The Top 10 Games of E3

These are thus far the most anticipated games brought forth by their companies  to be showcased at the event. I don’t know who agrees or disagrees, but the list has been brought forth with some heavy hitters coming out in the next year or so. Thanks to GameInformer

1)  Modern Warfare 2– With one of the first COD games being in the present, this game promises to be a huge release.

2) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves– The demo received high praise at the conference with what they had to show. With this being only a sequel to an OK game, I’m suprised it ranked so high on their list! Come on?! Assassin’s Creed 2 and God of War 3?!

3) Mass Effect 2– With Mass Effects astounding thunder and shock of low expectations being blown away like dust, it is no suprise here that Mass Effect 2 will take lead with the unexpected success of part 1.

4) Assassin’s Creed 2– Here we go! Apparently all the small idiosyncrisies from part one that made this masterpiece TORTURE to play, were removed and cleaned up.  With new moves, a new sprawling city, and a new arsenal of weapons to take out your foes, we should see less repetition and more cinematic beauty.

5) Splinter Cell: Conviction–  Aha! A former stalking type game turns the ebb and flow to a sped up cheetah of a killer on the trail of his daughters killer.  Not a fan, but….sounds like a decent outline!

6)God of War 3– Seriously? 6th place? I’ve been waiting years to get this to a new platform and the trailer and pics have not disappointed. Kratos will be as ferocious and unforgiving as ever here, and I will gleefully pull off the heads of my enemies as they break upon me like wave after wave on stone…

7) The Last Guardian–  The team that brought you Ico and Shadow of the Collossus, is bringing us, dare I say, another gorgeously woeful story. It is about a boy and his adventures with this strange bird, griffon, hamster looking creature. Which I’m sure, by the end, will sacrifice himself for you in a heartwrenching moment that will make you wish you never played the game in the first place! And with GI’s description of the Guardian being eerily realistic, check out the pics below…It will be much sadder when a creature of such substance (I’m assuming) dies so tragically!

8) Star Wars: Old Republic– I’m not sure this is in any way related to Knights of the Old Republic, but it is certain that nowadays, Star Wars seems to be playing out better on your home console then on the silver screen. With Force Unleashed being a part of the SW Canon, we can expect this title to be jawdropping.

9) Metroid: Other M– The Ninja Gaiden designers have taken the reins of Samus Aran and made the most famous girl on Nintendo next to Zelda into a badass, warrior. This version is supposed to play darker and beautifully controlled, although with the Wii’s less then stellar graphics, I’m not sure how I feel. But it has never stopped Metroid from being a rolling success train!

10) Heavy Rain– I as a video game fanatic have heard very little negative coming out of the HR camp.  With a choose your own adventure style, unique conversation pieces and a dirt and grit of a theme making some viewers hungry for play, I’m sure this game may hack clear a new franchise path!

Zach’s Note: Um Hello? BioShock 2? Crazy looking beauty with more on the sad and lamented tale of Rapture….Below is a sketch of Ezio from AC2 and The Guardian….Looking INSANELY realistic.

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