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As the DC Superhero Girls theme song urges, “Get your cape on!”  Announced earlier this year, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have teamed up with Mattel, Random House Children’s Books, and LEGO to create a whole new universe centered around empowering young girls.  We hadn’t seen or heard very much since that initial announcement, but now, especially with today’s launch of the DC Superhero Girls website, the project seems to be on full-throttle.  According to USA Today, the franchise will be producing “toys, books, graphic novels, digital content, apparel and animation that tap into the current strength of superheroes and female empowerment in pop culture.” (more…)

Is There A New Justice League Cartoon In The Works?


Well, the internet seems to think there is… This morning a picture started making the rounds on Reddit (and we all know that they can’t post something there if it’s not true…) reportedly from an alleged Warner Bros. Animation office of some kind showing what appears to be posters of possible animated productions that the studio may or may not be producing. One of these supposed posters features what could possible be an indication of what could be an all new Justice League cartoon… Begin wild speculation now! (more…)


Despite the fact that this whole DC Extended Universe began with 2013’s Man of Steel, the next phase of a solo Superman adventure seemed oddly an after thought during last year’s announcement of the DC Entertainment film slate through 2020. Sure, Supes is one-half of next year’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and he’ll almost certainly lead the two-part Justice League movie, but Man of Steel 2 or whatever it’s going to be called – well, “limbo” would be a fairly accurate description of its current status. But now we get word that the situation may be simpler, and the news from Warner Bros. is that if you’re holding your breath for the next Superman standalone, you should probably stop. (more…)

George Miller Rumored To Direct ‘Man of Steel 2’


If you thought Batman V Superman was the sequel to Man of Steel, you might be mistaken. There is a rumor going around that a direct sequel to Man of Steel is being added to DC / Warner Bros timeline. Not only that, but Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller is in talks to sit behind the camera. (more…)

‘Logan’s Run’ Reboot Plods Onward

logans run

There are some movies that should just never be remade or rebooted. Each individual has their own opinion concerning which old movie properties are sacred and which ones could do with a modern treatment. But one movie that I think most will agree should be left in its classic incarnation with no updates is Logan’s Run. It’s been nearly 40 years since the first movie graced the big screen and sure the FX might not hold up, but… why? Unfortunately, our questions have no answers, as Simon Kinberg is once again moving forward with the reboot project. Scroll on for all the depressing details. (more…)


It happens every year at SDCC and this year was no different. Studios plan huge Hall H Panels and screen some new trailer or footage. Said Footage is promptly recorded on some crappy cell phone and posted to the Internet. At this point it becomes a crazy game of Wack-A-Mole with studio legal departments firing off Cease & Desist letters and yanking videos of Youtube and other platforms. Eventually, most just say screw it and release the official footage a few days later.

Warner Bros. only waited two hours to post the official Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer after the Hall H Panel ended. That took the wind right out of those bootleg trailer sails as everyone wanted to see the higher quality cut. As of this posting, it has reached and surpassed the 23 million views mark. You’d think the other Warner Bros. productions would follow suit, but you’d be wrong. Sue Kroll, President Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures wasn’t so happy about the Suicide Squad trailer Bootlegs.



In another example of how what happens in Hall H, doesn’t stay in Hall H, the three-minute reel for the upcoming super-villain team-up Suicide Squad hit the interwebs within minutes – minutes – of it playing before fans in San Diego. Warner Bros. isn’t alone though in being promotional victims of modern tech as Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse, and other high-profile films saw their so-called exclusive clips posted to the internet for all to see, but Warner Bros. is the first studio, however, to concede defeat. After spending the last 48 hours trying to scrub the Squad from the interent, Warner Bros. is posting the trailer in pristine, high-quality video. (more…)

SDCC15: ‘Suicide Squad’ Footage Description!


After attendees waited in line for hours and hours (or, in some cases, days and days), the Warner Bros. Pictures panel finally kicked off the Saturday Hall H programming at San Diego Comic-Con.  After so many hours of waiting, was the panel worth it? Oh, you betcha.  Of course, we cannot post a video of the footage (not that you would want to see this awesomeness on a cell phone video), but we can tell you that not only do we know a bit more about Suicide Squad – we are all in. (more…)