FX is certainly pulling in some big talent for their new X-Men related television movie Legion with the announcement that the production has cast Dan Stevens (Downtown Abby), Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation), and Jean Smart (Fargo). They join Rachel Keller (Fargo) in a growing cast in writer and producer Noah Hawley‘s new project. What roles will they be playing? (more…)

Hugh Jackman’s Facial Hair Gives Us A Wolverine 3 Update


Where to even begin with the solo Wolverine movies? X-Men Origins: Wolverine was supposed to kick off an origin-based franchise for FOX‘s longest running superhero franchise, but it didn’t quite take (we’re blaming it on the lackluster Deadpool presentation). 2013’s Wolverine was supposed to be the grimmest superhero movie ever, directed by sad-master Daren Aronofsky before it was abandoned and left at James Mangold‘s doorstep, for the director to turn it into a satisfying superhuman action flick.

With the franchise’s troubled history, fans have to wonder: what’s Wolverine 3 going to look like? Will it even come out? Thankfully, Hugh Jackman‘s facial hair is here to set the record straight…      (more…)

Does ‘Deadpool’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?


The post-credits scene or tag has become a staple of the comic book film since Nick Fury appeared at the very end of the first Iron Man to tell Tony Stark about a little thing called “the Avengers Initiative.” What began as a way to outwit fans who were expecting a Samuel L. Jackson cameo after it leaked in advance of Iron Man’s release has become a signature of Marvel Studios films, but not necessarily for films merely made in association with Marvel, like the X-Men films at 20th Century Fox. Having said that, with audiences now getting pre-release screenings of Deadpool, we now must ask the question: is there a post-credits scene at the end of Deadpool? (more…)

‘Gambit’ Finally Set to Begin Filming


It appears as though fans of the X-Men character Gambit can finally have some solid expectations for a Gambit solo film. Again. Gambit is one of the more interesting members of the X-Men and many a fan favorite, with his Cajun heritage and past as a thief. After the success of the first X-Men movie in 2000 (which helped to usher in the modern age of superhero movies) many fans have been waiting for a great live action version of Remy LeBeau. Sixteen years, one terrible version, and coming up on nine movies later, fans are still waiting. After many stalled starts and cast and crew uncertainty, the movie is finally set to start filming with star Channing Tatum.


New X-Men TV Show Has Found Its Lead Actress


A live action X-Men TV show!?! What!?! Yes, it’s true! A few months ago FX placed an order for a pilot episode of a show called Legion, which is to be based on one of the more interesting and eccentric characters in the X-Men universe. Ever since then, fans have been waiting for more details about the show and today finally brings some. Marvel TV and FX have announced the casting of Rachel Keller as the lead actress for the show. No additional casting information is known at this time, including who will play the titular character of Legion, but the casting of such a strong, new actress will be exciting for many, especially fans of Fargo where Keller was a breakout star of the second season.



When Deadpool opens in less than two months, it will be the first time in 15 years that 20th Century Fox has tried to diversify its big screen mutant universe by making a movie featuring a non-X-Men character. It’s success will determine whether or not Fox can engage a wide-variety of Marvel mutant-based pictures, including, not-coincidentally, X-Force, for whom Deadpool has been both antagonist and ally. We don’t often hear a lot about that X-Force movie that’s in development, but now a piece of concept art has floated to the surface of the internet as if to say, “Yes, this is still a thing.” So are we looking at the line-up of the movie X-Force here? (more…)


The Gambit troubles continue unabated. Yes, 20th Century Fox seems dedicated to making a movie about the X-Men‘s Ragin’ Cajun, they have a very well-known and photogenic actor lined up to play the part in the form of Channing Tatum, and they even have a release date set for the movie almost one year from today. So why, oh why doesn’t anyone seem to want to direct Gambit? Well, perhaps those woes are wearing off. A front-runner has emerged in the Gambit directorial sweepstakes, and it’s a name not unfamiliar to those that enjoy fine genre entertainment, Doug Liman. Is Fox going to rely on the guy that launched The Bourne Identity to launch Gambit? (more…)

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Time to feed the rumor mill!   Le Journal de Montréal has reported that X-Men: Apocalypse is currently undergoing re-shoots. Hold your speculations now, that isn’t the rumor fodder. The re-shoots aren’t to patch together a failing film, or a sign that things aren’t going as smoothly as planned; they’re to introduce a new character into the mix. Now is when you can don your speculation caps, as you chew on this little morsel: the re-shoots are being done to incorporate Hugh Jackman. (more…)