Godzilla is coming back! No not the Americanized version of the legendary radioactive kaiju. The good old fashioned “man in suit” that has been knocking ‘em down in Japan and the US for more than 60 years. Sure, we got a little spoiled with the latest US version of the big guy in Gareth Edwards’ 2014 Godzilla film. However, Toho is also bringing the big gut back to theaters with the latest Godzilla film, Shin Godzilla. This will be the 31st Godzilla film and the 29th under the Toho. This film Godzilla won’t be the traditional “man in suit” but will be done with motion capture. The film was already released in Japan to positive reviews, and it looks like we in America will get to see the film in theaters.


Toho Teases the Original ‘Godzilla’s Return


Every time America tries to co-opt Godzilla for our its own franchise pantheon, Japan always steps up and says, “Not so fast!” Understandable, as Godzilla maybe Japan’s biggest cultural export – literally and figuratively – but with the success of last year’s latest attempt to Americanize Tokyo’s favorite perennial tourist, the originator of the King of the Monsters, Toho Studios, is planning for a Godzilla comeback on the other side of the Pacific Rim. That news was announced earlier this year, but to back that up, Toho has now announced that the new film will have not just one, but two directors! And on top of that, we now have a vaguely evocative image to tease fans the world over. (more…)

Godzilla’s Coming Back! We Mean to Toho!


Godzilla may be a lusted after box office commodity in America, but in Japan he’s a cinematic legend on par with Humphrey Bogart or Charlie Chaplin. It was Japan’s Toho Studios that got the Godzilla ball rolling in 1954, turning what could have been a silly monster movie starring a guy in a suit trampling on cardboard buildings into a frightening parable for Japan’s suffering from nuclear warfare nearly a decade earlier. The metaphor wasn’t lost on anyone, and the Ishirō Honda creation developed a worldwide following that spawned dozens of sequels over the last six decades and at least two American remakes. But after a decade in retirement, the Japanese are looking to put their stamp on the legend once more. In other words, Toho’s back in the Godzilla business. (more…)

New American Godzilla Movie On Its Way

godzillaEditWhen I hear the name Godzilla, I think of this theme while some people will think of this theme and Godzuki (BTW, Minira would kick Godzuki’s ass). News came in that Legendary (300, Batman Begins, Dark Knight), partnered with Warner Bros. and Toho (Godzilla’s JPN Studio) is planning to release a new Godzilla movie in 2012, just two years shy of the 60th anniversary of the King of the Monsters. Not much else is known other than three producers has been announced and they are: Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes, The Departed), Roy Lee (The Ring, Gudge), and Brian Rogers (Lord of the Flies). Also, seems like Legendary is really going to do their best to not produce what was made in 1998 and hopefully they don’t. The last time there was even a Godzilla movie was in 2004, Godzilla: Final Wars (The 50th Anniversary movie), which was a fun movie to watch and hell, there was a scene with Gozilla facing Zilla (Which is the official name of the American Godzilla from 1998) in a very quick battle with Godzilla proving that monsters in suit are superior than CG monsters. Look, I’m up for a new Godzilla movie since it has been a long time but will we finally see a Godzilla movie from American do justice to the franchise with it being close to the 60th anniversary. I really hope so as long as we don’t get another Puff Daddy or P.Diddy or what ever name he goes by now music video.

Source: /Film