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This coming Monday in a theatre near you, it will be your first chance to see Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, the all-new DC Animated Universe movie, which is based on the Batman TV series that aired on ABC from 1966 to ’68. Getting to hear the voice of Adam West and Burt Ward as the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder again, along with Julie Newmar as Catwoman, will be a treat, but there are more than three reasons to check out the new animated Batman movie when it comes out on DVD and Blu-ray in a couple of weeks.  (more…)


Back in 1989, Paramount Pictures released the fifth movie in the Star Trek film series. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier was even more anticipated than usual for a Star Trek movie, coming hot on the heels of the highly-successful Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, at the time, the most popular and profitable Star Trek film released. Paramount, feeling cocky we assume, let a first time feature director named William Shatner take the helm of the new movie, and the result was, shall we say, disastrous. But several years, and several movies later, Shatner can now talk candidly about his mistakes, and frankly, it was all Paramount’s fault, for letting him spend their money badly. (more…)


Last year, a legend among the acting world and nerd community, Leonard Nimoy, passed on. He was known to most as the actor of near-mythic Star Trek character, Spock. It was a shock to many of his fans, even though he had lived to be a ripe age of 83, and had been quietly suffering from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). As the world grieved, tributes were made, virtual memorials were erected, and many spoke out about what Nimoy, and his most favorite character, meant to them. Most touchingly, his son Adam Nimoy, began work on a film (or rather, shifted the focus of his film a bit, as production had begun before the tragic loss). Now, at SDCC 2016,we get our first real trailer of For The Love Of Spock(more…)

kirk and spock laughing
The two seemed inseparable on screen and in real life. In fact, at one point, William Shatner had referred to Leonard Nimoy as his only real friend in life. However, it seems that their friendship was as vulnerable as any. And in the time leading up to his death, Shatner revealed that Nimoy had stopped speaking to his former captain. The reason will always remain a mystery, though, because Shatner never found out why.



Yeah, you read that right. None other than Captain Kirk himself has signed on to perhaps one of the odder projects he’s been involved with, and in doing so steps into the world of crowd-funded entertainment. Along with genre favourites Morena Baccarin, Ray Wise and Bill Moseley, Malevolent is currently seeking funding for post-production with a release planned for later this year.  (more…)


The original Captain Kirk would like to be beam back into the role that made him famous. William Shatner has stated that he would be open to coming back as an ‘older’ Kirk in some way shape or form. Shatner, 84, recently sat down with the Scott Feinberg and his “Awards Chatter” podcast to shoot the breeze and spill the beans about all things ‘Trek.   (more…)


It is no secret that the previous two Star Trek reboot films have had their share of fan service, to varying degrees of success, but one could argue that the highlight of the films came with the return of Leonard Nimoy’s Spock Prime connecting the two timelines. Since the start of filming of the third movie in the franchise, Star Trek: Beyond, rumors have been floating around that we may get to see William Shatner return to the role that made him famous as Kirk Prime, but now that filming is over, things have been mysteriously quiet. So will we finally get to see Shatner return to Trek? Well, SFX Magazine caught up to the actor to get the final word straight from the horses mouth.


Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo 2015
With summer con season winding down, one of the newer kids on the comic/pop-culture convention scene wrapped up this past weekend. The Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo enjoyed it’s sophomore year by shattering last years attendance by Shatnering those in attendance. You could say the more than 13,000 attendees experienced the Wrath of Con and even Rescue 911 couldn’t save them from getting T.J. Hooked… uh, um, I am trying to say that William Shatner was there through the power of puns because someone told me the kids are really into puns these days, ok?

Anyway, yes Captain Kirk was there and it was as awesome as you’d expect which would then make for a decently successful expo, right? Sure, but Sask Expo 2015 wasn’t satisfied with just being decently successful, it was shooting for a spectacular second year. Did it cross into the final frontier of fantastic? Will I keep ham handedly forcing these Shatner puns?

Let’s find out! (more…)


While there have been other Star Trek cruises in the past, this marks the first officially CBS licensed Star Trek Cruise. Hosting duties for this cruise fell to Star Trek’s first captain, William Shatner. It’s probably better that I am not able to go, I’d be hoping for “Gilligan’s Island 3 Hour Tour” type event that would strand me on an island with Shatner and the other Star Trek hosts where we’d make Bamboo huts, coconut radios, and talk Trek. (more…)

Shatner at STC2015

The Official Star Trek Convention is going on right now in Las Vegas (August 6-9, 2015), and the show always brings out many familiar Trek stars to interact with the fans all weekend.  Saturday afternoon featured the Q&A panel of one of the all-time greats of the “classic” series and films, none other than Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner.  Fans in attendance at the panel got way more than they bargain for, though, as Shatner finally decided to break his silence on why he and fellow Trek star George Takei don’t get along so well.