Countdown to the Half-Blood Prince…


One week from now is the release of the much anticipated Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Actually, 155.5 hours from now.  Yeah, I’m excited.

I am, however, left with some lingering questions.  Will die-hard fans be appeased with this sixth installment?  With such dark imagery including the death of some major players, and Hermoine’s (finally!) matured figure, why did this film get a PG rating?  How long will I have to wait in line at AMC?  Will my popcorn be sufficiently buttered?!  Will they let me mix the blue raspberry and cherry ICEES?!?!  HOW MUCH WOOD WOULD A WOODCHUCK CHUCK IF A WOODCHUCK COULD CHUCK WOOD?!?!?!

Emma Watson - Sean Cook Photoshoot (Daily Mail) - x20 HQ

It’s alright.  She’s legal.  Somebody should tell her that celebrities shouldn’t wear see-through undies.  Or not.


Many theatres are already sold out of some midnight showings, so buy your tickets now!

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