International Market Will See ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Before the US

- 04-18-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

batman superman

It’s nothing new that movie studios like to release their films early in many of the international markets. In fact, it’s almost a given that those in the UK and other select countries will see the big blockbuster flicks before we do. It looks like Warner Bros./DC is following the trend by reserving an early international release date for their upcoming Batman vs. Superman flick. (more…)

Leaked Poster Reveals ‘Batman versus Superman’ Title

- 04-01-14Comics, Film Posted by Team Bastard

With CinemaCon officially wrapped up there seems to be a few dangling threads. Late last week, twitter was abuzz with the possibility that there might be a few reveals trickling out of Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel sequel; most notably the big reveal on Ben Affleck‘s Batsuit in celebration of DC’s launch of Batman’s 75th anniversary celebration. Those fires were kicked up a notch when Warner CEO Kevin Tsujihara told the New York Times that announcements (note the plural) on a unified DC cinematic universe were imminent.

Well, the weekend has come and gone, and so far we haven’t see any sign of those announcements (save for those Green Lantern rumblings.) But, that might not be entirely true. The folks over at have posted a handful of pictures late last night from what was reported to be the abandoned launch for DC’s foray into the joined comic book universe market.  (more…)

Is DC Fan Casting a Rebooted ‘Green Lantern’?

- 04-01-14Comics, Film, WTF? Posted by JT Stevens

green lantern

With the success of The Lego Movie, Gravity, the buzz surrounding the upcoming Batman & Superman team up film and the news that we will see a new trilogy from the Harry Potter-verse in the future, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara is surely riding high, but he’s not Marvel Studios high, and that may be something that the exec wants to change. (more…)

Harry Potter Spinoff ‘Fantastic Beasts’ to Be a Trio of As of Yet Undefined ‘Megamovies’

- 03-31-14Film Posted by Jacob Knight


No word yet as to how mere “movies” or pint-sized “cinema” feel about their newly discovered, beastly-sounding kin.

News of Fantastic Beasts’ super-sizing was slid into a New York Times profile of Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara.  This expansion should come as a surprise to no one, as nearly every studio has been chasing after a new YA cash-cow following the end of Harry PotterTwilight, and Beautiful Creatures (wait…). Even when the project was first announced, it was being “planned as the first picture in a new film series.” What is a bit of a shock, however, is that new words had to be added to the English vernacular in order to describe such a monolith of motion pictures.


Two New ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Banners Show Off Tatum’s Guns, Kunis’ Love for The Gap

- 03-26-14Film Posted by Jacob Knight


There’s a new Jupiter Ascending trailer hitting today, but until we get our latest glimpse of the Wachowskis’ Cloud Atlas follow-up in motion, we have two “side of a van” worthy character banners to whet our appetite. One has Channing Tatum flashing his beefy tattooed arms, while the other features Mila Kunis looking like she’s waiting to get admitted into a free Ben Kweller show at SXSW.


Andy Serkis Set to Direct the WB Version of ‘Jungle Book’

- 03-21-14Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

Andy Serkis Directing WB Jungle Book

In the case of the dueling Jungle Books, the Warner Bros version has taken another step forward with the hiring of director Andy Serkis. No, there aren’t two Andy Serkises, the director in question is also the man famous for his motion capture performances as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings movies, and the titular character in King Kong. But on The Jungle Book, Serkis will now be calling the shots, filling the director’s chair recently vacated by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Babel, 21 Grams). (more…)

Addicts Rejoice! ‘Minecraft’ Coming to a Movie Theater Near You

- 02-27-14Film, Videogames Posted by Jason McAnelly


It was only a matter of time before it happened, and now it is upon us. The folks at Warner Bros. have decided that, with the success of their Lego movie, there is another building-block property that deserves a chance at the big screen. And that property is none-other-than Minecraft. (more…)

Donal Logue IS the Harvey Bullock ‘Gotham’ Deserves

- 02-12-14Comics, TV Posted by Sarah Moran


Apparently, early February is Gotham casting season. Over the weekend Ben McKenzie was revealed as Jim Gordon, only yesterday four more roles (including Penguin and Alfred) were cast, and today Warner Bros. made it official – Donal Logue IS Harvey Bullock. (more…)

‘Tarzan’ Swinging His 3D Butt Into Theaters in 2016

- 02-11-14Film Posted by Jason McAnelly


Warner Bros. and director David Yates are hard at work putting together a new incarnation of the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs tale of Tarzan. Though it’s still in the very early stages, it looks like they’ve even got a release date all lined up. If you want to see this new jungley action-adventure, look to the year 2016 and the day of July 1st. (more…)

More ‘Gotham’ Casting Announced – Penquin, Alfred, & More!

- 02-11-14Comics, TV Posted by Sarah Moran


Being as the shows are on separate networks let’s not expect CW’s Arrow and FOX‘s Gotham to ever intermingle, but that won’t stop DC and Warner Bros. from continuing to dominate the television superhero gig. Over the weekend it was announced Ben McKenzie snagged the starring role of Jim Gordon for FOX’s new crime drama. Now four more roles have been cast, and some are extremely noteworthy. (more…)