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DC Comics, The New 52 Pick Up: Part 5

So here we are, the end of the start of the new DC Universe! Soon, we won’t even call in the DCnU, it will just become what we are used to. We will look back on the days when Superman wore his underwear on the outside as a strange and alien time when we used to churn our own butter and married our cousins. Jaime Reyes is the only Blue Beetle there has ever been and Aquaman has always been cool.

We shouldn’t doddle around to much, we have a lot of ground to cover this time out. What did this week bring? Not much. If you are looking for a week to save money on comics, welcome to it. Out of the last 5 (read the reviews: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4) this one is by far the weakest. Only 3 picks this time, Justice League Dark, All Star Western, and Aquaman. My favorite comic this week was AQUAMAN. Process that. Teen Titans and Green Lantern New Guardians are both worth looking into and might grow into something. Flash, Superman and Batman Dark Knight all fail at living up to the classic characters they contain, however they have just started so we should watch them, they grow.

Firestorm? Maybe I should read it again… it should be better than it was. Savage Hawkman was a disapointment, Carter Hall/Katar Hol deserves sorting out and being done right, this new version isn’t it. I, Vampire wasn’t all Twilighty! Still isn’t worth a 2nd issue though, and same for Blackhawks. Voodoo, why Voodoo, why do you exist? I mean, sure… tits are nice, but that’s what I have the internet for.


Let’s break out the fast and dirty probably going to have a couple of spoilers rapid fire reviews!

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The New 62: 10 OTHER Titles DC Should Try

All 52 of DC’s companywide reboot titles have now launched, and it’s been a wild month. Of the 52 issues, I’ve read about 40 (and I’m not done), and that’s more than enough to know the quality was very uneven. Some were brilliant, others were solid, but more than a few just didn’t work. Since someone else on this site is already going through all the trouble of reviewing the issues for you (and doing a bang-up job), I won’t bother giving you my personal list of favorites. But as I read all these comics, one thing did keep occurring to me: all the characters that were missing. I’m drawn in many ways to the odder corners of the DC Universe, to the characters that are overlooked or pushed to the back in favor of the superstars, and because of that I found myself reading the New 52 and wishing I was seeing a little more.

The number 52 has held special meaning over at DC Comics for a while now, so it makes sense that they’d use it for their reboot. But what about the comics they skipped? There are more than a few other characters in the DC Universe who could have been given their own stand alone titles, both to inject more diversity into the lineup and to just plain make things more interesting. In that spirit, here are 10 more titles DC should consider adding to their lineup.

Author’s Note: There’s a reason I’m talking first person here, OK? This is my list, the titles I’d like to see. I’m not trying to second guess you guys (let’s face it, a lot of you probably have your own blogs where you can speculate about this sort of thing). I’m offering ideas for discussion. If I leave out your favorite obscure character it’s not because I hate them. It’s because this is my little soapbox, and I’m doing my list. So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk comics.


Good news Everyone! Modern psychiatric medicine has clearly solved all the real world issues and can now start to tackle the world of comic books. Forensic psychiatrists H. Eric Bender, Praveen R. Kambam and Vasilis K. Pozios have used an opinion piece published in the New York Times to call on DC Comics to use the New 52 reboot/relaunch as a means to change the way mental illness is portrayed in funny books. It is an interesting, if not weird, read that focuses on the heart of madness in the DC Universe. The Batman family and it’s bat crap insane cast of characters:

“Comic books have long relied on mental disorders to drive their most memorable villains. Consider the Batman line, in which the Joker, Harley Quinn and other ‘criminally insane’ rogues are residents of Gotham City’s forensic psychiatric hospital, Arkham Asylum.

Introduced in 1974, Arkham grossly confuses the concepts of psychiatric hospital and prison. Patients are called ‘inmates,’ decked out in shackles and orange jumpsuits, while a mental health professional doubles as the ‘warden.’ Even the antiquated word ‘asylum’ implies that the patients are locked away with no treatment and little hope of rejoining society.

Contrast that with real-world forensic psychiatric hospitals, where patients are typically incompetent to stand trial or judged not guilty by reason of insanity. These individuals are not inmates, since they have not been convicted of crimes and are not incarcerated.”

Well now, that would sure put a damper on the rather popular video games Arkham Asylum and its forthcoming sequel Arkham City. Witness, thrilling bullet time word association action! Can you administer the proper dosage of Zoloft® to the Mad Hatter before TV time? Witness the daring self-check out of Mr. Freeze after a successful 3 month treatment for his separation anxiety!


DC Comics, The New 52 Pick Up: Part 4

Another new comics Wednesday has come and gone, so has a good chunk of the allowance my wife gives me. I’ll say this for DC Comics and the new 52, for the first time in years I am actually excited for new comics Wednesday again. I find myself hanging out at my local comic shops more (such as Unreal City… plug plug plug, third time is the charm!) No longer the once in a blue moon that I had been for the past few years. Hell, today I even debated buying a few digitally in my iPad, didn’t but… hey, it’s a small tip of the hat to the digital initiative. This week, marks up like another success for the reboot/relauch/re-whatever it is. But don’t pour the Champaign just yet Mr. Lee, Johns and, Dido. I just wonder if this breakneck pace can be kept up. Creative teams are still playing musical chairs, the ball is going to drop, deadlines will be missed.

Well, we’ve got 12 issues on tap so we better get started.

This week bought the usual mix of surprises and disappointments.  Everyone is on twitter talking about the new Wonder Woman, and for good reason. Believe the hype. Batman is great, like you’d expect, but it actually turns out really great, read it! Nightwing, Blue Beetle and, DC Universe presents also shine, and if you are looking for a fun diamond in the rough (ok, maybe cubic zirconia,) Red Hood and The Outlaws was more enjoyable than it was meant to be.  Captain Atom and Legion of Super-heroes are both worth a look if you were fans of them in the old DCU. Catwoman? Read it, just don’t let your parents find out and tuck it back in-between the mattress when you are done you dirty dirty smut reader, you. Sadly both Supergirl and Birds of Prey fall short of the mark and all you Green Lantern fans get what you deserve.

Ready for spoiler time? 12 rapid fire, fast and dirty, reviews of this week in the new DCU coming at you!


DC Comics, The New 52 Pick Up: Part 3

Welcome to the New DC Universe, week 3.

Let’s review. Justice League #1 and the whole midnight launch was (in my humble opinion) and successful event to a somewhat underwelming comic book [read it here]. Week 2 lived up to some of my expectations, delivered some surprises (seriously can not wait for the next Animal Man and Men of War) and some disappointment (why OMAC, why?), if you recall the reviews it was a strong full week.[read it here] Lets be honest, so far the art in this reboot/relaunch has been phenomenal. Heck, I will even go so far as to say Rob Liefeld even managed to pump out a couple panels that didn’t make me question my faith in humanity (seriously Rob, do you have feet? can you see them?). I am excited for this week already.

I’m now all set to dive into 13 all new, all different, mostly familiar issues! Off the hop here I would like to thank my lovely wife for picking this weeks haul up from the fine and very helpful staff at 8th Street Comics & Books (alright people thats TWO free plugs… these have to pay out at some point). My early prediction is this week will fair less than the last. Sure we’ve got got some sure hits like Batman and Robin and Batwoman (finally), Green Lantern is either going to be awesome or a disaster. I think Mr. Terrific is, well terrific but can he hold his own book? How bad are Grifters’ allergies that he has to wear his hanky on his face. All That and more after I hammer through all 13 of these.

*play the musical interlude of your choice here*

Well, this weeks reads are good, not great, but good. I can see that I won’t be spending to much money this time next month. Sadly I didn’t find any huge break-out must reads in the stack. Superboy, Batman and Robin, Green Lantern, Batwoman and, Legion Lost all preformed like they should. The ones to watch would be Suicide Squad, Resurrection man, Grifter, Demon Knights, and I will pity the fool that doesn’t give Mr. T(errific) a chance. Red Lanterns falls a bit flat and pass on Deathstoke and Frankenstein, you’ve read those already years ago under different titles.

Please keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times and please don’t feed the Ambush Bug, we are bound for spoiler town. Here is the fast and dirty spoil infused reviews of this week in the new 52:


Another day, another case of extremist wackos flying off the handle with religious indignation. Here’s the story:

This past Wednesday Grant Morrison‘s Action Comics #1 was released.  Upon reading issue, the owner of a North Carolina comic shop was horrified when he discovered Superman seemingly cursing the lords name.

As seen in the panel above, supes is shouting “GD”. The over sensitive, religious, dillweed (you’ll read why he’s a dilweed in a minute) assumed the letters “GD” were short for “God Damn”. On this assumption, he was naturally offended, horrified even. Apparently, god forbids super heroes using his name in vein. Taking this as a sign of Grant Morrison shitting in his holy cereal, the shop owner took his thoughts to Facebook and began a Morrison boycott.


In addition to the boycott, the store owner also referred to Morrison as a “Scottish schmuck”.

I think we all know that under the holiest of holies you’re never supposed to use the lords name in vein. IF Superman had done such a thing, I would say this devout man would have just cause for being upset. It would be in his right to exercise a boycott material offending his beliefs. Then again, bashing the writer, calling him a “Scottish schmuck” isn’t very Christian of him.  Anyway, Superman did nothing of the sort.

On DCU’s site, The Source, Morrison Morrison responded to the allegation:

“It should go without saying that the offending panel and caption, a mere ‘GD’, is a sound effect grunt—to suggest Superman’s breath being forced through gritted teeth—much like ‘DHH’, ‘GNUHH’ or the many others used throughout this book and in general in the comics business. It’s not in any way representative of God or a curse.”

There you have it, some hyper sensitive religious dude having a knee jerk reaction to a sound effect. GD, what an idiot. Nothing better than anger BEFORE understanding.

Source Bleeding Cool


DC Comics, The New 52 Pick Up: Part 2


*Editors Note: Comic-book aficionado and friend to Nerd Bastards, Jeremy Hudson has volunteered to read and review every first issue of DC’s New 52. Jeremy is a funny bastard and knows his shit. His reviews will inform and entertain. Enjoy.

Welcome to our first full week of the New DCU!

It’s seems to be off and running. Only one real issue published by the company in the past seven days with this new continuity things are pointing towards this being successful for DC comics, and maybe the industry as a whole. Digital copies are flying off whatever the internet equivalent of shelves are. Various websites are reporting tonnes of the new number ones are selling out and moving on to 2nd or 3rd printings. Heck, some are already popping up on eBay at near 10 times the cover price (as of this writing.) Pretty good when you take into account that until this past Wednesday, the most any of us and seen was Justice League #1 and the solicits and covers for the first month or so. What I can say on an anecdotal note is that I know of a few former avid comic readers that are coming back to check out the new 52 and my local comic shops seem to be selling a few more trades of the old DC.

So, that brings us to now, I’m in my inner sanctum (the room the wife has let me have as my nerd palace), I’m set and ready to dive into this weeks 13 issues. Some big issues, like the love them or hate them historical 2nd numbers ones of Action and Detective Comics and some possible surprises like “Bat Wing” or an All new OMAC and and very new take on Sgt. Rock in “Men of War”. Let’s see how this first week unfolds, shall we?

Here is your spoiler free quick rundown and top picks:

Buy Animal Man. Seriously. By far it was the stand out book this week. Obviously Action and Detective preform solidly and are not without their share of surprises. You should also pick up Justice League International and Men of War. JLI gave me exactly what I expected and I enjoyed in and Men of War hit me with what I didn’t see coming and I loved it.

In the worth looking into pile. This rather refreshing new take on Green Arrow, the return of Batgirl, an intriguing Stormwatch along with the ‘where are you going with this’ Static Shock and Batwing. All read really well, I was entertained for the most part and my interest was at least piqued.

Just falling off into the ‘why would they waste good paper on these’. Omac. I wanted to like you Omac, I really did. Same for you Swamp Thing, we had some good times in the past, didn’t we? Let’s just leave them there. Lastly, I am looking at you Hawk and Dove. Never darken my door step again.

Want to see why? then let’s head into spoiler country with the fast and furious reviews!


DC Comics, The New 52: Justice League #1 Review

*Editors Note: Comic-book aficionado and friend to Nerd Bastards, Jeremy Hudson has volunteered to read and review every first issue of DC’s New 52. Jeremy is a funny bastard and knows his shit. His reviews will inform and entertain. Enjoy.

I have just finished reading Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1. The NEW DC UNIVERSE IS UPON US!

Funny… I half expected a thunder clap after that.

So let’s begin. It seems like only yesterday that the powers that be at DC Comics decided that the weight of years and years of convoluted continuity, self-conflicting story lines and just sheer entropy had finally impacted sales enough that it was time to hit the reset button and give the DC Universe a clean slate to work from. Grab the two biggest names in the industry and have them helm it. Take recently acquired properties from now defunct comic lines and work them into continuity. Give new readers a chance to jump in at the starting point of characters that had their start decades ago.


The day has finally come, and DC‘s big gamble is upon is. Tomorrow the summer crossover event Flashpoint finishes and Geoff Johns and Jim Lee‘s Justice League #1 kicks off the new DC universe. What will change, what will be the same, who will or won’t be wearing pants? All these pressing questions and more will be answered over the coming weeks as the first issues of “New 52” roll out.

So, what titles are planning to pick up? Will you be at your LCS for a midnight release party? Are you planning to pick up the first issue of every series to find out what you like best or do you have only a few choices. Or, do not really give a fuck about what happens next for Supes, Bats, Wondy and all those other lame characters in DC’s house?

What am I pulling? Because I know you’re waiting with baited breath for what this DC girl will be throwing her money at, here’s my list,

Justice League #1 – Kind of a no brainer. If you want to know the hows and whys of this new universe, this will be the book to read. Also, the team of Johns and Lee, how can this be bad?

Batgirl #1 -Even if this book wasn’t dripping in controversy I’m sure I’d be pulling it. Leaving my feelings about Oracle out of this, who isn’t interested in seeing Babs in tights again. Plus, this is the first time she’ll be featured in her own book, which I found shocking. Okay…not all that shocking. Oh! And if this isn’t enough reason to pick it up, it’ll be written by Gail Simone. ‘Nuff said.

Stormwatch #1 – I’m a Martian Manhunter fan, even if I don’t know a whole lot about him. Let’s just say he’s awesome in every animated adaptation I’ve seen and it seems a good idea to use this #1 springboard to start reading the comics. This book, written by Paul Cornell, another thumbs up writer, also features a few of the newly incorporated Wildstorm characters, Apollo and Midnighter. Have to say I’m interested to see how they blend in the DCU.

Batwoman #1 – Let’s see, oh right, I’ve only been waiting for this book for over a year! FINALLY.

Batman #1 – Hot off of American Vampire, Gates of Gotham and an incredible run on Detective Comics I’m dying to read what Scott Snyder will do with Bruce in the cowl.

Birds of Prey #1 – I love my ass-kicking girls, and even if the only returning BoP member is Black Canary. I’m totally intrigued about adding Poison Ivy to the mix. I also want to know who this other chick is, Starling or something.

Nightwing #1 –  I must admit, during his time in the cowl I’ve completly fallen in love with Dick Grayson. He’s like Batman-lite, and sometimes you don’t want all the serious emotional problems, lack of trust and almost zero sense of humor that come along with Batman.

Wonder Woman #1 – Wondy is another character I’ve read little of. I’ve always adored her in other incarnations, but I’ve never given her books much of my time. Now I’m changing that, and this run by Brian Azzarello  looks awesome! Plus, how can you beat art by Cliff Chiang?

Aquaman #1 – I’m a firm believer the King of Atlantic, nay, the King of the whole ‘freakin ocean deserves some respect. Respect, which he never gets. Everyone’s always raggin’ on poor Aquaman. I think Geoff Johns can change that. He did a hell of a job on the entire Green Lantern mythos, here’s hoping he brings that spark underwater. Hmm…spark? Bad choice, maybe?

A few of my favorite characters have be left off because what I saw of their new books didn’t impress me, mainly Green Arrow and Harley Quinn. There are other books I’m interested in but not enough to add to my pull list, like Swamp Thing and Demon Knights. Maybe I’ll read ’em trade.

Here’s a look at the current numbers of pre-orders for the new books as reported by Bleeding Cool,

JUSTICE LEAGUE 100% 200,000

BATMAN 83% (50-111) 166,000

ACTION COMICS 76% (62-90) 152,000

GREEN LANTERN 68% (50-90) 136,000

DETECTIVE COMICS 64% (50-80) 128,000

BATMAN AND ROBIN 54% (28-85) 108,000

BATWOMAN 54% (33-85) 108,000

BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT 53% (40-85) 106,000

SUPERMAN 52% (30-75) 104,000

RED LANTERNS 52% (30-85) 104,000

BATGIRL 49% (17-60) 98,000

SWAMP THING 49% (30-85) 98,000


AQUAMAN 48% (27-90) 96,000

WONDER WOMAN 48% (28-75) 96,000

GREEN LANTERN CORPS 47%(30-70) 94,000

FLASH 42% (30-80) 84,000

TEEN TITANS 38% (15-60) 76,000

NIGHTWING 37%(17-60) 74,000

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK 37% (22-60) 74,000

SUPERBOY 35% (11-65) 70,000

CATWOMAN 34% (17-60) 68,000

ANIMAL MAN 34% (20-65) 68,000

SUICIDE SQUAD 34% (11-75) 68,000

GREEN ARROW 33% (20-48) 66,000

RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS 32% (17-80) 64,000


BATWING 31% (11-60) 62,000

ALL STAR WESTERN 31% (15-52) 62,000

SUPERGIRL 30% (17-45) 60,000

STATIC SHOCK 29% (17-55) 58,000

BIRDS OF PREY 29% (5-50) 58,000

DEMON KNIGHTS 29% (17-45) 58,000

STORMWATCH 29% (15-44) 58,000

DEATHSTROKE 28% (10-60) 56,000

JLI 27% (15-52) 54,000

CAPTAIN ATOM 27% (11-44) 54,000

GRIFTER 27%(5-50) 54,000

BLUE BEETLE 27% (5-44) 54,000

HAWK AND DOVE 26% (5-50) 52,000

I VAMPIRE 26% (5-44) 52,000

RESURRECTION MAN 24% (17-44) 48,000

LEGION LOST 24%(5-44) 48,000


SAVAGE HAWKMAN 23% (11-50) 46,000

DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS 23% (11-35) 46,000

MEN OF WAR 23% (5-40) 46,000

MISTER TERRIFIC 22% (5-40) 44,000

VOODOO 22% (5-44) 44,000

OMAC 22% (5-40) 44,000

LEGION OF SUPER HEROES 21% (5-44) 42,000

BLACKHAWKS 21% (10-40) 42,000

So, finally, will you be picking up any of the new books, and if so, which ones? Us Nerd Bastards want to know!

Everyone knows DC Comics is relaunching and renumbering their entire line come September. It’s only been the comics story of the summer, and whether you love it or hate it, it’s happening.

DC head honchos, Dan Didio, Jim Lee and Geoff Johns have talked at length about their desire for new readership, new fans, with the plan being to begin advertising in more prolific places; the movie theatre for instance. This ad showcasing the ‘New 52’ will begin screening in theatres where National CineMedia’s “FirstLook” pre-feature programming is aired. Watch it below,

Okay, I’m sure many of you are comic book fans already, so we’ll have to do some thinking out of the box here, but would this ad entice your to check out DC’s new line of n00b-friendly comics? Yeah…no. Sadly, and I really, really, hate to say this, but the commercial is boring. The art is cool but there’s nothing here to really excite people who don’t already love and read these characters. Sure, they’re recognizable and iconic, but what about this screams “READ ME!” or more importantly, “Pay for me!”

As a fan I actually really dig this, the music is kind of lame, but I love the inclusion of Wonder Woman blocking that arrow. What a badass. There is an extended version of this commercial which is unfortunately un-embeddable, but can be seen here. It features another moment I’m pumped for in DCnU: Aquaman flipping a truck with his trident. I’m stoked for Aquaman to get the treatment he deserves and not be constantly represented as some pansy-ass.

What do you think of the DC ads, will they bring new fans in droves or only continue to entice the fanboys?

Source: Hero Complex