SDCC14: Exclusive Art for ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Jurassic World’ Revealed

- 07-22-14Comics, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Not going to San Diego Comic Con? Too bad, some of this fabulous art could have been yours if you were lucky/shrewd/early enough to get them. Featuring images from the fifth season of The Walking Dead and next summer’s blockbuster in waiting Jurassic World, these collectables will get fans mouths watering (or not, we nerds are so hard to predict). (more…)

Complete TV Lineup for SDCC 2014: Is Your Favorite Show Represented?

- 07-09-14TV Posted by Mark Poynter


Just as Superhero movies have taken over the big screen, now our nerdy favorites are making a huge dent in the world of television. What’s even better news? Most of these new shows look great! No more horribly stiff and embarrassing shows. Yeah, I’m looking at you The Cape. Wondering what television shows will be attending SDCC 2014? We’ve got the entire list here! (more…)

New Teaser for Season Five ‘The Walking Dead’ – Who Dies This Season?

- 07-07-14Comics, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


Last night’s special episode of The Talking Dead brought us the first video teaser for season five of AMC‘s The Walking Dead. What secrets were revealed? (more…)

First Day of Shooting on Set Video for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5

- 07-02-14Comics, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


There’s still plenty of dead time until the October 12th season five return of AMC‘s The Walking Dead. Until then, we’re sure to get a lot of on set videos and pictures as well as a few actor interviews. All of which will be designed to pump up our expectations and desire to tune in. Those marketing marvels over at AMC have started the ball rolling with this on set video of the first day of season five shooting. (more…)

‘The Walking Dead’ Could Last a Long, Long Time

- 06-11-14TV Posted by Brandon Marcus

Walking Dead

There is no doubt that AMC’s The Walking Dead is a massive, massive hit. It brings in numbers like nothing else on TV. It also packs a punch, giving viewers more zombie blood and guts and scares than most thought possible. It’s a cultural touchstone, a ratings juggernaut and a constant Trending Topic on Twitter. Hell, even the show about the show is a huge hit.

But how long can The Walking Dead go on? Nothing good ever lasts forever, even if networks try their hardest to prevent the inevitable. So how much longer does The Walking Dead have? A couple more seasons? Three or four? Well, according to one of its producers, quite a few.


Seth Gilliam Joins ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast as Series Regular in Season 5

- 05-05-14Comics, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


There’s some great casting news from The Walking Dead camp. Seth Gilliam has joined the cast as a series regular. What does this mean for the show? (more…)

Recap/Review – ‘The Walking Dead’ – S04E16 – “A”

- 03-31-14Featured, reviews, TV Posted by Regina Lizik


The season finale of season 4 opens and closes with hope and in between the search for hope, Rick finds peace with his inner demons.  (more…)

Recap/Review – ‘The Walking Dead’ – S04E15 – “Us”

- 03-24-14Featured, reviews, TV Posted by Regina Lizik


The penultimate episode of the fourth season connects storylines, reunites our characters and finally takes us to Terminus.  (more…)

Recap/Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ – S04E13 – “Alone”

- 03-10-14reviews, TV Posted by Regina Lizik

the walking dead alone

With just a few episodes left this season, the events of “Alone” finally give our characters the emotional push they need to move the story forward.  (more…)

Recap/Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ – S04E12 – “Still”

- 03-03-14Featured, reviews, TV Posted by Regina Lizik


50 years from now, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) will be the stuff of legend, one of the mythic heroes upon which the new world will build its history. But in this episode, directed by Julius Ramsey, we learn he wasn’t always a hero. We also learn why Beth Greene has more strength than we thought.  (more…)