I have to admit, I am not the biggest Superman fan. I always thought he was too infallible to be interesting. That, and I’ve found his moral resolve of truth, justice and the American way to be off putting. I know that’s the whole basis of Superman, and I’m just an idiot. You have to admit, though,  it is a tad insulting that an alien from another word has to remind how to be human.  Yes, no? OK, I’m just a moron then. With all that said, I’m super pumped for Man of Steel.

God damn, this movie looks good. The latest trailers have shown style, action, a superb cast and adrenaline inducing scores. Judging from what I’ve seen, this latest take on Superman looks to explore the pathos of character in a way we’ve never really seen. Maybe I just have a man crush on Henry Cavill, but Supes looks interesting; powerful, yet equally vulnerable. The other thing that excites me, is that we finally have an action heavy Superman flick. We got Supes flying and bashing shit up all over the place. It’s good to see him fight something other than a falling plane (ala Superman Man Returns)


Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have released two new character banners for Man of Steel. One featuring Superman the other featuring Zod. We’ve also got a new behind the scenes featurette for you to check out from Walmart. The behind-the-scenes video includes a bit of new footage from the movie along with Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, Amy Adams, Zack Snyder and more talking about the film.



Man of Steel comes flying into theaters on June 14th!

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