’12 Monkeys’ Getting It’s Own TV Show?


They only thing I remember from the 1995 movie 12 Monkeys was that it starred Bruce Willis and young Brad Pitts bare ass. Oh, and there was something to do about time travel, and monkeys, defiantly monkeys. I certainly don’t recall watching it thinking “oh, this would make an excellent TV show”. Apparently, though, someone at SyFY thought so, because, a 12 Monkeys TV show is happening.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Feature film producers Chuck Roven and Richard Suckle from Atlas Entertainment — one of the production companies on board the Universal film — submitted the pitch, which is being eyed as a 90-minute backdoor pilot that would eventually lead to a straight-to-series order in a fashion similar to Syfy’s Battlestar GalacticaTerry Matalas (Nikita, Terra Nova, Star Trek: Enterprise) and Travis Fickett (Nikita, Terra Nova) will pen the script, with 24‘s Jon Cassar on board to direct.

Mehehe, they said “backdoor”. Juvenile humor is all I can come up with on this one. I vaguely remember this movie and really have no opinion. From what I recollect, 12 Monkeys was kind of a complete movie to me. It was all about peeling back the mystery of how the super-plague actually got spread, with some wacky time travel thrown in… and Brad Pitts bare ass. I’m not really sure how they can go any further with the story and stretch it out for a full series. From what I hear, SYFY isn’t sure either. ”We have a great pilot, we’re now flushing out what the rest of the series might be,” said Syfy president of original programming Mark Stern.

I guess anything can be adapted, just as long as it tries to be it’s own series and not just a rehash from the plot of the movie. Regardless, what an odd choice to make into a television series!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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