Harry Potter and the Half-Asleep Prince

WARNING: This is not a review.  It’s more of a rant.

I’m not saying this film was bad.  It was actually a beautiful film… but it wasn’t the best.

I showed up to the much-anticipated midnight showing after working a 12 hour shift.  I was beat like a wife.  As expected, many people were dressed up in capes and/or bearing the Griffindor crest.  I even saw a pretty convincing Bellatrix or two.  Because I didn’t take my own advice and waited so long to get tickets, I was stuck in one of the tiny theatres way in the back of the building.  It was not at all the grand spectacle that you expect from a midnight showing.  So we arrive about an hour early to ensure decent seating, and my poor boyfriend spent most of that time in the concession line.  Sucker.

The film itself was very slow-moving and dreamy.  Everything seemed to have a blue haze and buildings and people seemed to glow.  The dialogue was a tad painful, and the budding romances seemed a little on the “acted” side… but the effects were amazing as usual.  Sadly, the hotter Hermoine gets, the uglier Draco gets.  I mean WOOF.  I was a little disappointed with the ending of the film, but by that time I had already fallen asleep for about three 5-minute stretches, and I was glad to be going home.  Now let me explain: I may have been tired, but movie theatres are NOT my favorite place.  They are cold and loud, and if I’m uncomfortable, I typically cannot fall asleep.  Not to mention the fact that I stay up until at least 1am anyway, so 2:30 was really not far out of my normal cycle.  The movie was just genuinely kind of boring.  It was the necessary transitional film to set Harry and Co. on the path that will ultimately lead them to their fates.    It just wasn’t GREAT.


But hell, maybe the film was great.  Perhaps I was just put into a bad mood based on a realization I had halfway through.

I have Snape’s haircut.

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