How do you define a film that is so wonderfully backwards and avant-garde that it takes the literal and figurative versions of what a love story is supposed to be and reinvents it? (500)Days of Summer, is an anti love, love story. That’s probably the best way to describe one of the greatest romantic dramas of the year, with a touch of dry, realistically hilarious sympathetic humor.

Tom, (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a greeting card designer, who believes in all the faux- over exaggerated forms of love that movies and music from his youth have led him to search for. The one. Fate. Everything that embodies his dreams in the form of Summer (The Beautiful yet vacant eyed Zooey Deschanel), the new secretary in the office with almost the exact opposite views of Tom’s.

            Here is where the twists come up and makes you pick the blue or red pill. This artfully and masterfully rendered love story is formed so elaborately backwards, the moments that jump always leave you waiting to see how the story unfolds from this point forth. (500)Days have done for the contemporary “I don’t believe in love” love stories what the Matrix did for sci-fi action films way back when. The soundtrack is as enigmatic as Deschanel’s character; sad, beautiful, fun, and confusing. While Tom’s little sister, taking on the role of a sage-like Yoda, always there to support her brother with an adult’s comprehension…And sometimes a glass of vodka, literally, steals the scenes.

            The warning by the narrator at the beginning of the film goes as follows: The film begins with a warning that “This is the story of boy meets girl, but this is not a love story.” With some amazing acting and hilarious one liners, or even expressions, by Levitt, I think that this movie will bring him to that next tier on the ABC list that actors live by. You see that it is a one and half way love story. With everything Levitt endures, your not sure if it’s a story about love, or self torture.

            With the bass-ackwards theme of love and what makes it real, and what makes it infatuation, is irrelevant here, (500) Days of Summer makes you invest your heart into the relationship of these characters, and when it’s done…You don’t get the whole thing back. It stays in the Kodak-esque sketches that the movie so often envelopes you in. A cascading uncertainness that you don’t know if you want in your life, or if you want to run away from screaming….


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