And the greatest video game of all time is… Abobo’s Big Adventure (aka Abobo Vs. The NES Universe)

Abobo, the big bald thug from Double Dragon (the video game and very regrettable live- action film) is one of those classic 8-bit goons that time forgot, but here is….fucking up a horde of thugs from Kung-Fu Master, the old man from Legend of Zelda and Death from Castlevania, among hundreds of other NES characters. Yes, this is a real game! It’s coming, for free, from our new favorite friends at I-Mockery.com

Watch the head exploding, jizz inducing, rock your socks off trailer below:

It’s shit like this that keeps my faith in humanity. Seriously, fuck Arkham City, GW3, COD:MW3, Skyrim – Abobo’s Big Adventure is the most EPIC WIN in gaming history! Prepare for the power of Abobo!

Zelda Rap – “I’m Questing”

The Legend of Zelda rap – “I’m Questing” goes for the gangsta. I’m not a big rap fan because most of the time I can’t make out what they are saying. Yeah, I’m old. This video was nicely done though, the costumes, music and lyrics meld nicely and I quickly found myself nodding to the beat.

I’ll have to depend on you hard core Zelda fans though for the franchise specifics. What about it, did they live up to the Zelda hype?


Have You Seen These ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Fatalities?

Nothing is better then firing up the Nintendo Wii and beating your friends senseless with animated violence. No game did that better then Super Smash Bros. Brawl, right?

Wrong suckers!

The game was fun for it’s time, but what the game really needed wzs a set of blood spurting Mortal Kombat style fatalities, to own your friends with. Fatalites would have made the experience so much better. Maybe then people older than 12 would play it more than once. Come on, what would you give to have a fatality that makes your opponent shit blood. That’s makes a game truly worth playing.

Via: Topless Robot

Check out the new trailer for Zelda: Skyward Sword, which was released at the San Diego Comic Con 2011! For the most part, it’s nothing new from what was shown a few months ago at E3… or even from the other Zelda games if you’re really honest with yourself. We do get to see encounters with some of the bosses as well as a goron, though. The general reaction seems to be rather lukewarm with a number of complaints about the graphics.

Take a look for yourselves and see what you think!

Source: Geek Tyrant

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Mmm, dude I love pickles. Wait, they’re really what? Barf. (Imgur)


If you play Minecraft and thought it couldn’t get any better than what it already was, than guess again.  Minecraft user Mike520 (insert “herbal” cigarette joke here) has created  a playable Zelda adventure in the world of Minecraft. The game which is titled, “Zelda Adventure” is 10 + hours  worth of gameplay that features 8 dungeons, 20 different functional weapons , cinematic cut scenes, shops, collectables, secret areas and much more. The promo video gives us a detailed and awe inspiring look at the beauty of this well-defined Zelda world.

Check out the video promo below, and tell us what you think about Zelda invading the Minecraft universe.

What do you do when you and your best friend are both seeing someone at the same time?

That’s easy, you compare notes!

I don’t care if you’re a nobody or a somebody, everyone does it, even celebrities and pop culture icons. And, if video games were real, so would video game characters.

College Humor decided to take this concept to heart with some videos chronicling BFF’s Peach (from the Mario games) and Zelda (from the Legend of Zelda games), and the results are pretty friggin hilarious.

Everything mean you could imagine being said about the fat plumber or the fairy boy gets thrown into the mix, thanks to the video embedded below. Enjoy!

The Amazing BrandO: New A** Kickin’ Zelda Theme!

With the stress of finals, and summer within reach I’m sure your patience is slowly wearing thin. Well, the prescription to this feeling of impatience is The Amazing BrandO, and his catchy head banging tunes will have you release all that pent up frustration in just one listen. (If not well, sorry but it’s Youtube, and you won’t get your money or soul back!)

Now, I have seen some of The Amazing BrandO’s other material and this by all means is on my list of favorites such as: One Winged Angel (Demo) Canción de las Tormentas (with epic guitar action), and Castlevania III: Dracula’sCurse. This second episode of Zelda 3 really compliments BrandO’s witty writing skills, and is something that you should really take the time to listen to. The lyrics to this song, and his interaction with Zelda make this a song that could easily replace Joe Pleiman’s Legend of Zelda song, and be the new Zelda Theme Song! This song is vulgar, catchy, and just what a person needs to hear when they need that extra boost while kickin’ a**.  But here’s a quick warning, this video is swimming in profanity so watch at an appropriate place, and turn up those speakers or headphones. You’ll thank me for it later! If you like what you hear, make sure to keep up with The Amazing Brando’s Zelda series on Youtube, and check out his other works on his personal website.

source: toplessrobot


Call me easily amused but I’m clapping my hands like the mentally challenged (is that what you call em’ these days?) at this DIY Zelda Treasure Chest w/ sound effects. DO WANT! You can put your weed in there, man! Also porn, lots and lots of porn. With the “duh-duh-DUH-DUH!” sound upon opening it be like Christmas every time. Squeee!

I’d never be able to make it myself. I’d somehow wind up super gluing my face to my genitals. Course, I don’t really need to bend that far for that to happen…if you know what I mean. Anyway, hit the jump for instructions and a list of supplies.

Source: Geekologie Via Instructables


Peach and Zelda Catch Up


Princess Talk, It’s the Devil

Every video game princess gets captured once and awhile, only to be saved by their significant other by the end of the game. After countless times of getting kidnapped Princess Peach and Princess Zelda just like to sit back and chat about what happens in their castle. You don’t realize what you have in common with your fellow woman until you sit down, drink some potion and talk. Just what do these ladies of the Nintendo universe talk about though? Thanks to the comedy site College Humor, we get a special glimpse into a conversation meant only those that wear more bling than Mr.T.

Curious about princess talk? Check Out The Vid Below:

Ain’t that about a bitch. You spend 15+ hours heading from castle to castle and she enjoys getting captured. Next time your virtual lady heads out, watch what she holding caring in her purse. If it’s nothing but massage oil you might as well leave her, take all your rupees and get a new princess.
Via: College Humor