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Forget ‘Venom’! Alex Kurtzman Needs his ‘Mummy’


In the divorce between writing partners Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, it seems that while Orci will keep Star Trek, Kurtzman will continue to be a part of the Universal Studios Monsters franchise by doubling down on The Mummy, now not just as its co-screenwriter, but as its director. In what will be his directorial follow-up to the 2012 disappointment People Like Us, Kurtzman takes it on himself to not just relaunch Universal’s Mummy franchise, but to start the ball rolling in realizing a shared universe for Universal’s Monster line-up which includes Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolfman. (more…)

‘Ouija’ Trailer Aims to Freak Your $#!% Out


Universal’s first experience adapting a board game to the big screen was not great. Battleship was savaged by critics and ignored by audiences, and any hope of a franchise went, ahem, down with the ship. But hey, if at first you don’t succeed… Another board game based movie is on the way, but instead of going all action-packed, this one is reaching for the horror side of cinema. Of course, with a game like Ouija, which has a long, complicated history of occult connections, what other genre could you approach that game with other than horror? Comedy? The trailer just released certainly begs to differ. (more…)


If I had a nickel every time someone in Hollywood didn’t do something because of “creative differences”… The latest casualty of the oldest excuse in Tinseltown is The Mummy reboot, the movie that’s supposed to launch a shared-universe kind of franchise featuring the classic Universal Studios monsters. This isn’t the first roadblock hit by the franchise-in-waiting, but it is the latest, and it’s likely to make the launch of the Monster-verse (trademark pending) delayed even further. (more…)


How’s this for a mash-up?

Bill and Ted travel to the land of Oz where they meet Gay Superman, the crew of the USS Enterprise, General Zod, Wreck-It Ralph, Amanda Bynes, and the ghost of  late Glee star Cory Monteith (in the form of a tornado).

This could have been absurdly awesome–instead, the producers decided to go in another direction, and put on a show offensive to every moral, ethical, artistic, and simply HUMAN sensibility imaginable. (more…)


Universal Studios has an incredible catalog of iconic monsters, and that kids is called brand recognition, and in modern Hollywood, brand recognition has zork. It’s kapowza in the bank in other words.

Naturally, Universal wants to be in the business of using its intellectual property to make cash, and they hired Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Sleepy Hollow) to make it happen. And then nothing happened. They hired Len Wiseman (Underworld) to (re)make The Mummy, but that went nowhere, and the reason that maybe the case is because there are bigger plans for these movies afoot. What exactly? Think a giant cohesive movie universe a la Marvel. (more…)


This just in, but 2015 has officially added another high-profile movie to its all ready bursting schedule. Mark your calendars for December 18, 2015 because Warcraft, the movie based on the massive online role-playing game World of Warcraft, will be in theaters that day.

The preceding tweet also confirmed that Universal would be distributing the film under their new arrangement with Legendary Pictures, who are producing the film. Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) is directing.

Comic Book Movie also points out an interesting conundrum, the official scheduling of Warcraft for the 2015 holiday season also calls into question the supposed release date of Star Wars Episode VII, which was rumored to be looking at a similar release date. And with a very full summer schedule, there’s not a lot of room for Wars to maneuver in 2015. 2016 anyone?

More news as it develops.

Source: Comic Book Movie

‘Simpsons’ Springfield Moves to Orlando, Florida

simpsons springfield

Happen to be a fan of the Simpsons?  Well, it looks like you’ll have the chance to wander in a piece of good old Springfield, and pretty soon.  Universal Studios in Orlando has been working on a new themed area based off of the famous cartoon city.  In the vein of their Wizarding World of Harry Potter, visitors will be able to travel the streets of Springfield and partake of its many wonders.

The new Simpsons world will have everything you need, from food to drinks to rides.  The line-up consists of Moe’s Tavern, Lard Lad’s Donuts, Krusty Burgers, The Frying Dutchman, Luigi’s Pizza, Duff Gardens and even The Android’s Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop.  Along with the shops and eats, there will be another Simpsons ride coming to join the one already there.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait too long, as the folks at Universal have said that it will be ready to go sometime this summer.  Just remember, if you happen to be on a ride, don’t drink the water.


Thanks to Topless Robot for the heads-up.


Sequels are a tricky subject in Hollywood. They’re either films everybody wants or nobody needs. It the case of Jurassic Park, however, it’s both. We don’t need another Jurassic Park, especially one being developed 13 years past it’s predecessor, but what JR fans can really say no to more dinosaurs? What can I say “life finds a way”.

So, what the hell hell can we expect from this upcoming 4th installment? We’ve heard nothing but speculation at this point. Jurassic Park alumni Sam Neill, however, may have just dropped a huge bomb. The actor who portrayed Alan Grant in both the first and third installments said in a new interview (via Dominion Post) he doesn’t think he’ll be asked to return because he hears the new film is a reboot. Here’s the excerpt from the interview:

“As well as confirming that he is unlikely to be a part of next year’s Jurassic Park 4 (“I’m told it’s a big reboot, a total re-jig”), Neill confesses he hasn’t seen the new version of the original.”

Does this mean that Jurassic Park 4 won’t be the return to Michael Crichton’s Isla Nublar – the ruins of the former park facility –  and Jeff Goldblum’s chest hair blowing in the wind? Not quite.

This “total re-jig” could simply be director Colin Trevorrow‘s  take on the world already created from the franchise of the trilogy, but with a cast of new characters looking to avoid being dinosaur chow. That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t see a future cameo or co-starring role from Neill and others that have survived previous installments, it just means Universal could be leaning towards the introduction of new blood to a new audience. It’s a smart decision and a good way to start off the process of getting the dinosaurs back into theaters.

What do you think of it all?

Source: /Film


The short answer is maybe. Back in January, Universal Pictures announced that Jurassic Park 4 was moving forward with a 2014 release date, which, working backwards, would mean that the film would have to go into production sometime this summer. But there’s still no word on who might be directing the film, and this even though there’s a “Now Hiring” sign outside the JP4 offices for everything on the side of either cast or crew.

So what’s the skinny? Is there some kind of big secret that prevents Universal from naming a director till they can cash in the news for maximum effect? And it must be a doozy if the studio feels confident enough that it can recruit top talent without naming a director.

According to HitFix‘s Drew McWeeny, those members of the crew hired to help bring this new Jurassic Park to life are being brought on without being told who they’re working for. McWeeney posits that Universal must be in negotiations with someone pretty high-profile to take the director’s chair, and he’s putting his money on Oblivion and TRON Legacy filmmaker Joseph Kosinski. But what if its even bigger than that? What if the big director being negotiated with is none other than Steven Spielberg?

Exhibit A: Spielberg’s always been close to the franchise, pushing for the development of a fourth film he though he stepped away from the director’s role after The Lost World. Exhibit B: Spielberg’s next project Robopocalypse has been delayed till the script issues have been resolved, and the only other project on his radar is the Tintin sequel, which Peter Jackson, not Spielberg, will be directing. It’s possible that Spielberg has the room in his schedule now and willingness to bang out a Jurassic Park sequel.

So when will we know? Well, the 3-D version of Jurassic Park comes out in theaters on April 5, so maybe Universal will time their announcement for maximum impact.

More news as it develops.

Source: Cinema Blend

Rumor has it that Universal Studios is planning a Tolkien Middle-Earth theme park much like the Warner Brothers The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. At this stage the word is that Universal, Warner Brothers and the Tolkien estate are in the beginning stages of talks. /Film reports:

Hypable picked up a post on the Orlando United forum from a reputable user, who claims that Universal Studios asked Warner Bros. to raise the topic with the Tolkien estate.

The Tolkien estate has always carefully guarded the LOTR rights and it is interesting that it is also being reported that the Tolkien estate representatives spoke with J.K. Rowling herself about the Warner Brothers theme park creation and her experiences protecting her vision for the project, and apparently liked what they heard. Universal then got in contact with the Tolkiens to discuss their ideas.

That’s pretty exciting news if accurate. Fans wouldn’t have to travel half way across the world to get that Tolkien itch scratched. What do you think, would a LOTR themed park work? Is it just a much more expensive Medieval Times Diner theater?

Via: /Film