Will ‘Batman v. Superman’ or ‘Star Wars 7′ Get any Love at SDCC 2014?

- 07-08-14Comics, Cool Stuff, Film, Nerd Culture Posted by James Daniels


Short answer? Doesn’t look like it. After years of domination by Marvel where movie news is concerned, SDCC 2013‘s Hall H was utterly conquered by Warner Bros. and their pants-crappingly exciting announcement that not only was a sequel to Man of Steel in the works, said sequel would co-star BATMAN!

It’s now a year later, SDCC 2014 draws nigh, and we know much more about this film, entitled Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice–which is either a hint of the studio’s plans to finally make a Justice League flick, or WB simply hates nerds.

There was chatter recently that SDCC 2014′s Hall H would be the scene of an official announcement that Justice League is indeed happening, as well as rumors that Warner Bros. would have other announcements regarding future DC based films–but apparently, there is no solid evidence that any of this is to be: (more…)

Teaser Look at Harry Potter-verse ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Design and Some Info on the Future of the Franchise

- 07-07-14Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

fantastic beasts header

Fans of the Harry Potter-verse are no doubt pleased to know that the wizardly adventures did not end with the conclusion of the last film. Though Mr. Potter himself will not be back, other spell-slinging heroes and villains shall be appearing in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. Now, we get a little more info on how the project is going with a picture showing a little bit of the creature design and a report on some of the studio details. Scroll on, Potter fans, to get the latest. (more…)

Is Everything We’ve Heard About ‘Batman V Superman’ a Lie?

- 07-05-14Comics, Film Posted by Shawn Schillberg

Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes

If the latest story about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is to be believed, much of the news that’s leaked so far regarding the movie was fake. According to Movieweb.com not only did Warner Bros. commission a fake script from which misleading plot details could be leaked, but they hired none other than Kevin Smith to write it.  (more…)

Warner Pursues Another YA Franchise in ‘The Monstrumologist’

- 06-26-14Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


If you have an idea for a series of books with a supernatural or science fiction theme that might appeal to readers that fall under the category of “young adult”  now’s the time to get published. Laying aside Ruth Graham’s recent Slate piece that says that adult adults should be ashamed to be caught reading YA fiction such as The Hunger Games, Twilight and The Fault in Our Stars, the box office for the film adaptation of Fault proves again that there’s big money, and big crossover appeal, in the young adult side of the book store. So Warner Bros went shopping recently, and they seem to have picked up a new franchise, The Monstrumologist. (more…)

New ‘Stargate’ Film Trilogy will Reboot the Franchise

- 06-26-14Cool Stuff, Film Posted by James Daniels


Back in May, we announced that Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin–in concert with their plans to release two Independence Day sequels–would be remaking their 1994 sci-fi hit (and probably only truly GOOD movie), Stargate. Today we have confirmation that Stargate will indeed be rebooted by its creators–as the trilogy they originally intended it to be.  (more…)

‘Ready Player One’ Adaptation Moving Forward – Zak Penn Re-Writing Script

- 06-24-14Film Posted by Luke Gallagher

ReadyPlayerOne RD 1 finals 2

I don’t read often, but when I do, it’s because of books like Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. RPO is a nerd-tastic novel that will reawaken those nostalgic feelings for 80′s geek culture. Bursting with video game, TV show, and overall pop culture references from that era. Even if you didn’t live through the 80′s and don’t get all the references, it’s a fast paced, exciting read! A fantastic story, filled with gripping twists and turns, fun dialogue, and that one elusive writing quality, originality. Ready Player One is one of my favorite reads of all time! (more…)

Warner Bros Says Live Action ‘Scooby-Doo’ Reboot in the Works

- 06-18-14Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Word around the Internet today is that Warner Bros has a reboot plan for everyone’s favorite crime solving hound Scooby Doo. That means we’ll soon be seeing  whole new gang of pesky teens solving mysteries and unmasking old guys in a new live action movie. (more…)

Warner Bros. Re-ups with Mattel for DC Toys

- 06-12-14Comics, Cool Stuff, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Recently, Nerd Bastards’ own Jason Tabrys discussed whether or not toy tie-ins to blockbuster movies are still relevant. Jason landed somewhere in the middle on whether or not that’s a good or bad thing, but toys and action figures are still a valuable side of the business regardless of what Jason Tabrys thinks. (JK, love that guy!) Anyway, in toy business meets show business news today, Warner Bros has announced that they’ve renewed their 15 year deal Mattel in a new multi-year contract. (more…)

‘The Stand’ Will Be Three Hours Long and R-Rated

- 06-06-14Film Posted by Jacob Knight


Josh Boone is the latest director to try and adapt Stephen King’s 1000+ page apocalyptic epic for the big screen; a project that defeated both Ben Affleck (though you could say Batman stole him away) and Scott Cooper (Crazy HeartOut of the Furnace). Upon first glimpse, the young director is an odd choice, but Boone seems genuinely optimistic that he’s got both the tone and length of the behemoth superflu film nailed down. (more…)

Kevin Smith Says ‘Batman v Superman’ is Setting Up for Massive DC Movie Run

- 05-27-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

batman v superman dawn of justice banner

Though most involved in the production of the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice flick are keeping tight-lipped about what to expect, it always seems as if movie-making geek guru Kevin Smith has some sort of inside track on the entire thing. Thankfully for the fans, he’s not quite as quiet as the rest of them (or is being specifically contracted by the studio to leak selective information?). The latest bit of news to come out of the man’s mouth involves Warner Bros./DC’s plans to turn Batman v Superman into a fully-fledged franchise mega-builder. Read on for the info. (more…)