The Walking Dead



Last night’s The Walking Dead season seven premiere was brutal. Almost as brutal as the six month wait to find out who Negan would kill. The Walking Dead production decided to film each cast member getting the “Lucille” treatment in order to hide which characters actually fell to the mighty swing(s) of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Now one of those alternate versions has hit the Internet and you can relive the horror all over again.

*Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched the episode don’t click-through. (more…)


Wow. The Walking Dead premiered its seventh season last night. For those who don’t remember, last season’s finale introduced the much talked about, but never seen villain, Negan. Last season also ended on one of the most depressing and anxiety-inducing cliffhangers in television history. The audience knew that Negan brutally clubbed one of the series regulars to death with his barbed wire bat affectionately named “Lucille”, but what the audience did not know was which character met their untimely end. (more…)


Let’s face it, The Walking Dead is one of cable’s biggest shows. Besides Game of Thrones, there really isn’t a show that completely captures almost the entire nation week after week on AMC’s juggernaut show. Week after week, the show has continued to impress us as we follow the adventures of Rick Grimes and his group of survivors. As we are about to begin season 7, anticipation is high for the show’s return.



With The Walking Dead season 7 premiere upon us, AMC has some special tricks up their sleeve’s. Well actually it’s a pretty straightforward offer, but, oh so generous. While many of us are grinding our teeth waiting for the answer to the season 6 cliffhanger finale, others are bashing their brains out wishing they were all caught up. Well, have no fear. AMC has your solution. (more…)


On the surface, Star Trek and The Walking Dead don’t have a lot in common. One is a hopeful, inspirational tale of exploration and diplomacy in deep space in the 23rd century, and the other is an almost nihilistic story about survivors of a zombie plague who constantly have to be as concerned about the living as they are about the dead. Still, someone is making the comparison, but it’s not based on any narrative similarities, but rather the series’ longevity. As Star Trek marks 50 years this year, the AMC bosses of The Walking Dead see just an equally as grand an opportunity ahead for Dead. (more…)


No one doubts the capacity of the creators of The Walking Dead to create real drama and tension as we watch a group of survivors struggle through a zombie-filled dystopia where the most dangerous thing walking is not the endless horde of undead cannibals. But when season six ended with the seminal moment where the villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) arrived and marked his territory by bludgeoning one of our heroes to death, there was a twist: we saw the bludgeoning from the perspective of the bludgeoned. Fans were outraged! But don’t worry because Robert Kirkman says it will never happen again. (more…)

John Carpenter Calls ‘The Walking Dead’ A Rip-Off

John Carpenter is a name and a man who is quite synonymous with the horror genre. He’s directed some of the the finest films in horror such as Halloween, The Fog, and The Thing. So whenever the man speaks up about anything regarding the genre, people tend to perk up and listen. When asked about his opinion regarding one of televisions biggest, horror hits, The Walking Dead, he basically referred to the show as a rip-off, and one that has been milked for a long time.