Another Super Bowl has come and gone, and another batch of overly hyped but in the end, disappointing Super Bowl commercials have aired. I’m sure everyone feels this way but I swear the commericials when I was a kid were more memorable. Maybe now we’re all too old and jaded to see the fun in a million dollar advertising campaign.

But out of all the commercials aired this year only one seemed to pander to those of us craving some nerdy nostalgia. It was MetLife‘s commericial starring just about every cartoon idol from our childhood. All coming together to celebrate, uhh, insurance on some grassy hill.

I don’t really get it either. And bringing Voltron and Scooby-Doo into the picture doesn’t get me excited about life insurance.

What did you think of MetLife’s or any of the other Super Bowl commercials? Did you have a favorite?I think I liked the yogurt one with John Stamos getting head butted. I literally lol-ed.

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Attack Of The New Comics Wednesday: 12-07-2011

Finally it’s new Comics Wednesday and its time to dive into a whole new random pile of books and see what we come up with. To be honest, this week came with a few hints about what 2012 will look like, well for one company that is. Yes, we are on the cusp of hitting comic book crossover event season. “Hey, wait… Fear Itself and Flashpoint JUST wrapped up” you might say, but you know how it works. Big guys are warming us up for the next one.

DC looks like they might be going for smaller events at the moment. Crossing over a few books and letting the characters meet each other again for the first time in the DCnU. Don’t fool yourself, There is the mystery purple hoodie lady, there is something brewing. Who is she? How does she fit in? Is this a set up to how the new Multiverse set up since the reset? Personally, I really wish last weeks Tiny Titans was the true canonical answer to who the mystery lady is, but Dan DiDio would never let that happen, would he.

The other guys, Marvel that is, have an event they just dropped some details on, oh we’ve already covered it, but I just wanted to chime in here. Avengers Vs X-Men? Come on. This had better be bigger than that. Back a few weeks, Marvel Point One hinted more than just your typical and done to death hero vs hero slug fest.  Also, what is Wolverine going to do? He’s on both damn teams! Oh the drama. With any luck, when the Phoenix smacks her/itself into the Earth, maybe Marvel will get is own (imo) much needed reboot.

Ok, so what do we have this week? I bite into another one of those books. You know the one everyone is talking about, one that’s winning awards, one that I probably should have picked up long ago. Also, check in with one of DC’s New 52, one I dropped at issue one and never looked back, even though everyone was talking about great it was and probably going to win awards. Speaking of next years event for Marvel, I grab a book that is supposedly made up of the ‘connective tissue of the Marvel Universe’ so, we should have something to talk about beyond Captain America fighting Cyclops, again. The last one? I prove a point about Alex Ross and marketing ploys.

It’s all up after the jump in the fast and dirty reviews.


Must Read Unproduced Sci-Fi/Fantasy Screenplays


In a parallel universe, there are awesome geeky movies that you’d kill, or at least maim, to watch. Sadly, we live in this universe where these films never got made. But if you somehow get your hands on these screenplays you’ll at least be able to get a sense of what we’re missing. Here in no particular order, are the top 10 must reads for any serious movie dork.


I grew up watching Voltron in the 80′s and loved the shit out of it. 5 five space explorers who pilot robotic lions that combine to form Voltron, an invincible guardian sworn to defend the Universe. What’s not to love? Hehe, oh man…I’m getting all nostalgic replaying the theme opener in my head. Anyway, a live-action Voltron flick has been rumored for years. It will eventually happen and it will undoubtedly suck, no 80’s  gold has been served well in the Noughties ( 00’s). However, fan-films are always there to save the day. And here’s a nifty Voltron short film created by YouTube user alexalbrecht00 called Voltron: The End.

Unfortunately, there is no action, nor shots of Voltron in full. It’s just 3 minutes of the dude who plays Detective Lassiter on Psych (Luke FACT: Psych is in my top 5 fav. shows.) regaining consciousness in a Voltron battle lion after an “accident”. He has to decide does he live a few more minutes or try to tell the world what happened… the end is only the beginning. Something like that.

Uh… is it me or did Lassie say “what whores lay ahead?”

There was more drama in this clip than in the last two Transformers films. As someone growing up with Voltron, this was a satisfying cocktease of what could be.

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Sometimes, you just have to say, “Thank you internets for your unhealthy obsession with cats.” (Neatorama)


God Awful Trailer for Nicktoons ‘Voltron Force’

(Special thanks to Nerd Bastard contributor Veronique Medrano for dropping a deuce on this revived Voltron series. Is nothing from the 80’s sacred?)

Nicktoons has released the first promo trailer for its new series titled Voltron Force which will be released June 16. The intro is nice, and some of the graphics are eye-catching, but what the graphics do not make up for the poor quality of the promo as whole.   Those of you interested in what the heck Voltron Force is well it’s as follows: the show is made of 26 episodes that follow five space explorers who pilot robotic lions that combine to form Voltron. This robotic giant is sworn to defend the Universe, and it is stated that the show will remain faithful to the old one while introducing new original characters.

But to be brutally honest, Nicktoons obviously wasted too much money on the promos graphics, and splattered it all over like a stream of vomit from the Exorcist.  After watching well produced shows like Avatar, Jimmy Neutron, The Fairly Oddparents, Spongebob Squarepants,  and many other Nicktoons productions this seems to fall way short from the quality mark. The mixing of animation styles between the robots and the human is atrocious, and by putting quick clips that flash for a couple seconds TWICE seems really damn annoying and doesn’t help develop interest in the show. To make matters worse they have an incredibly horrendous Voltron Rap called Let’s Voltron on their official site.  Warning to anyone interested in seeing or hearing this song may have the urge to gag! The video for the song has a Grandma randomly bopping down the street to this song…puhlease! Mine would find that music annoying real quick.

This show ultimately gets a pre-rating of: Watch at your own risk!

Voltron in Biggest Galactic Fight Yet….Bidding War

Does anyone even want a movie based on Voltron, the early 80’s animated series about 5 robot lions that unite to form a giant space warrior? Especially given that expectation VS. reality hardly ever match up when Hollywood’s involved. You know as with any cartoon property proposed for live-action treatment, that it’s destined to have a farce of a story, crappy acting, be set in America, feature 1 or more bimbo whore in some unnecessary sexy slo-mo scene, have a bunch of explosions and be directed by either Michael Bay or Stephen Sommers. That’s the fate of every beloved child hood cartoon. Voltron and other 80’s animated shows will never be a James Cameron or Christopher Nolan joint. Accept that and more on.

Fore those of you who are clinging on to some remaining bit of false hop, here’s the latest update on Voltron. While our defender of the universe is off fighting some galactic asshole in space, Vulture hears that a bidding war has broken out to finance a Transformers-size blockbuster retelling of the legend of the iconic robotic lions and their human pilots; Ryan Kavanaugh’s deep-pocketed Relativity Media is one of the very interested parties trying to sell itself to World Events Productions, the St. Louis–based company behind the original show.

Voltron has had a hard time making it to the big screen. A film by Mark Gordon (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), with a script by Enzo Marra, was in the works. Marra’s script was described as “a post-apocalyptic tale set in New York City… [in which] five ragtag survivors of an alien attack band together and end up piloting the five lion-shaped robots that combine and form the massive sword-wielding Voltron that helps battle Earth’s invaders.” A property rights battle between World Events Production Company, and Toei Company Ltd. halted it. Meanwhile, Atlas Entertainment producers Charles Roven (The Dark Knight Rises) and Richard Suckle had been developing a script with screenwriters Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (who wrote the upcoming Conan the Barbarian reboot), and concept art had leaked last fall. Although, no updates from them beyond concept art have lead fans to believe the project was in turnaround.

In it all, Relativity Media has been the one point of interest and they’re circling the property again, in hopes their big money will win over World Events Production. At any rate, the interest from Relativity is a good sign that this movie could happen.

No word on when it will be brought to the screen, though 2013 seems to be the target date. Can I go back to fapping now?

source: Vulture

Voltron Being Turned into a Video Game


With the power of 80’s nostalgia by it’s side, not to mention the power of THQ, Voltron will be coming in the form of a video game according to Variety. The franchise originally known to some as Goraion(5 Lions) tugged at the heartstrings of many  children, qhowatched as a giant robot tore various monsters a new lion hole. Rebooted for a spring 2011 release as Voltron Force what a better time to start milking this cash cow then right now. Getting to punch creatures with a hand shaped like a lion’s head, sign me up!

You stuck your tail where?

The mechanical space lions forming Voltron will be part of a “series” of video games, aiming to revitalize the franchise along with new animated TV show, slated to air on Nickelodeon this spring. There is no word yet on a developer, platform or release date it could just mean their blowing exhaust fumes out the ass. Variety says to expect giant robot lions later this fall, but rushing into a game with 7 months of production really isn’t a good idea. Good games take nearly a year to develop just in pre-production alone, if this were to tank then all your gonna be buying is a $60 scooper for the litter box.

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Ten Cartoons Ready for a Reboot


Saturday morning, a bowl of half eaten Captain Crunch cereal, Spiderman footy pajamas, watching cartoons.  Those were the days.  Well . . . really that was last weekend.  HEY!  As long as they keep making Spiderman footy pajamas in my size I’ll keep wearing them.  So the big thing in Hollywood these days is to dig through our past to find small nuggets of goodness to reproduce/repackage/reboot today.  Name recognition in the market is king these days.  If something has fans and at least everybody has some idea what that thing is, then you don’t have to spend as much to market it.

I figure if Hollywood is gonna reboot everything from the past before they take a chance on something new, than I could at least help them out with a list of some cartoons that I think are ready for a reboot.