I think bar none to Thriller, there have been few videos that have any movie type relevance ….UNTIL NOW!
What happened if they showed Johnny from ” The Karate Kid” tweny something years later, hanging in a trailer with the rest of his Cobra Kai cronies and couldn’t get out of the obsessing phase of his loss to Daniel-San? It would look like THIS VIDEO! With biting wit and a borderline parody of a notion, this video, from about 2 years back has a quick Ralph Macchio cameo, and look REEEEEEEEEAAAAAALLLLL Hard at the beginning in the pizza shop for Dennis Haskins (AKA Mr. Belding) with his trademark “Hey hey hey hey, what is going on here?
Yes. This video is that insanely, Weird Al-esque, with a thumping quality and cameos by, I believe, EVERYONE but Pat Morita….For kinda obvious reasons.

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