How Should ‘Batman Begins’ Have Ended?


Movie fans may (and should) already know about the hilarious series of YouTube videos, called How It Should Have Ended. Well, while they’ve done a video for both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, we were never treated to how Batman Begins should have ended… until now!

It just wouldn’t be a How It Should Have Ended video without a few “Because I’m Batman!”s, and the good people over at HISHE don’t disappoint. If you’ve ever seen a HISHE video, you know the general idea, but if you haven’t, here’s the gist; exploit the huge plot holes that just about every movie has, and turn them into how movies would have ended in the real world. While this clip sort of breaks that formula, only giving one ending, there are tons of goodies that fans of the series will be able to enjoy; namely, Rachel’s talk of Bruce’s “mask”.

Be sure to check out our other How It Should Have Ended videos, and let us know how you think it should have ended!



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