Grand Theft Auto V: An Odyssey Beyond the Playable Area

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gta odysey

I have the heart of an explorer, so every-time I am given free reign within the kingdom of a Grand Theft Auto game, I chase after my elusive prize. My white whale.

They say that she is a myth and a legend. That many men have flown out or sailed out to their death (from boredom) in search of her, but I am un-deterred.

This time, though, something happened on my journey. I cannot be sure if this is a discovery, or some kind of siren’s trick, but I know that I was on a different type of ground than I was on when I began, and that is both thrilling and horrifying.


E3 Trailer Round-Up: ‘Halo 5′, ‘Mad Max’ and ‘Beyond 2 Souls’

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With Sony and Microsoft showing off all-new hardware at E3, there too comes the games.  While Nintendo played it safe with a new Animal Crossing and Super Smash Bros. for their butt system, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 showed off some surprising titles.

Over at Microsoft, 343 Industries debuted a teaser for an all new Halo title. Developed on a new engine, running 60 frames a second, Halo 5 will see Master Chief kick-space butt once more. The trailer didn’t reveal much, just a ton of sand and the Chief in a poncho.  Check it out below:



E3: ‘Star Wars: Battle Front’ Trailer

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The last time we heard anything about the Star Wars gaming franchise it was an uncertain future for several triple-A titles, many of which were in the middle of completion. After LucasArts’ acquisition by the Galactic Empire – I’m sorry, I mean Disney - the company would no longer be making their properties in-house, opening up the market for big name gaming companies to buy up a multi-year license to sell the Star Wars name.

Now, with the first day of the annual E3 convention underway Electronic Arts, who acquired the multi-year license, unveiled what many of us have been waiting for since 2009, Star Wars: Battlefront. Not much is known about the game, but EA was kind enough to tease the fan base with a short trailer. Check it out below.

It looks great and even knowing it’s all a rendered cut scene doesn’t hurt it. It’s a Star Wars game people actually want. Although what will the game include? Seeing as the teaser for Star Wars: Battlefront only gives us so much, but wanting so much more, we did some digging and came up with a possibility.

For starters the title was built using EA’s exclusive Frostbite 3 gaming engine, the same engine used by the company DICE and the very same one that will debut with the release of the upcoming Battlefield 4. If you’ve been paying attention to E3 and the history of the Battlefield franchise, that means highly destructive environments, beautiful graphics and lighting, as well as dynamic gameplay. And if EA is smart they’ll have included the use of lightsabers and force powers because you know somebody is going to play a game as a Jedi or Sith, it’s a given.

A release date and rating is unknown at this time and any other information on Battlefront comes up drier then a moisture farm, but well be sure to keep you updated on more information as it becomes available.

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E3: ‘Metal Gear Solid 5′ Reveal Trailer

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Metal Gear Solid is a long standing video game franchise spanning 20 years and multiple platforms. It’s success is largely due to it’s memorable characters, and it’s rinse-wash-repeat game play. Each iteration is a carbon copy of it’s previous installment; just a different story, and new outlandish/absurd characters. You play as Solid Snake, an elite solider sent on a mission of eliminating all Metal Gear (WMDs) variants. You sneak around (sometimes in box), dispense guards, take out comicbook-esque villains with challenging powers/abilities (most unique part of the game) and eventually fight the big boss (your clone, brother/twin, ex-room mate, or some silly twist of fate). Sounds simplistic when you lay it out like that, but it’s a tried and true formula. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Well, maybe not. Konami is changing shit up…

Konami unveiled a six minute trailer for their upcoming game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Promising ”tactical espionage redefined,” the game boasts an open world take on the franchise, real-time weather, persistent day/night cycle, a ton of vehicles, and “unparalleled strategic freedom.”

Well that sounds fresh, doesn’t it? I’ve always enjoyed Metal Gear, despite it essentially being the same game over and over again. I never thought it was stagnant enough to warrant any radical changes, but I welcome them. It’s a new Metal Gear for a new generation (literally).  Check out the 6 minute preview below, and tell us what you think:

As for the game’s storyline, what we know so far is that it involves rescuing the character Kaz Miller, who originally appeared in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Michael Fassbender’s ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Confirmed for 2015

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Fassbender_Assasssin's Creed

Nearly two years ago, fans of Assassin’s Creed were excited to learn that Ubisoft Entertainment announced a theatrical adaptation of the popular video game series. In that time, we’ve learned English playwright Michael Lesslie is penning the screenplay, and that Michael Fassbender is attached for the lead. He’ll play Desmond Miles, the descendant of a long line of assassins who can relive the memories of his ancestors.

While no director has been hired onto Assassin’s Creed as of yet, a release date has just been announced. 20th Century Fox projects Memorial Day weekend 2015, taking the date of May 22.

So, there you have it fans – an Assassin’s Creed movie in just two years time. How do you feel about that?

Video game adaptation don’t have the best tracked record, but there’s no reason why this film should suck, when the concept and source material is so good. That, and being Ubisoft Entertainment will be heavily involved in in the films development.  This has the potential to be amazing!

Source: /Film

Crowdfund Confidential: Can the ‘The Hit Squad’ Beat Their Fundraising End Boss?

- 03-20-13Film, Interviews Posted by Jason Tabrys


Merging old school, 8-bit video game visuals, synth-pop, and a bit of quirky British humor, Chris Blundell has dedicated 60 hours a week to The Hit Squad, an animated film that tells the story of a reunited 80s band in pursuit of their past glory. Interested? Listen to Chris tell you why you should support his Kickstarter, why re-creating 8-bit animation appealed to him, and why Veronica Mars is not bad for Kickstarter.


Nerd Bastards Reveals ‘Dodgebots’: Internet Gaming for the New Generation

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You may remember a little cross-promotion we did a few months back with our friends over at Will Pwn 4 Food and their awesome in-development debut game called Dodgebots. The one that will let you chose between ‘Free to Play’ and ‘Pay to Play’ modes in a variety of fast-paced 3D arenas for real cash and prizes all from the comfort of your own home.

Well, time flies. The game has now officially launched over at!

Featuring art and design from former Nerd Bastards’ writer Blake Stevenson, a match/game in Dodgebots can last anywhere from several minutes in length to day long tournaments with multiple opponents all looking for that top spot. In an official press release from Will Pwn 4 Food’s Master Chief Executive Officer Ivan Lukianchuk described what gamers can expect from their debut title:

“We wanted a game that was simple and short, but that would provide an adrenaline packed experience that would make your heart pound and your hands shake. We combined the fast action dodging of Unreal Tournament with the insanity and instinct driven nature of sudden death Bomberman matches. What resulted is a game that allows players with the most skills to outlast those who can’t handle the pressure, and reap the resulting rewards.”

Playable across all major browsers with the Unity Webplayer, Dodgebots is one of those flagship titles that draws a player in and continues to bring the good times, much like Goldeneye did in the heyday of Nintendo 64 or Halo 4 currently does with the Xbox 360. A hybrid of our childhood love of robots and our mortal fear of dodge balls, geared towards those looking to get a little more out of their gaming experience in a fun and easy to learn game with tons of play-ability and enjoyment.

These Canucks from Waterloo, Ontario can and should be proud of all their success so far, they have a lot more coming their way.

Be sure to check out the gallery after the jump for what you can personally expect and head over to and register yourself for some robot running, ball dodging action now.

Michael Keaton Joins the Cast of the ‘Need For Speed’ Movie Adaptation

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People love street racing games. They allow us experience all sorts of thrilling, illegal actions, without all the jail time and incidents involving dropped soap. Just look at the Fast and Furious franchise, its on it’s sixth film with nothing more than fast cars and a case of Tokyo drifting. Easy to see why Dreamworks is cashing in on the racing film phenomenon with their adaptation of a Need for Speed.

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the game franchise, Dreamworks and their Need for Speed project have already signed several young up and comers, and now they’ve upped their “game” hiring a Batman…well, our generation’s Bruce Wayne at least.

Veteran actor and two-time Batman Michael Keaton has joined the cast as “the reclusive and eccentric host of an underground supercar race where he invites the best drivers from around the world.”

Essentially he’ll be Bruce if he grew up without the theater incident and kept all the money and power, but it sounds more like a supporting role according to the synopsis from Heat Vision:

The story tells of a local street-racer (Paul) who partners with a rich and arrogant business associate (Cooper), only to find himself framed by his colleague and sent to prison. After his stint in the joint, he joins a New York-to-Los Angeles race to get revenge. But when the ex-partner learns of the scheme, he puts a massive bounty on the racer’s head, forcing him to run a cross-country gauntlet of illegal racers in all manner of supercharged vehicles.

With the backing of a great cast including Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper, as well as Imogen Poots, Rami Malek and actor/musician Kid Cudi in supporting roles, the film has a solid number of notable names. Having Michael will help bridge the youth gap.

Need for Speed is being written by George Gatins, in conjunction with his brother and producer John Gatins, Mark Sourian and executive producer John Brooks Klingenbeck. It will race into theaters on February 7th, 2014.

Source: Screen Rant

Could Sony Unveil the New PlayStation 4 on February 20th?

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Playstation 4

Sony and Microsoft have each been issuing reports teasing at their revealing of a new next-generation console for some time. As their current systems get on in years the possibility (and necessity) of a new system creeps ever closer. Honestly, this is like the cold war of the gaming industry and while Nintendo stands off to the side rehashing the Wii into the Wii U the real big boys of the gaming world have been going toe to toe.

Now it appears as if Sony might be kicking off the next-generation gaming run via a mysterious video. Surfacing online earlier, it may possibly be the beginnings of an announcement about the release of a new Playstation.

Check out the video and read on after the jump.

Universal Hires New Screenwriter for ‘Asteroids’ Revival

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There have been awesome movies based off video and board games over the years, but with the scars of Peter Berg’s Battleship still fresh in our minds the record has kind of slipped. That hasn’t stopped studios from making movies based on games with no adherent plot.

So Universal has decided to beat their dead horse of ideas once again, going back to the well to try and bring early ’80s arcade game Asteroids to the theaters. At one time Roland Emmerich was the potential director with  screenwriters Matt Lopez and Evan Spiliotopoulos set to write. Now Universal has hired Jez Butterworth, the playwright who co-wrote Doug Liman’s Fair Game, to take over where Lopez and Spiliotopoulos left off.

The studio still has nobody announced to direct in place of Emmerich, but what about the story? The game itself was all about shooting floating rocks until they got smaller AND SHOOTING THEM AGAIN! The fact that Universal was able to turn a game about naming coordinates on a board into a “blockbuster” still astounds and frightens me.

Universal should just hire Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck, give the ship a fraking drill and call it a franchise.

Source: Variety