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Top 10 Nerdy TV Shows of 2013


It was an exceptional year for TV, and that extended to the types of series that have a unique appeal to the nerdy brood. Some shows got better and some shows did actually lose a bit of quality. Some new shows dazzled out of the gate, and some shows disappointed despite our greatest hopes. But for the discerning viewer there was more to get excited about then there was to watch begrudgingly, and as we look to the year 2014, we are reaffirmed in our faith that there’s never been a better time to be nerdy. Submitted for your approval, the Top 10 Nerdy TV shows of 2013 from Nerd Bastards. (more…)

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We’ve all been there; loving a television show, video or role-playing game, book or comic book series so much that we just want to share the joy we’ve found with others. Often, this leaves us standing on the cliffs edge, possibly even putting our relationships with family and friends in jeopardy. How can you avoid the perils and pitfalls of introducing your friends and family to your fandom? (more…)


Earlier in the week I made a crack about The Venture Bros. having more characters than Game of Thrones. And dammit, they do! They have more characters than any cartoon has right to, but I wouldn’t wish for single one to be cut. The world created by Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer easily rivals the depth and richness of Westeros, except there are no winners and everyone’s an utter failure.

The show’s littered with washed-up heroes, vengeful but incompetent villains, and former child adventurers gone mad. Drawing inspiration from Johnny Quest, comic book superheroes, to any and all 70s pop culture references, The Venture Bros. features a vibrant world with dozens of insanely, colorful characters. Here, I’ve gathered what I consider to be ten of the best “other” characters from the show. Not the boys, or Brock, or The Monarch. Not even Molotov Cocktease or Shore Leave made the list. And not because they aren’t great characters, they’re two of the best, but because I wanted to showcase those one-offs or rarely recurring characters who add that special ingredient to an already robust cast.



Of all the various subjects we like to think we know something about on this site, one I believe we can speak with clear authority about is “Bastards”. I mean, come on–the word itself is in our name! And there’s nowhere that one can find more obvious, clearly defined, and truly repugnant Bastards than in the films of the 1980s.

Movies of this era, for the most part, had a moral clarity to them you simply can’t find anymore: Within about five minutes of viewing you’ll know, without any reservation, who the good guys and bad guys are. Back then, Heroes were Heroes–and Villains were Villains, and there was rarely, if any, ambiguity about who was which.

And if you’ve seen as many ’80s flicks as I have–and have nothing resembling a career or social life to get in the way of such vital research–it won’t be long before you notice certain patterns regarding cinematic “Bastardy” (I hope that’s a word). The zeitgeist of the time period was utterly blatant about setting up certain kinds of people as inherently, irredeemably despicable–and once you catch on to this, you can spot the villains (or at least assholes) in such films unerringly and almost instantly.

Therefore, I have, as a handy reference for the aficionado of ’80s cinema, prepared a list of ten different varieties of characters who seem almost (if not entirely) incapable of decency, kindness, good will, or charity. These individuals are doomed to an existence as soulless blackguards who deserve nothing but scorn and derision–simply because of their careers, social standing, appearance, or familial roles.

(NOTE: Just so we’re on the same page, in no way should this list be taken to suggest that these individuals are morally repugnant outside of the fictional world of cinema–and the societal mores of the 1980s….thank you)



This is an exclusive party we’re having here. Well…it’s exclusive in that it’s only for the several million people who’ve seen The Avengers in the last few days. Now that the flick is out and shattering box office records, we thought we’d take some time to talk about all the little things that make the flick one of the coolest things ever to hit the big screen. In my review of the flick, I noted that Joss Whedon is a master of small moments. There are dozens of them in this movie, but I’ve narrowed it down to my 10 favorites for easy web-digestion (is that a thing?). If you’ve seen the movie, check it out. If not TURN BACK NOW. Seriously, there are MAJOR, MAJOR SPOILERS UP AHEAD!


Contrary to popular belief, the ideas for science fiction stories are not placed randomly into writers’ heads via alien transmissions.  The origins of sci-fi are long, using concepts that go back thousands of years.  It is only during the last 200 years or so that what can be considered “modern” science fiction began to form and take the shape that it has today.

During the 19th century, religion had been mostly replaced with science as the chief explanation for why things in the physical world behave as they do.  Writers everywhere heard the call and used their minds to craft new worlds, inventions and concepts.  Some of these were more successful than others, which gives birth to this list.

From the mountains of conjecture arose many concepts which would go on to form the basis of popular science fiction for more than a hundred years.  Robots, time travel and planetary exploration are just a few of these.  Here are 10 writers of the past (in chronological order) who have impacted the genre so much that they literally formed what the world now thinks of as science fiction.


People seem to have a habit of associating big heads with big intelligence, and the world of comic books is certainly no exception.  While some individual heroes and villains are lucky enough to only have to give up their hair for added brain-power, some of them are stuck with gigantic melons which will forever impair their ability to get a proper date or successfully navigate narrow doorways.  In fact, many of these poor bastards are pretty much nothing but head.

To their credit, however, comic-books would be much less colorful without them poking their giant noses into other people’s affairs.  So, without further ado, here are 10 of the most abnormally immense craniums that writers and artists have blessed the world with throughout the years.


11 Biggest Nerd Gatherings in the World

For the majority of the year, the most serious nerds among us are shut away in dark rooms or basements in front of computer screens and games of Dungeons and Dragons. But every once in a while, the mothership seems to call them all home, at least for the length of a convention or other kind of meet-up. You’ll see Star Wars characters and gamers in a trance, flocking to event sites. Now, we’re not going to delve into the differences between geek and nerd culture. If you want to argue about it, we can probably assume that you fall into one of those two categories and will find a gathering you’ll love below.


The 10 Best Nerd Channels on YouTube

The internet in the recent years has become a social playground for anyone to express themselves. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social interaction sites have led to the great and hilarious memes, photos, and videos that the whole world can share and enjoy.  Ladies and germs, today the wonderful people at Nerdbastards have conducted a search throughout the internet for the top ten nerdiest Youtube channels and it’s just waiting for you to squee in your little nerdy pants! From original musicals about famous films, putting lyrics to classic orchestral/instrumental pieces of music, or giving video game reviews we have the brightest and baddest nerdy channels that will rock your socks off so sit a while and take a gander at what we have in store for you.