This may or may not be the greatest Resident Evil shirt ever photo
This shirt will attract the ladies and fend off zombies. OK, maybe walking around with your gut uncovered and bearing a zombie face isn’t a turn on (for most ladies) but the latter part is true. I’ve seen enough zombie movies to know that the walking dead will not try to eat your brains if it thinks your one of them. In the event of a zombie Apocalypse just don this shirt, flip it over your head and voila, instant Zombie. Warning: For some reason, the impersonating a zombie technique only works when your dealing with a few zombies. If you come across a horde, you need to run! (be sure to flip shirt down)
Zombie joking aside this is a really neat shirt, it’s so damn clever. Where can you get it? Well unfortunatly its a Comic Con exclusive. Capcom will be giving them a way at their booth to promote Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. If you are attending and are a fan of nerdbastards then please send us one. We promise to do a lot of interesting things with it. By interesting things I mean getting a girl to wear it and then take lots of pictures.
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