Forget about anything from Marvel Studios or involving the Star Wars universe, the real event movie for film buffs this year is the latest movie by Quentin Tarantino. The former video store clerk is now an auteur of such proportion that he’s a one man franchise series event, every movie he makes is an occasion and it seems like The Hateful Eight is going to be no exception. Now, after a very powerful and positive presentation at San Diego Comic Con, those unfortunate enough to not make it to Nerd Mecca this year can get their first look at the movie in a very cool-looking trailer with its beautifully captured snowscapes which will make you feel the chill even if its 100 degrees outside.


The late summer is not particularly well-known as a time to catch quality flicks. Might Hitman: Agent 47 be an exception to that rule? It’s highly doubtful, but still, there remains a chance, however slim, that this might be something you’ll enjoy. Let’s test that, shall we? Below is the final trailer for the new film based on the long-running IO Interactive video game series, and it promises some pretty brutal looking action. Good thing, because that’s pretty much what the video game promises and delivers with every chapter. But will Agent 47 be any good on a creative or narrative level? Who can say? It sure looks awesome though. (more…)


Following on the heels of the billion dollar success of Skyfall is as close to a no-win scenario as Hollywood can get, but can Sam Mendes beat the odds with his second foray in the world of James Bond 007? The answer to that question is teased as a resounding ‘yes,’ in the new trailer of Spectre, the 24th Bond film (the 4th starring Daniel Craig) and the eagerly awaited follow-up to Skyfall. The new trailer reveals more about the mysterious villain played by Christoph Waltz, who may or may actually be the iconic Bond big bad Ernst Blofeld, but he does take responsibility for being the cause of Bond’s pain. What oh what does that mean? And why is Bond going rogue again? Answers (maybe) below…. (more…)


This past weekend at San Diego Comic Con, there was loads of insight into the new seasons of Arrow and The Flashcasting announcements, new costumes, sizzle reels, the works – but the treatment for one show was somewhat lighter by comparison. Sadly, there was no new footage from Legends of Tomorrow, perhaps because the show hasn’t started shooting yet, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity for more promotion. So let’s call this a remix. A very creative re-edit of the history of the DC Comics TV-Universe so far with a bit of that old comic book style thrown in. Green Arrow, the Flash, Atom, Firestorm and the rest of the gang are here to get you caught up on what happens Tomorrow. (more…)


In another example of how what happens in Hall H, doesn’t stay in Hall H, the three-minute reel for the upcoming super-villain team-up Suicide Squad hit the interwebs within minutes – minutes – of it playing before fans in San Diego. Warner Bros. isn’t alone though in being promotional victims of modern tech as Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse, and other high-profile films saw their so-called exclusive clips posted to the internet for all to see, but Warner Bros. is the first studio, however, to concede defeat. After spending the last 48 hours trying to scrub the Squad from the interent, Warner Bros. is posting the trailer in pristine, high-quality video. (more…)


As Comic Con winds down for another year there’s still one or two more goodies left for fans, amongst them the them trailer for Heroes Reborn, the continuation of the NBC series Heroes that premieres later this year. Of course, we’re well aware of the gradual decline of the show from its superior season one heights to its season four doldrums, so the question becomes, can the new limited series version of Heroes get that mojo back? We’re not sure yet, but the trailers so far are making a pretty good case. This new trailer will likely seal the deal further with more than a little Days of Future Past flavor and some hints of a very dangerous new world for the super-powered folks of Heroes. (more…)


Sometimes a spin-off can be just as good as the original, think of The Jeffersons, or Frasier, or Star Trek: The Next Generation. Will Fear the Walking Dead follow suit? We can’t say for certain yet, but it looks like it’s going to put on a good show from the first full-trailer from the series posted below. It bowed at San Diego Comic Con earlier today along with the previously posted trailer for season six of original recipe The Walking Dead. Obviously, both shows have a lot in common, but Fear looks like it’s going to take us all the way back to the beginning, good thing that the end of the world knows no time difference. (more…)


Comic Con has games? Clearly you’re new here, but yes, there is a strong video game presence at San Diego Comic Con, and like all things in movies, comics and TV, SDCC marks a pretty big date on the calender for video game companies looking to get some promo for their new products. To wit, let’s talk LEGO. We all love LEGO, it, and everything about it, is awesome! But are you looking for something new in gaming that can tie together all your favorite licensed LEGO characters, characters created for The LEGO Movie, and Doctor Who? Good news, because here’s the trailer for the new LEGO Dimensions game. (more…)


Attack on Titan may not mean much to North American movie goers or cultural connoisseurs, but it’s a pretty big deal in Japan. It started out as a best-selling manga in 2009, became a much-loved anime series, spawned four different video games, and will soon be a big, live-action movie. So far, our looks at the upcoming film have been light on action, focusing more on the human characters and how they’re reacting to their giant tormentors. What if the effects weren’t up to snuff? What if the Titans looked terrible? Well, lay those worries aside because this new trailer posted blow looks pretty damn good. Attack on Titan may end up being the attack on the senses we’re clamoring for (assuming we se it here in North America). (more…)

minority report

It’s hard to predict, but every so often a TV season will produce a new show that quietly gets noticed during production but then absolutely explodes in popularity once it’s released.  Call me crazy – or perhaps simply precognizant – but I feel like Fox’s Minority Report has an excellent shot at being that kind of “Holy crap, this is awesome and I had no idea” type of show.

I’m not basing this statement off of anything other than pure speculation and gut instinct, of course – but at least now I’ve got some actual footage to back up my claim.  That’s right, Fox has released the first “teaser trailer” for the show, which is set to premiere this Fall and run on Monday nights.