WTF? Fox Plans On Recasting Futurama


Well bite my shiny metal ass, is what I would say if the voices of Fry and Bender or any other character from Futurama get replaced. What am I talking about? Well as many of you know, new episodes of Futurama will be airing on Comedy Central in 2010. The return of the show has got everyone excited but there is some very un-settling news going around. forcesofgeek caught wind of a call sheet from FOX looking for voice actors to be cast as the shows title characters. They look to replace original voice actors John DiMaggio (Bender), Phil LaMarr (Hermes Conrad), and Maurice LaMarche (Kif Kroker), Billy West (Fry) and Katy Sagal (Leela). It appears that Fox is trying to cut costs for the show by hiring lower-paid voice talent—either that or trying to get a leg up on salary negotiations by sending out recasting notices to scare the current talent into rolling over on pay. This news makes me hate FOX even more than I did yesterday. Hopefully a deal will be worked out and the origianl cast will return.

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