20 Greatest Vampires of All Time

Entertainment Weekly has put out their 20 greatest vampires! It made the cover and let me just say, what the fuck? Sorry guys, the vampire from Twilight is not one of the greats, he is a newb who can walk around in the daytime. So I will give you the Top 10 of the list and see how you’re feeling it.

1)Lestat- There we go, Lestat is the man no matter what century. Tom Crusie played him immpecably, and every book is a masterpiece…I wish they made more movies!

2)Christopher Lee’s Dracula- Horrifying the masses in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.  He is still quiet good at being the villain. Think Count Dooku.

3)Bela Lugosi’s Dracula- 1931, the bar was set, and all the others followed.

4)Edward Cullen- I refuse to acknowledge this kid as a Vampire. It is The OC Vampire series and I an old school vamp lover.

5)Bill and Eric from True Blood- Here we go again! Give us something original, these two are refashioning the genre and making modern, outed vampires badass once more. Not just the one to slay, the one to worship.

6)Asa Vajda from Black Sunday-  1960’s Mario Bava’s Italian Horror cult hit….I’m not familiar.

7)Angel- See Twilight.

8)Mr.  Barlow from Salem’s Lot- Stephen King’s novel made into a 1979 miniseries and movie…or the miniseries was converted into the film scared the shit out of me and millions of others.

9)Schuyler Van Alen from the Blue Blood Series- A very confusing series about Blue Blood Vampires and Silver Blood Vampires, that had people enthralled for romance and murder mysteries.

10) Gary Oldman’s Dracula- This should have been higher on the list. Coppola’s take on Stokers novel gave it not only horror but the sad and longing Dracula for his dead beloved Elizabetha. It is as creepy as it is heartbreaking.

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