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Cartoon Network is bringing back a duo as well-known as Batman and the Joker themselves. Their new quarter hour animated series from Warner Bros. Animation, titled Justice League Action, will feature iconic DC Entertainment characters- two of them being voiced by Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. Hamill will return as The Joker to Conroy’s Batman/Bruce Wayne; a character Conroy hasn’t voiced in an ongoing animated series since 2006 with the end of Justice League Unlimited.  This is Cartoon Network’s first DC Comics-based franchise series to be launched since, and most likely spurred on by, the immensely successful Teen Titans Go! (more…)


The Teen Titans are no strangers to television, but Warner Bros. Home Entertainment‘s next movie, Justice League vs. Team Titans, will be the team’s very first DC Universe original movie series from Warner Bros. and DC Comics!  The story centers around Robin working with the Titans after his destructive behavior badly botches a Justice League mission. Demon villain Trigon possesses the Justice League, forcing the Titans to step it up in an effort to thwart Trigon’s plans of world conquest.  Director Sam Liu and supervising producer James Tucker have stocked the voice cast with some major talent, as you’ll see below.   (more…)

The CW Flirts With Starting Its Own Streaming Service


Popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu may be seeing some competition in the near future.  The CW, the network famous for its DC-related television shows such as Arrow, The Flash, and less recently Smallville may be getting its own stand-alone streaming service quite soon.  With the streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime outputting shows that are both critically and culturally acclaimed, as well as incredibly lucrative, it’s hard not to see the allure in the idea.  Could this be the end of TV as we know it?  Maybe… (more…)


We have come a very long way indeed from George Clooney’s nipples. The first two TV Spots for the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice have just been released and Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader could not be more badass. The second spot consists of already-seen footage of Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor but it’s the first, 31-second tease that’s delighting fans.  Ever wondered what would happen were Batman to slam the Batmobile into Superman? Wonder no more.  (more…)

Ben Mendelsohn

Hype for the upcoming movie Ready Player One isn’t quite buzzing around the internet yet, but give it time. It’s coming. The film is based off of the debut novel of the same name by author Ernest Cline, the rights to which were purchased by Warner Bros. in an intense bidding war a year before the book was even published. Ready Player One will be directed by one of the most acclaimed filmmakers of all time, Steven Spielberg, and will star Olivia Cooke in a lead role. With things quickly falling into place for this movie, the casting search has turned to the villain of the film and led to veteran actor Ben Mendelsohn, who is currently busy filming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


A new synopsis for Zack Snyder‘s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is making the Internet rounds thanks to the UK theater chain VUE. It does seem to clear up any lingering questions about Batman’s thoughts on Superman and his impact on Earth. There’s just three months to go until the March 25th release date and we’re sure to see even more details as that date gets closer. (more…)


It’s still a couple of months until the release of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the all important linchpin to the burgeoning DC Comics Cinematic Universe currently under construction. A key component of that launch is the appearance of Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot, and the internet’s been putting 50/50 odds on whether or not she will be able to stand out as the third leg of DC’s vaunted triad. But ready or not, Gadot is about to stand as Wonder Woman in the character’s first solo feature film. Yup, breaking news today, that after literally decades of development, Wonder Woman is going before the cameras. (more…)


What once seemed to be a pet project of Guillermo del Toro‘s has now become a full blown Warner Bros./DC Entertainment joint, and work on Justice League Dark is persisting despite del Toro bailing for other (greener?) pastures. Uber-producer Scott Rudin is now rallying the cause, and as Warner Bros. struggles to get original recipe Justice League off the ground – part one is due in theaters in 2017 – it seems that Dark is coming along with progress in the casting of this other League. Sources have leaked the names of three potential JL Dark members, as well as some additional casting details that might make you think this is really the League to watch in the coming months. (more…)

First Look: Chris Pine on the Set of ‘Wonder Woman’


While many may have already gotten a glimpse of Gal Gadot in her full Wonder Woman glory, due to ‘Batman v. Superman’, there has been no images of her on-set in the heroine’s stand-alone film; which is currently in production. There is, however, photos of her co-star Chris Pine. Playing the long time man in her life, Steve Trevor, this is the very first look of him on set. The photos also raise questions about the films timeline.

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Considering the content of Warner Bros.’ upcoming Suicide Squad movie and the fact that nearly the entire cast is composed of bad guys with serious mental issues and a penchant for murder, one might think that an R rating would be a given. But that appears to not be the case. The powers-that-be are cutting back enough so that Suicide Squad will make PG-13 and be more accessible to a wider audience. In fact, according to producer Charles Roven, the execs at WB plan on keeping their entire DC Universe within the boundaries of the PG-13. Scroll on to hear what he has to say about ratings as well as how director David Ayer’s passion was instrumental in getting the ball rolling on this project in the first place. (more…)