Login Page, Username, Password and Wireless settings

The IP address is used in various ways and mainly used to login to the router and to enter username and password. The is a private IP address that is mostly used in the Linksys router.

Each of the networking devices consists of its own unique IP address. Moreover, the public IP address is always used on the website and this is the default IP address for Linksys routers or modems.

If your router is newer, then the default IP address provided will be same, but if it is not a new device then the IP address will be different if you change. In case, if you want to reset all the settings, click on the reset button on your router.

The and IP addresses are generally referred to as host addresses and most of the companies use these IP addresses as a default IP address to access the internet.

In order to do any setting on your router, you have to login to your router by using IP address. Enter this default IP address in the address bar on the browser and go to the router login page.

In the login page, you have to enter your default username and password (which will be provided in the router manual). You check the login details that are furnished on the back side of the router. Login Page, Username, Password

It is very important to change the router username and password after buying it. The router comes with default username and password, you can change the details by login to the router network.

If you use the default username and password of your router, it may have higher chances of leaking your password. Because the default password is very easy to hack.

So that is why it is necessary to change the new router default login details as soon as possible. If you change your username and password, no one can able to use your network and it will be secured after changing the password.

In case, if you want to reset or remove the settings, press on the reset button on the router. The internet setup process is very easy and simple on the router.

The default username and password for general IP address routers are:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin


  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

You require ISP (Internet Service Provider) details in order to set up the internet connection through a router. The ISP details provide you all necessary information to access the internet. It is recommended to use Wizard tool instead of dial-up connection in order to get a quick internet connection.

If you are an expert, you can setup the internet connection in the router manually without any technical help. In the router control center, there are various types of settings are available for the security of a WiFi connection. One has to remember to change the SSID network name without missing.

It is an important thing to do and also helps in identifying the network. For the security purpose, you have to give the unique SSID name so that other people can’t identify your internet connection password. Always hide the SSID network name for the WiFi connection remains safe.

How to find a router IP address

  • If you want to set up a new router details or configure the network, you must and should have a router IP address.
  • With that IP address, just login to the router to change the settings.
  • Find out the router IP address and then make the login process.
  • The some of the default IP addresses are, or

How to change router IP address password

  • If you want to change your router password, first of all, you have to visit the router access page.
  • Now, go to the advanced settings section.
  • And then click on the Router Admin option.
  • Now you can find the change password option.
  • First, enter old password and next enter your new password. Re-enter the password to confirm it.
  • After entering the password, click on the save button.
  • That’s it. You successfully changed the router IP address password.

Some of the Router IP Address, Username and Password (Default)

Router Manufacturer IP address User Name Password
admin admin/password
Cisco admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
Netgear admin admin
Netgear admin password
admin admin
(none) MiniAP
Billion admin admin


Final verdict

So guys, this is the complete information regarding 192.168.l.l Login Page, Username, Password and Wireless settings. It is always recommended to change the password as soon as possible after getting the new router. If you have any queries, just drop them in the comment box below.