November 23rd is less than two weeks away, and in these 11 days leading to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary we here at Nerd Bastard’s want to share with you a few of our favorite Whovian things. Mashups have reached new heights of popularity thanks to the internet acting as a veritable melting pot of pop culture. Nothing can escape it, not even Doctor Who. Here to celebrate being only Sylvestory McCoy–er seven days away from the premiere of “The Day of the Doctor” are seven of our favorite Who mashups.


1) At the top of this article I zoomed in on Jasmine dressed as the Seventh Doctor because, duh, we’re on the seventh day of our countdown. To fully enjoy Amy Mebberson‘s delightful Disney Princesses/Doctor Who mashup click the image. She’s nailed which Princess would cosplay as which Doctor. Ariel as Ten? Definitely. Merida, with that hair? She’s got to be Six. And with Rapunzel’s hair, who else could she be but Four? Which is your favorite Disney Princess and Doctor? Are they paired accordingly?

For more from Amy do check out her website, deviantArt, Tumblr, and don’t forget her separate Tumblr featuring the adventure of the Pocket Princesses!


2) While we’re on the topic of Disney Princesses, Karen Hallion has a different sort of Doctor Who mashup in mind. She’s cleverly placed the TARDIS within famous Disney scenes, like above where instead of her Prince, Aurora’s animal friends are impersonating the Tenth Doctor. Karen has the TARDIS crop up on Ariel, Belle, Alice, and more!

For more from Karen check our her Tumblr, deviantArt, Etsy, Red Bubble, and Society 6 stores (where many of these Disney/Doctor Who mashups are available as prints, t-shirts, etc.).


3) Can’t have a list of mashups and not include an Adventure Time one, right? Unlike others that typically feature a Doctor and Companion in the style of Pendleton Ward’s hit cartoon, this one stands out to me because it features Finn as every incarnation of The Doctor. I think Finn would be a big fan of The Doctor, but I’m not sure which would be his favorite? The Third Doctor was kind of an action hero, and perhaps that’s why Finn’s got such a wistful look on his face there. As for what face he’s making as the Fourth Doctor? You got me there.

I was unable to find an artist for this one, but it’s available on a tee from Busted Tees, and the original idea is credited to comedian Giancarlo Molina.


4) Considering Steven Moffat is in charge of both programs fans would love nothing more than to see the TARDIS parked in front of 221B Baker Street. Sadly, that ain’t ever going to happen, according to The Moff. But this hasn’t stopped fans from imagining what a meeting would look like. For instance, this hilarious concept above of Sherlock holding an argument with a Dalek. Honestly not sure who’d win that one…

Created by oooyooo make sure to follow her Tumblr for more of her cheeky creations.


5) It’s the image that launched a thousand mashups. Right around the time Doctor Who really began growing in popularity is when I first saw this funny image of the Delorean, of Back to the Future fame, crashed into the TARDIS. It was originally a Threadless design, but sadly it doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Again, it launched a bazillion parodies, so it’s likely you can find some iteration of this design out there on the interwebz.


6) Who better to bring all of The Doctor’s most fearsome enemies together than the Peanuts gang? Larry Wentzel is responsible for this gem as well as a few other darling Peanuts/Doctor Who mashups which have been collected at Kuriositas.

For more of Larry’s art and photography make sure you check out his Flickr.


7) Lastly here’s a mashup that’s actually official! Or, at least it was made official by the IDW crossover comic, Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation (comixology link for ya right here). This beauty, though, originally appeared in Wired Magazine (2011) and was drawn by Mike Mayhew and colored by Rain Beredo. How long do you imagine it took Kirk to hit on Amy? Or did Amy make the first move?

For more from Mike check out his website and deviantArt; for more from Rain here’s his deviantArt.

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