Daniel Cudmore Won’t Be Returning As Colossus In ‘Deadpool’

- 02-17-15Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


When the FOX Deadpool production team announced the casting of Gina Carano they also revealed that Colossus would be showing up in the movie. That lead many to believe that Daniel Cudmore, who has played the role on the big screen since 2003, would be the one turning all shiny and perhaps punching Deadpool into the next county, but alas it is not to be. (more…)

‘Deadpool’ Looking for More Cast Members After Signing up Gina Carano

- 02-16-15Comics, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Production on Wham! will begin soon, and by Wham! we mean Deadpool. (If you don’t understand the reference, we refer you to this article.) While the leading man of the film has been confirmed for some time, Ryan Ryenolds, the rest of the cast, not to mention the parts that they’re going to play, remains a question mark. Well, sort of. A new casting call reveals, if not the actual identities of the characters then what types of actors they are looking to play them. So who will be joining Deadpool in what’s sure to be a bloody and violent (rating pending) big screen adventure full of meta-commentary and other laughs? (more…)

‘Deadpool’ News: 6 Potential Leading Ladies and 1 Inside Joke

- 02-09-15Comics, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Even though X-Men Origins: Wolverine royally bombed with everyone except maybe Hugh Jackman‘s mom, Ryan Reynolds will reprise the role of the Merc with the Mouth for the upcoming Deadpool solo feature. That part of casting the upcoming X-Men spin-off film was more or less a forgone conclusion, but who might play Deadpool’s leading lady in the film, that is a more complicated question. Sources say that the production has it narrowed down to six potentials, including a couple of choice names that should be very familiar to genre fans. The role the winning actress might play, is unknown, but what is known is the code name for the Deadpool production, so if you’re in the Vancouver area in the next couple of months and want to stalk the cast and crew, the watch word you’ll need to know is… (more…)

Rose Byrne, and Moira MacTaggert, will Return for ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

- 02-02-15Comics, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


The X-Men may be mutants, but they do have a number of human allies, and their biggest one is Moira MacTaggert. Moira has appeared in two of the X-Men movies so far, played by Olivia Williams in X-Men: The Last Stand, and then played by Rose Byrne in X-Men: First Class. Moira had to sit out Days of Future Past, but it’s been revealed that she’ll be back for more mutant adventures in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. In other news, Apocalypse screenwriter Simon Kinberg confirmed that this coming X-Men movie would be the final chapter of the storyline started in First Class, which makes the presence of Moira all the more important, and insightful, as we look towards the next film. (more…)

The RadioBastard Podcast Double Downs’ on the Ghostbusters and the Fabulous Four

- 01-30-15Featured, Nerd Culture Posted by Jeremy R! Hudson

The RadioBastard Podcast

This time on that podcast… Hey, did you know they are rebooting Ghostbusters? Jeremy has a few plumbing related concerns about this. Meanwhile Paul Feig apparently found Jason’s weak spot – current Saturday Night Live comedy genius Kate McKinnon.

Hey, did you know they are rebooting the Fantastic Four? The guys watch the trailer and give a honest to goodness mature review. Not really, but truth be told, Jason seems truly afraid and curious to see if the film’s seemingly antiseptic view of the FF mythos will start a trend.
Hey, did you know there is also some other reboot and non-reboot news this week? (more…)

Fox Confirms The Are Developing A Live-Action ‘X-Men’ TV Show

- 01-27-15Comics, TV Posted by Derek Robertson


We have information regarding the rumors about a live action X-Men TV series that Fox have been toying with. Initially, the problems with Marvel Studios owning the rights to some of the characters had us believing it was what it was: a rumor. As the pragmatics behind putting a show into production based on characters who are tied in a political ‘who-owns-what’ battle seemed like too steep a hill to climb for the network. However, talks have been had from both sides and it is looking slightly more probable now. (more…)

Channing Tatum Confirms Solo ‘Gambit’ Movie In 2016

- 01-06-15Comics, Film Posted by jacqueline dwig

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 11.50.10 PM

Channing Tatum broke the hearts of all the X-Men fangirls (and fanboys too) tonight with a single tweet. The world was just settling down from the first 40 or so times he went out into the world of Hollywood telling us how he wanted to play Gambit. Most fans baulked and laughed it off as celebrity self fan casting; not taking serious for a moment that the Magic Mike star would honestly play everyone’s favorite ragin’ Cajun,  But, in a stroke of glorious fandom, this happened :  (more…)

Looks Like The X-Men May Be Meeting The Fantastic Four

- 12-15-14Comics, Film, WTF? Posted by Rush Urbalejo


It really is incredible just how much information the hackers that hit Sony really gathered.  Some of the information may be old and moot by this point but much of the information stemming from the leaked emails seems to be fairly fresh, which makes this newest tidbit very interesting.  According to The Daily Beast, who claim to have “spent days and days sifting through hundreds of thousands of email correspondences between Sony execs”, it appears that Fox may be planning a huge crossover event that would feature both the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. (more…)

Universal Tell Us All What We Already Know, Monster Movies Have Been Failures

- 11-17-14Comics, Film Posted by Derek Robertson


As it stands, we have Marvel and Disney making lucrative business with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fox have the lucrative X-men to branch out on (recently announced Deadpool movie) and Sony have Spiderman (however, things aren’t looking too hot business wise with that franchise as Venom has been cancelled). So it’s only natural that Universal were planning on expanding their Monster Movie Universe. But here’s the kicker, the past couple of movies have performed rather poorly at the box office. The original monster movies’ are what Universal studios were built on. With the success of movies such as Frankenstein, The Invisiable Man, Dracula and The Mummy that originated from the 1930s, helping Universal become the mammoth studio it is today. However, it seems like Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley has conceded defeat. (more…)

Robocop Scribe Shuffles His Way to Writing ‘Gambit’ Film

- 11-03-14Comics, Film Posted by Jed Harris-Keith


Whatever else you might want to say about actor Channing Tatum, you have to at least give this to him: The man goes after he wants with the vigor and passion of the X-Men’s favorite staff-wielding rapscallion. In his audition for the role of Gambit, card-throwing mutant and unfortunate Cajun stereotype, Tatum came loaded for bear in full costume, determined to snatch the part faster than you can say, “Clear product of the 1990s.” Already confirmed for an appearance as Gambit in X-Men: Apocalypse, Tatum’s dream of a Gambit solo film is moving forward, with more key pieces of the X-puzzle falling into place, including snagging a high-profile writer. (more…)