I guess the shooting of X-Men: Apocalypse are now days of future past. Huh? Okay, so bad puns aside, yes, it seems that shooting on the sixth X-Men movie has officially concluded, and, as per modern tradition, it was announced on social media, specifically director Bryan Singer‘s Instagram account. The final [production] glimpse proves to be just as mysterious and vexing as the previous set pictures, featuring a massive practical set. It looks like the last day of shooting was no simple scene either, but again we ask the question: What is going on? Where are they? Who’s involved? And what does Apocalypse mean for the X-Men series going forward? (more…)


A couple of months ago, Hugh Jackman posted to his Twitter feed an invitation for fans to let him know what they’d like to see in the third Wolverine solo movie. Now chances are that director James Mangold and his team have a pretty firm handle on what they’re going to do for the film, up to and including a rumor that the plot will be taken from the graphic novel Old Man Logan, but still, fan feedback has its benefits. So what did Jackman an the gang gleam from their little social media invite? Well, it seems that fans want the return of Wolverine’s arch-nemesis, which, according to Jackman, is a very real possibility. (more…)


Fantastic Four. Now that I have your unswerving hatred, let’s talk about the future of the franchise. The newly rebooted film by Josh Trank, which came out this weekend with, well, let’s call it a thud, finished third at the box office after being pummeled by negative reviews from critics and comic book fans alike. To them it stank. It stank of missed opportunities, and ideas that weren’t thought through, and a talented quartet of actors that was utterly wasted in a wash of bad effects, bad dialogue, and bad plotting. So now what? Will Fox push though with the Four sequel which has already been scheduled. Answers are below. (more…)

Will a Live-Action X-Men Be Coming to Fox?

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It’s a basic fact of the super hero genre – properties converted from comic books inherently function better when they’re turned into television series rather than movies. Comic books are, after all, episodic in their nature. So 22 episodes worth of story arc is just about right to tell a proper tale. Now, it looks like one franchise that has seen success on the big screen may be making a move to television, for Fox is trying to seal the deal on the rights to make a live-action X-Men series. (more…)

New Singer Instagram Shows ‘Apocalypse’s Hangout


If you have a name like En Sabah Nur, you better believe that your decorating theme will be Egyptian. In the case of X-Men: Apocalypse though it also helps that the titular main villain is from Ancient Egypt. Despite the fact that he survived multiple millennia of history, Apocalypse still likes a little piece of home, even in the 1980s. A new photo from the set of Apocalypse reveals a look at En Sabah Nur’s lair, and from the look of it, it’s no X-Mansion. Of course, the first look at Apocalypse himself was less that seriously received by fans, but all things considered, you’re probably going to like his homebase. (more…)


He’s an advance-planner, that Bryan Singer is.  In addition to currently cultivating the “greater” X-Men universe by directing the last few X-Films, he’s also leading the charge on the forthcoming X-Men: Apocalypse.  It’s been recently rumored that he would also direct Fantastic Four 2, and now comes word that there is a long-term strategy starting to take shape that would allow him to direct an X-Men/FF crossover film.



Way back in 2000, when Bryan Singer‘s first X-Men movie was released, it was a much darker time for comic book movies. No one had faith in the material, and as a result, the super-team looked less like superheroes in the film and more like recruits from The Matrix. The actual comic book X-Men followed suit, ditching their brightly colored costumes for basic black, and only years later did they dress like superheroes again. On film, only X-Men: First Class had the audacity to let the mutants suit up in the traditional yellow and blue uniform, meanwhile, other comic book movies now seem more than happy to embrace those old-fashioned threads from the printed page (Vision from Avengers: Age of Ultron comes to mind). So what’s it going to be, will the characters of X-Men: Apocalypse look like superheroes again, or are they going back to black? (more…)


Chaos! Mayhem! DESTRUCTION! 3 of my favorite movie going words. Sure, it’s nice to see some great character drama too, but nothing beats some good old-fashioned wanton destruction when I want to go shut my mind off at the movies. If this latest teaser from director Bryan Singer is to be believed, X-Men Apocalypse will be serving up a delicious platter of epic destruction when it hits theaters in May of 2016. Enough reading, check this thing out!  (more…)


When we say “first image from Deadpool,” we of course mean the first movie still from the actual film. There have been a lot of Deadpool images released to far, social media leaks for example, not to mention all those jokey shots of Ryan Reynolds‘ Merc with the Mouth lounging on a bear skin rug, taking it easy on the toilet, and, of course, delivering a baby. With San Diego Comic Con coming up though, it’s time that things got official, and along with the above new image, the star and creators of the film are opening up about the experience in a preview of SDCC, and in the process deliver a confirmation that yes, this is a Hard-R superhero flick. (more…)


Everyone knows that old adage, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”  Still, after Hugh Jackman, the one actor who has shown up in every single movie set in the X-Men world, claimed that Wolverine 3 would be his next and last appearance as that awesome Canadian mutant Wolverine, everyone seemed to take this as gospel.  Somehow, everyone managed to forget that Jackman has claimed this same thing in the past, before showing up in X-Men: Days of Future Past, then quickly contradicted himself by claiming that he would play the character until he died, if Fox let him.  If the latest rumors are correct, it appears that Jackman has fooled us all again, as it seems that Wolverine will in fact show up in X-Men: Apocalypse.  Shame on us. (more…)