Ms. Marvel aka Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers is an uber badass in the Marvel Comics continuum. And female fans have been dying to see her on screen because it’s awesome when someone who “looks like you” is a superhero. She’s just a powerhouse of cool and gets respect for it, making her a prime character for male fans to want to see also. In the comics and cartoons, her background is tightly connected to the space traveling history of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy.’ So much so that most of us expected her to be introduced in the well-received summer blockbuster. But she wasn’t, leaving the thirsty still parched, with empty cups outstretched in anticipation. With the announcement of ‘GOTG2,’ there was hope for another chance at her debut. And director James Gunn recently addressed that very topic.


With the success of his incredible Marvel space fable, James Gunn is sitting pretty like somebody just named him Joss Whedon Jr. He sat on a panel at Atlanta’s Dragon Con talking about ‘Guardians’ like everybody else. In his view, Star Lord being the only human showcased in that saga suits him just fine, and he’d like to keep it that way. That kind of shuts out Carol Danvers from appearing in the sequel. But, according to Gunn, geeks should cool their heels because she’s slated to make some kind of entrance “sooner than later.” Lots of bets are on ‘Avengers 2’ for a cameo, or Part 3, which is years down the line. But one thing he stressed was that his film very deftly showed us some killer female characters, and that’s not to be ignored. Ms. Marvel is great and all that, but don’t do that whole “bird in the hand” thing and miss out on something kickass sitting right before your eyes. The characters of Gamora and Nebula were not to be trifled with, and he teased the idea that there will be more awesome ladies on the way. So here’s a Ms. Marvel cartoon clip show to tide you over.

I’m done with this Ms. Marvel thing. If she shows, she shows. I hate being teased, that’s why I don’t spend any time in strip clubs. I’m supposed to pay you money so that you can just gyrate around? Please! I’m no John D. Rockefeller, honey – and you are no Nathalie Emmanuel! Besides, Kevin Feige already told us to shut up about asking for the characters we want because Marvel has a plan and they’re sticking to it.

On that note, here’s a particularly awkward video of James Gunn directing cosplayers in a baby-Groot dance at Dragon Con. I’d say “enjoy” but it’s too weird for that.

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