True Blood Season 2 (Spoiler Alerts!!!) News

In EW Magazine this week there was a wonderful True Blood article. Nothing big, nothing big, just a little talk of the success and all the actors. BUT we do have a wonderful array of character spoiler tidbits for the second half of Season 2! DO NOT CONTINUE TO READ ON IF YOU LIKE SUPRISES

Bill and Sookie- Bill will do what he can to free Sookie from a cult, but Eric involved with her is another conflict he will have to deal with as well.

Eric Northman- We are left to wonder if Eric has too much of a thang for Sookie to realize the Vampire Leaders are pissed. About? We shalt see.

Jason Stackhouse- After showing his softer side for Vamps in season one, Jason turns on the Fellowship of the Sun, and hopefully…Bangs the lead preachers hot blonde wife!

Maryann Forrester- There is some sort of plague in Bon Temps and apparently its her…Whenever shes around people start XXX raving….They haven’t delved into her yet too deeply, but look to her for trouble.

Tara- Sam(DOGMAN!!!) isn’t the only person afraid of Maryann, Tara is in her clutches and just beginning to realize something “Just ain’t right”….And may be rescued by the last person we’d expect.

Lafayette- Falls back into his old role, but because he wants to? Or by the hand of someone else? Ahhh, guess we need to watch

Finale is Sept. 13…..Sucks, no pun intended.

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