Disney FINALLY Working on Animated Flicks for Marvel

- 04-09-12Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

In the nearly three years since Marvel was acquired by the Walt Disney Company, fans everywhere have been wondering when we might see the formidable animation acumen of Disney brought to bear on Marvel’s characters. Well, we may have an answer thanks to the Blue Sky Disney Blog, which reports on developments coming out of Disney and its various projects.

So what’s the news? It has something to do with a top secret project from Winnie The Pooh co-director Don Hall. Watch for the key words below:

“That project, once announced will generate a lot of buzz in certain geek communities, as it’s going to surprise a lot of people for what it is and what it’s not. But it’s in the very early embryonic stage and it depends on how well the project is received upon the presentation that is being prepared for John [Lasster] and Ed [Catmull].

The projects competing for 2014/2015 are the uber-secret film from Don Hall, which will be a marvelously unexpected project if it ever gets the green light, and Nathan Greno and Byron Howard’s films which are deep in development.”

Did you see it? Aside from sequels, Marvel’s been mum on the future of original features based on their characters, so could it be that they’re navigating the various parties involved to get something animated going? Also, there’s a lot of lead time in animation, so maybe it’s just taken this long to get just far enough to tease at a project. What we do know is that the last Marvel Animated project on the books was last year’s Thor: Tales of Asgard, the last in Marvel’s distribution deal with Lionsgate.

So what could this possible “marvelously unexpected project” be? I guess we’ll find out in due course.

Source: Comic Book Movie