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Snoop Dogg Is In Your Video Game

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Thanks to this video, I now know what I have to say when I tea bag someone and hopefully you do as well or else deez nuts gonna be all over ya face. IGN created another original with a special guest, Snoop Dogg. The original is basically a what-if Snoop D O Double Gizzle was in every video game. We get to see him in the world of Call of Duty, Halo, God of War, Bioshock, and Super Mario (64 to be exact). The video is short and full of laughable one liners and that’s probably why I enjoyed it. So check the video out if ya want to give yourself a laugh. Now excuse me, I gotta go drink some purple drink.

Snoop Dogg is in Your Videogame – IGN Originals
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What If These Movies Had Their Original Casting


Ever wonder if your favorite movie would have been terrible if they went with the original cast? Or is there an overrated movie that ya thought would be better with a different cast? Over at wildammo, they did the thinking for you as they made many movie posters with the original cast on it so that you could just imagine how it would have been. From the Matrix to Meet the Parents, there are quite the few that may surprise you as there are some movies that would have been different, especially Star Wars. Check after the jump for the poster and start thinking what if. (more…)


Yes that is Luigi, that is Luigi if in todays video game world you were given the option to have your playable character as a female. With games today, especially recent Bioware games (Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 1&2), gamers have the choice of what gender they want to play as. After the jump, you’ll see characters such as Lara Croft, Kratos, Link, etc. in a whole light as in a whole new gender. At least this way, some of ya’ll will now have fantasy with the female Link, I mean come on, who  can resist a sexy elf ear chick in a skirt… maybe I have a problem.