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‘Walking Dead’: The Theme Park Ride?


If someone asked you for a clever way to expand AMC’s The Walking Dead franchise, chances are you wouldn’t think to suggest “Make it a theme park ride!”, yet that’s exactly what is being done. Sally Corp, veteran builders of museum and theme park animatronics and attractions, used this year’s International Associatio of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) convention in Orlando, Florida to reveal The Walking Dead: Battle For Survival. All that’s needed at this point for the self-proclaimed “mixed media”, fully designed dark ride is a buyer and a place for it to set up camp. (more…)


Somebody on set last Friday, most likely a visitor and not crew, sneakily captured what might be the first footage of Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan on AMC‘s The Walking Dead. The quality is obviously bad and that might lead one to think it’s a clever fake, but if it is then it’s very clever because of what we can make out. Take a look if you don’t care about spoilers and such. (more…)

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The previews for “Always Accountable,” tugged on the emotions of fans everywhere. They implied that Daryl’s life may be in trouble. Although many view his character as sacrosanct, no one on this show is impervious to zombies or to bullets.

Since Glenn’s supposed death, every moment on this show is tense. Anyone can go at any moment. That intensity was there for all three of the central characters of the episode – Daryl, Sasha and Abe. They all saw some character development and not all of it is interesting.

There are spoilers from this point forward. Do not read unless you want to know much of what happens in the episode.  (more…)


Word is racing around the Internet that Jeffery Dean Morgan (Watchmen, Magic City) has been cast in the villainous role of Negan in AMC‘s The Walking Dead. Speculation on who should play Negan on the show has ranged from Madmen‘s Jon Hamm, to Henry Rollins, but I have to say that Jeffery Dean Morgan is a fine choice and he’ll do Lucille proud. “Who’s Lucille,” you ask? (more…)

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Last week was one of the most pivotal and emotional episodes of The Walking Dead. It left many of us hopeless and many of us rewatching a certain scene frame by frame looking for signs of hope.

We don’t get a resolution to that this week. Instead, we see Morgan’s origin story – and all good superheroes have an origin story.

Morgan tells his story to the Wolf that he encountered at the end of JSS, the same Wolf who approached him in the woods in season 5’s “Conquer.” Morgan tells him that if he truly wants to take everything from him, then he’s going to give him everything. Like most of us, “everything” to Morgan isn’t something material. It’s not something he owns. It’s his memories, his history, his emotions.

****Spoiler Warning****



Belief in the power of that huge The Walking Dead fan base can once again be seen in AMC‘s move to green-light a six episode reality series, Ride With Norman Reedus. As the title suggests, viewers will be taken on a journey through motorcycle culture with Norman Reedus as he bikes around the country. His The Walking Dead motorcycle riding character Daryl Dixon has been a huge part of the popularity of the series and now he’ll take his real life love affair with motorcycles on the road.


It’s a beautiful thing when a television series is so well produced with story lines so well executed that you’re left after each episode feeling like you’re a part of that world. It’s not such a beautiful thing anymore when people actually believe they are a part of that fantasy world, and act accordingly. Case in point: police say that 23 year old Damon Perry is on charge for a murder charge after killing friend Christopher Paquin. Perry explained that the cause of the killing was that Paquin had started to “change into a zombie”, and attempted to bite him. Probing deeper into the story, it was uncovered that the friends had spent the night before the murder was committed drinking, and that Perry had been binge-watching AMC‘s The Walking Dead on Netflix recently. All this culminated in Perry beating his friend to death, with heavy objects such as an electric guitar and a microwave. (more…)