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It’s almost time for Thor: The Dark World to grace American big screens so I guess that means people will be wanting some of the latest info.  Well, we here at the big NB have gotz it for you, that’s fer damn sure.  As a matter of fact, we gotz the news on an AMC Thor marathon coming up, as well as the first reviews of Thor: The Dark World.  Check below to discover our Thor-gasmic secrets. (more…)


This time around the big bad of Thor’s second solo feature, Thor: The Dark World, is Malekith the Accursed, brought to life by former Time Lord, Christopher Eccelston. He’s a nasty dark elf hell bent on either controlling or destroying Midgard. Not really sure which. The trailers don’t give much insight to the dude’s motivation, and neither does this clip. (more…)


We’ve seen a portion of this before in the previously released trailers, but now we have this charming little scene between Thor and his evil (adopted) brother, Loki, in its entirety. From what we’ve gotten our hands on so far, this is what has me most excited about Thor: The Dark World, as Tom Hiddleston once again nails the role of the sneaky demi-god.




I recently got word that the script for Thor 2 was touched up by Joss Whedon. My first thought was “Cripes, rewrites? The movies doomed” but then I realized it was Whedon who swooped in to save it. So we gotta be good, right? If the power of Whedon doesn’t compel you, maybe this new featurette will sway you? It includes new footage from the film, as well as Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston discussing how the relationship between Thor and Loki has changed since ‘The Avengers.’

I, for one, thought that was pretty rad. Scale, style, general sense of epicness… this looks to be a thunderous tale to behold. For Asgard, For Odin! Can’t wait to see Thor: The Dark World.

Oh, before you go, we also have to new cool posters to check out. They feature Malekith the Accursed (Christopher Eccleston) and Heimdall (Idris Elba). Check em’ out below:



It’s probably safe to say ABC has a bonafide hit on their hands with Agents of SHIELD. The Marvel series has garnered almost universally positive review for last night’s premiere, but the real kicker is their ratings. Not only did SHIELD score the number one spot for its time slot, but it scored BIG. Agents easily defeated its competition, beating The Voice by 15% and NCIS by 35%, and now has the highest rated debut for a drama series in four years! As the show aired it only gained a larger audience from its first hour to its second, and won all the key demographics those ratings magicians consider so important (i.e. men aged 18-49).

If you somehow missed out on America’s number one show, you can watch the premiere online.

And, if you also somehow missed the latest trailer for Thor: The Dark World which premiered during the premiere of Agents of SHIELD, you can give that a watch below the cut.


thor hammer

And because all the trailers and footage you have seen thus far of Thor: The Dark World just aren’t enough, the powers-that-be have issued one more look at the upcoming film.  Check out the almost-the-same-but-just-a-bit-longer trailer for the flick below:

Yup, still looks pretty awesome.  See even more footage when the entire movie gets released come November 8th.


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the heads-up.