The recent passing of actor/director Richard Attenborough touched on many aspects of his vast career in front of and behind the camera. From roles in The Great Escape, The Flight of the Phoenix and Ten Little Indians to directing gigs like Chaplin, A Chorus Line and his grand slam Oscar-winner Ghandi, Attenborough had a diverse and successful decades-spanning career. Still, he is, and will probably remain, best known for playing John Hammond, the creator of the dinosaur resort island in Jurassic Park. Apropos, Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow revealed a touching and fairly symbolic nod to the actor in the upcoming sequel. (more…)


If you seen the film then you know, X-Men: Days of Future Past was jam-packed with detail, plot and characters, so much so that a lot of stuff noticeably ended up on the cutting room floor. (*cough*Rogue*cough*) All things considered, it’s enough to make a person wonder if there will be a cut longer than the theatrical version’s 131 minute running time, like an extended director’s cut included in this coming fall’s home video release of the movie? The answer is no, but like a famous current Toronto mayor said, we’re asking the question wrong. As revealed today by one of the producers, a separate, extended edition is in the works. (more…)

Is John Boyega Going to Wakanda After Tatooine?


It starts now! Well, not now exactly. But later! San Diego Comic Con launches with preview night tonight, which means the next four days will be non-stop nerd news. Getting an early start on things is British actor John Boyega, whose already won the proverbial acting lottery by getting the lead role in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII. That’s good enough, but is Boyega now preparing to make a lateral move to another Disney-owned property? Perhaps something with “Black” and “Panther” in the title? (more…)


With a total of two unauthorized set photo dumps in the last week, Star Wars Episode VII seems like a leaky row boat. Hey, stuff happens, right? I mean, how many cell phone videos of Batman’s final fight with Bane in The Dark Knight Rises appeared on You Tube while that movie was shooting in Pittsburgh? Well, J.J. Abrams isn’t pleased. The filmmaker behind the upcoming Star Wars sequel posted a picture to Twitter that was a little tongue-in-cheek, but nonetheless reminded fans that the director know for his privacy on-set, would kind of like it back again. (more…)


Hey, here’s a good idea, Larry Fong said this morning. I’m going to practice some of my kick ass card tricks, take a picture with my phone, and post in on my Twitter account. Fair enough, it’s a Tuesday after all and sometimes you have some time to kill. Except Fong is the cinematographer on Man of Steel 2 (AKA: Batman Vs Superman), and everything he says and posts is under the watchful eye of fans worldwide, so when he posted a picture of a playing card stuck in, well, something, the crowd went wild. But relax, it’s exactly the opposite of what you might think it is. (more…)


Last August, when Patton Oswalt took to Twitter to make a point about reactionary observers, I wrote an article lauding the comic for the deft way that he played with the form and those observers. Last Thursday, when Oswalt used the medium to once again to poke fun at the same lot by apologizing for inflammatory tweets that he never actually posted, Daily Dot writer Miles Klee wrote, “Why I Unfollowed Patton Oswalt — and You Should Too”, an article that took Oswalt to task for his “almost pathological need to confuse and belittle that ubiquitous Internet specimen, the Easily Outraged Commenter.”

Later in the article (which was swiftly re-published by, Klee went on to ask,”is there anything remotely amusing about watching a guy using his considerable talents to simultaneously mock the stupid and needle the allegedly ‘humorless” online?'”, and to that I say yes there is, but this is about more than entertainment value. (more…)



2015 will be a busy year for actor/stunt man/mo-cap artist extraordinaire Andy Serkis. Not only has he been confirmed as a cast member of what will likely be the biggest movie of the decade (y’know? This little picture?), but apparently just before that he’ll be mentoring Mark “The Incredible Hulk” Ruffalo in the finer points of motion-capture perfomance for Avengers: Age of Ultron. More after the jumpy-thingy: (more…)


Print is dead, right? Not quite yet. Of course, when people fret over the current state of print, they’re talking about newspapers and periodicals, but comic books are made of paper too, so how is all this “going digital” stuff affecting our four-color heroes and other characters? The short answer is that the situation is fluid, comic books, and comic book stores, are holding their own, but their future isn’t any less secure. So what is a modern comic book store supposed to do? Well, Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn seems to have an idea, and it’s an idea that might have long-term and far-reaching implications… (more…)

Shia La Beouf Retires Over Twitter


That is, Shia LaBeouf retires by means of Twitter–not Shia La Beouf retires BECAUSE of Twitter…

Although, when you consider the things being said about the Transformers franchise star via social media lately, perhaps the latter interpretation is more apt than I thought (more after the jump).  (more…)