Zombie Training Camp

Geeze even during a Zombie Apocalypse school is still in session. Ok maybe this isn’t the prophesied zombie apocalypse but the folks in the video sure are preparing for it. Actually, these Zombie wannabees are  part of a horror maze in Japans Fuji-Q Highland amusement park. They’re in training camp because they suck as zombies. Here’s a qoute from pink tentacle explaining why.

The Saikyō Senritsu Meikyū (“Ultimate Horror Maze”) — a 900-meter-long zombie-infested labyrinth at Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland amusement park — is billed as the world’s longest and scariest house of horror.

However, at a “press conference” staged last month, organizers announced they had temporarily shut down the facility because the zombie staff had lost their edge and were not frightening people enough. While the haunted house was closed, the undead employees were put through a rigorous training program designed to upgrade their zombie skills.

I actually think these folks are pretty good at portraying the undead. I think the problem lays with the horrendous make up job. How can anyone find someone scary when they look like they have melted crayon on their face? By the way does anyone else think the camp instructor looks and acts like a bad guy from Rambo?
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