interesting detail, it seems he’s playing a character that doesn’t appear in the book. (more…)