‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Cleopatra’ Amongst the Most Expensive Movies Ever

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The blockbuster business doesn’t come easy, or cheap, and a new list shows us just how true that is. Now, one website has compiled a list of the most expensive films ever made, and chances are pretty good that one or many of your own personal favorites are on here. But who is the big winner? Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, of course. The third Pirates movie tips the bank at $341.8 million, but it’s not the only Pirates movie on the list, and it’s not the only Disney movie on the list either. Want to get a load of the other nine movies in the Top 10? Read on. (more…)

Crazy Billionaire to Build Real Jurassic Park, But With a Twist

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If you’re one of those people who say that if you were to become rich then you would feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and clothe the cold… Well you’ve got some attitude. After all, why would you use your money to help your fellow man when you could build not one, but two parks with dinosaurs! Like the movie Jurassic Park (currently enjoying a 3-D re-release in a theater near you). Except this time, they won’t clone dinosaurs from recombinant DNA found in mosquitoes frozen in amber – that’s stupid. Nope, this “Jurassic Park” will have robotic dinosaurs! Because nothing ever, ever went wrong with robots.

This brilliant notion comes from the mind of Clive Palmer. If that name sounds familiar it’s because you’re thinking of the same Clive Palmer who wants to build “Titanic II” and we don’t meant that awful direct-to-video movie starring Bruce Davidson and Brooke Burns. No, he wants to re-create the famously doomed ocean-liner that ended up 3-miles under the North Atlantic on its maiden voyage taking 1,400 people down with it. So clearly he’s a paragon of good judgment.

For his “Jurassic Parks,” Palmer is proposing life-size, animatronic dinos, according to an article on io9. One park will be built at the Palmer Coolus Resort near Brisbane and will feature 165 robo-dinos including a T-rex named Jeff and an omeisaurus called Bones, while another park built in central China will be home to 117 other robotic creatures from the dawn of time.

I’m not sure exactly how Palmer intends to set his robotic theme park apart from the dozens of others of attractions with robotic dinosaurs around the world – other than volume, I suppose – but this is perhaps a better use of his time than that “Hindenburg II” idea he’s been kicking around.

Source: Cinema Blend

‘Avengers’ Back to the Big Screen this Weekend

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It was rumored a while ago that The Avengers would get a theatrical curtain call at the end of summer, and it appears that it is so. Via Facebook, Disney announced that The Avengers will be opening wide again this weekend, increasing the number of screens its now on from its current count of 142. Disney is hoping to take advantage of a relatively slow weekend at the box office, to both give the fans a treat, and as maybe a way to get the flick that last $40 million sitting between The Avengers and the number two box office champ of all time, Titanic.

But could there be more to this release than petty greed? Possibly, the Facebook page also said, “Don’t forget to stay through the credits…” Now could that mean that there’s something new to see after the credits roll? Another extra scene or a sneak peak at Iron Man 3 perhaps? I’d hate to think it was a reminder to check out the Thanos cameo, or the shwarma gag. If you should happen to see The Avengers in theaters sometime over the weekend, let us know.

The expanded run of The Avengers will be one week only from August 31 through September 6. Check your local listings for showtimes nearest you. The Avengers will then be out on Blu-ray and DVD September 25.

Source: /Film and Bleeding Cool

‘Avengers’ Makes a Move on Cameron’s Box Office Crown

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Last weekend, Marvel’s The Avengers became the third highest grossing film of all time at the domestic box office; the only one standing in its way from complete box office dominance is James Cameron and his one-two punch of Avatar and Titanic. And while The Avengers has shattered a number of box office records, including some previously held by Avatar, having just made $11.2 million last weekend in fifth place and with increasing competition from summer new releases, it’s increasingly, seemingly, unlikely that The Avengers will catch Titanic’s $658.7 million domestic grab.


That’s right, Marvel’s hatching a plan to give The Avengers one last push at the end of summer for the all time box office crown. According to SuperHeroAuthority.com, Marvel is planning a release of The Avengers: The Director’s Cut sometime before Labor Day in the dog days of August. As previously reported, director Joss Whedon has said that there’s about 30 minutes of cut footage from the film that was to originally appear on the film’s Blu-ray release in September. If this plan goes forward, the director’s cut of The Avengers will bow at the box office and collect some extra coin for the coffers and give a pretty handy promotion for September’s DVD release.

But the question is, will it work? As of last weekend, The Avengers stands at $572.3 million, which is $86.4 million short of Titanic’s total haul, and $188.2 million short of Avatar’s total box office take of $760.5 million. So while it’s conceivable that The Avengers could at least catch Titanic, The Avengers would have to add another $200 million to the bank to do better than Avatar, which seems less likely.

What do you Bastards think? Would you check out an Avengers Director’s Cut in theaters, or all you all Avengered out?

Source: Blastr. Box Office figures courtesy of Box Office Mojo

In Theaters Never: ‘Titanic SUPER 3D’ By Lucas, Abrams, and Bay!

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Over the weekend there was a healthy diet of Titanic due to James Cameron’s 3D re-release, oh and the whole 100th anniversary of the boat vs iceberg battle royale. After already making over a billion the first time around, it looks like a lot of people went to see it again since it clocked in at number 3 at the box office over the weekend.

I was not one of those tricked or dragged into seeing it. I won’t be either.

If there is one thing I have learnt in my many years of being dragged back to the theater to shell out another $15 bucks for a movie I’ve already seen, it’s that you need more than just a crappy flip into 3D to be worth it. Cameron need’s to learn a little from the king of the re-release. George Mutha-effin Lucas. You need to special edition that biatch up, friend!

Luckily YouTuber  gives us the Titanic we want. Hell he even adds in some J.J. Abrams and Micheal Bay for good measure.

Explosions, sea monsters, storm troopers and lens flares abound in Titanic SUPER 3D!

Source: Geek Tyrant

‘Avatar’ News: Cameron and Landau Talk, New Release Date Pending

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With tonight’s release of the 3-D upsell of Titanic, it’s only natural that the two men behind that hit, writer/director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau, be talking a bit more about their next hit, the untitled sequel to Avatar.

While talking to Bleeding Cool’s Brendon Connelly, at an event about the 3-D conversion of Titanic, Cameron and Landau discussed the work being done right now on the film, and the nature of the progress being made to get Avatar 2 to the big screen.

“Most of the work that’s being done right now is foundational,” Cameron said. “It’s rewriting the code and building the software tools, it’s not the creative work with the cast. That doesn’t start until later this year.

“We kind of reinvented the wheel with Avatar,” he continued “Now it’s more refining the process. The story will be completely new and fresh with new characters and environments and creatures, but the actual methodology will be the same.”

Landau added that some of that work has to do specifically with the much-talked about underwater scenes in the next film. “We have already made a commitment that the Avatar sequels will have underwater sequences, inspired as much by time Jim has spent scuba diving as his expedition to the Mariana Trench,” said Landau. “And we’re working on a way to do performance capture underwater right now. We have some really good people working on that. We set the problems, bring in people and say ‘Attack it. Here’s what we want to do, and we believe you can do it,’ and then we just have to get them to believe they can do it too.

You can read more from the pair, including how environmentally friendly the production’s being, and what the future marketing of Avatar might look like by clicking over to Bleeding Cool here.

In other news, following up on recent statements from Landau about how Avatar 2 was at least four years away, the producer is again inferring that the sequel may not make its previously established December 2014 release date.

We’re not really naming dates on that, but I think 2014 will be a tough date for us to make. To us it’s about getting it right. Titanic was supposed to be a summer movie; it was a December movie. The first Avatar was supposed to be 2008; it was 2009. Movies make release dates; release dates don’t make movies. We want to get it right.

We’ve started already. WETA are already working and we have our core team, (animation supervisor) Richie Baneham and (digital effects supervisor) Nolan Murtha, working with us… They are working on environments, they are working on…some of the movie is going to be underwater, how do we do performance capture underwater.

Learn more from the horses mouth in this video from Empire:

Source: /Film

Landau Says ‘Avatar 2′ Isn’t As Close As You Think

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Anxiously awaiting Avatar 2? The holiday season of 2013 can’t come fast enough for you? That’s cool. Would you be interested in waiting until 2016 instead?

According to Bleeding Cool, one of their writers managed to get a few words with Avatar producer Jon Landau at a screening of the 3-D version of Titanic. Apparently, the time line for the Avatar sequels has been increased by three years, and now, perhaps, won’t be seen until 2016 and 2017.

Landau told the writer that the sequels were “four years away.” Now the post on Bleeding Cool concedes that Landau’s statement could mean that we might see an Avatar sequel as early as the Christmas season in 2015, but this is still a far cry from the 2013 and 2014 mark that both Landau and Cameron had previously talked about

So why the long(er) wait? It’s tech driven, says Landau. He promised that the next Avatar movies were going to showcase next generation technology in the 3-D camera system and the CG and performance capture, not to mention a higher framerate.

There’s nothing official about this new release date for the films, but since there’s yet to be any news about a start date or completed script for the Avatar sequels, I think it’s safe to say that seeing Avatar 2 in 2013 is optimistic.

Source: Bleeding Cool

More Bling For Potter

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According to Warner Bros., Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 has reached $1.146 billion at the worldwide box office, which in one fowl swoop makes it both the highest grossing movie of 2011, and third-highest grossing film of all time worldwide behind just Avatar ($2.782 billion) and Titanic ($1.843 billion).

Considering that the movie’s been out for a little over a month, that pile of money is nothing to sneeze at. And consider this: it may only be a matter of time before Deathly Hallows Part 2 beats Titanic. Take that Cameron! Wizard beats boat. (Well, that may be presumptious.)

Anyway, check out what the Warners’ PR peeps have to say about all the money they’re rolling. Too bad this is the last Harry Potter (or at least till they decide to remake it, that is).


Nerd Art: Pimp My Ride Van Edition (Classic Vehicles Turned into Vans)

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Mystery machine cartoon version
So evil is out and about terrorizing the streets of Gotham city and as Batman rounds the corner to save the day in his Batmo…wait the Bat Van?  Imagine how lame it would be if your favorite cars from nerd culture would have been vans.  How utterly laughable and un dramatic would that be?  The unique and distinct design of these vehicles is what makes the scenes they appear in SO classic!  However, artist Brandon Ortwein shows us what it would be like if famous cars like the Batmobile and the DeLorean were vans instead of the badass pieces of machinery we all know and love!  Check out the new versions of these vehicles after the jump!  What do you guys think of these van mobiles?  Personally I think the only acceptable van is the Mystery Machine from Scooby Do!

Source: FlavorWire


College Humor: If The Internet Named Movies

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What ya see above is what if the internet named the Donnie Darko movie and you know what, it works since I have many friends who still has no idea what the movie is about (though, it took me twice). The fine folks over at CollegeHumor has come up and renamed nine movies with titles that pretty much explains the movie. From movies from the late 90’s to some recent films, check after the jump to see if you understand these internet titles of some known flicks.

Source: CollegeHumor